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  1. Up. Should I sent this topic to "Config & Script" part?
  2. dragon zen

    Money System

    to twirly Sorry man, hard to read long reply for me. I just see the title and then ask the thing.
  3. dragon zen

    Money System

    what?? AA2 already have a variable named "Money"? Is it a special variable? Or not??
  4. Bros: In my mission, if player press ESC to close the dialog, the game can't continue. So I want to know how to disable ESC when use dialog. THX
  5. THANKS Alright, maybe it will be danger to disable ESC. Now I set ESC to run the script which close dialog with other function.
  6. OK. I find ACE2 and other CTI mission have automatic calculator for ARTY, the simple version of it is what I want. And ECHO's script may reach same effect, but the code is too complex--I knew how to check range check ammo. I just don't know how to calculate the angle for artillery.
  7. Hey friends: I have saw many beautiful ARTY scripts, but it seems that they are too complex. Another problem is that Artillery Module can't feedback the killer use EH-Killed. Recently I saw the "Proving Ground.utes" mission, in which there is a function that adjust the angle of artillery automaticly. Sometimes we just need simple artillery, so this is very good, not only for players but also for AI. With this function, it is easy to make the main-body of artillery. Besides, the system in ACE2 is also very useful. Ah.. because I didn't find the code, I want to ask whether anybody can provide some scripts that let AI shoot at far target directly? And how to calculate the angle is a necessary part of it. Thanks DragonZen
  8. OK, make this up again. I want to make AI shot real artillery shell, rather than use Module or other way to simulate it.
  9. Ah.. I think you want to change the basic property of SmokeShell? I think this kind of tech is just like to create a new smoke (or nuke or other effect).
  10. I think, just I think, I'm not very clear about that. I think the description is use for preparing structures, it prepare every dialog for you. This work should be done before the game begining. So you can't use if in description.ext. If you want to make what you wish, use open and close dialog frequently or other way to get it.
  11. Sorry, I don't know why I can't open your link :o What's more, I find the function of autoaim seems belong to ACE, not proving ground.
  12. Borrow your place and ask: I still don't know how to use GarbageCollect Module. Just put it on the map, that's all?? Now I use scripts to delete every deadbody.
  13. OK, thanks, after I view the link you give me, I learn alot. :D
  14. Hey bros: Nowadays I'm working on scripts such as selecting weapon, adding ammo. I want to find a brief introduction of cfgWeapon. XXX >> XXX >> XXX, too much kinds of these, I don't know the meaning and relationship of them, so I seek for an intro of structure of cfg, especially cfgWeapon now. If I get the display name of magazine, what code should I write so that I can search it, locate it and then get more information about it? :confused: Many more question. For example, there is a {_weapon >> "type"}, which number refer to which kinds of type, where can I learn this kind of thing? If I get new addons (for example ACE2), how can I view the weaponlist more easily? In all, I don't know where can I learn these. It seems that wiki didn't provide this aspect of info??:butbut: So, I appreciate if anyone can give some advice. DragonZen ---------- Post added at 11:13 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:09 PM ---------- Of course, learn from other's scripts, I can follow their code and do some things. But I still can't use it in a flexible way, so I want to know the structure of cfgWeapon pur se.
  15. What's more, there is a question about "isClass": I still don't know how to check whether a weapon is access, just check weapon, not check Addons. how to write the isClass code?
  16. Sorry guys, ask a simple question. I use _cost = "ARTY_Sh_105_HE" createVehicle [_px2,_py2,0]; to stimulate Artillery Fire, quite OK. However, I want to make big smoke wall, don't know what to create. I tried "ARTY_Sh_105_SMOKE", nothing happen. :confused:Ask for help. THANKS ---------- Post added at 06:51 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:49 PM ---------- Does this mean that "ARTY_Sh_105_SMOKE" is not what I want? I think the smoke from tank is also OK, but the smokeshell from soldier is too small.
  17. hehe, thanks bros. "SmokeShell" is not big enough, and I'll try the "ARTY_SmokeShellWhite".
  18. Thanks for your help. I have used the ""Sh_105_HE" createVehicle " code,hehe. But this is not coming from any real ARTY, that's why I want AI to shoot directly.
  19. dragon zen


    wait, what is the meaning of "_muzzlearray select 1"?? What is this "_muzzlearray"????I didn't see the definition of it. I still don't know how to find out the array of GP25 and so on.
  20. THANKS, I'll try the FLIR effect. :D ---------- Post added at 09:14 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:12 PM ---------- I have question: I know how to destroy ppEffect, but how to get back the "setaperture"??
  21. SORRY, I didn't say my question correctly: I mean I want to let player control the camera, just as satellite view. Thanks.:p OK, bros: I want to create a sattelite view in my mission, and I try several hours but it just can't work. So need help, thx. Now I can create a camera in the air, but I can't let the player move the camera. I use , but it tell me TYPE NOTHING, EXPECT BOOL. why? I unpack the UAV module in official files, I think that is similar to mine. I unpack other's file (proving ground.utes, thx), found that somebody use such as but I don't know how to use "call" script. I saw http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/User_Interface_Event_Handlers, but don't know where to put those long codes Well, it seems that I need to learn: 1, handle the camera. 2, make new function and call it. 3, some thing about "displayAddEventHandler". Too complex.:confused: THANKS PS: coming from CN, sorry for my EN.
  22. OK, I see, thanks for your help, Chicago. I think most of functions are OK now.
  23. Thanks, chicago. Now the major function is OK. There are still some question: 1:I saw you use "PXS_keyEventHandler = (findDisplay 1000) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown","_this call PXS_keyEventFunction"];" However others use "(findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown","_this call PXS_keyEventFunction"];". Is there any difference between display 46 or 1000???Why wiki say 46 is a special number? 2:What's more, what is the meaning or necessarity of "#define FACTOR 50", I never saw this kind of code. Is this same as "FACTOR=50;"? 3:I saw you use "case (({_x in _pressedButtonArray} count (actionKeys "MoveForward")) > 0)", why this code can check key moveforward?? I mean what is the mechanism of ({_x in _pressedButtonArray} count 17) > 0 ?? 4: I saw your "KeyFucntion.sqf" has three variable: _event = _this; _keyCode = _event select 1; _return = true; What is the importance of _return and _event?? I saw other function-sqf just use "nil;" at the end. So I don't understand why you write so. Thanks a lot.
  24. Haha, thanks CHICAGO. I want to learn sattelite from you, and add you in my thankslist then:D. I saw your SATCOM, but it is too complex. My need is simple now, I just want to know how to let player handle the camera. It seems the KeyDown function combines more than one sqf, so I can't learn it from others' scripts. I saw the wiki but don't understand it yet.
  25. dragon zen


    Yes, I study the wiki but this module is not flexible... I just need a simple direct shot from far distance, that's all......