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  1. This way is effective, thx for your help, :D And also thx other responders, :D
  2. in addition: is this because I switch from DEV version to normal version? I just did so when formal version AA3 released.
  3. wow, thx dr_strangpete, I use waitUntil and this may not very strong. Could u please copy your script about "call"? where do you insert this code?
  4. Hi friends: The screen will become red, or highly blur after death. This function is very horrible when we use selectplayer to achieve SP respawn, because the blur or redscreen still there even when player has switched to new unit. Such issue happened when machine run slowly and cannot switch unit in time. I want to ask how to disable this redscreen or blur, with script or other manner? I have tried "colorCorrections" ppEffectEnable false;"DynamicBlur" ppEffectEnable false;"RadialBlur" ppEffectEnable false; but it seems not work. I think this has been beyond the mission edition so I put it there, thx. Dragon
  5. Thanks for the help. But I'm afraid it was not a cut, but some ppEffect since the screen become always blur or keep red.
  6. Yes, me too. And I guess the problem of red screen and blur is due to the low running of machine, therefore can't do what we need before the screen change.
  7. Yes, I achieve respawn in SP mission is to create another unit and selectPlayer to that new unit. Does it matter? I think the major problem is that sometimes the machine run really slow so that the selectPlayer cannot be executed before screen become red....
  8. Great Work, very easy to use, thanks bro!
  9. First of All, Thanks for your support my friends ===== Well, reduce the amout of vehicles.... This is controlled by AI system, if AI have enough money, they will buy vehicles. If you know how to edit mission, I could tell you how to change AI system: In BlackHoleSP.Stratis\AI\GroupLevel\GroupLevelManager.sqf, you can search out a line like: _moneyLV=[(TeamArray select _faction select 3 select 1)*_moneymutilV,0.5,_HVDown,1,_money]call LinerABX; This decide how AI buy LV (Light Vehicle). And: (TeamArray select _faction select 3 select 1)*_moneymutilV , this is low end of money require to buy LV. And 0.5, this is low end of percentage to buy LV, you can change this lower. _HVDown, this is high end of money, and 1 is high end of percentage, you can also change 1 lower. Then, _money, is the money AI team have, with a liner calculation, you have a percentage between 0.5 to 1, to buy a LV. More money, percentage is higher. ======= Or, I can only tell you how to totally close the vehicles, you can find the opinion as LightVeh On, HeavyVeh On, and that will close all cars and amored. More importantly, you can't buy vehicles too if you do so!! Or, maybe you can close LightVeh buy for all groups, and set some background group of light vehicles, if you just want very rare vehicle on battleground, don't know whether this is ok.
  10. NOTE: Now I'm working on BlackHole in Arma3, and I am afraid I won't edit this AA2 version any more. SinglePlayer BlackHole has been released, and I will release MP version later! ===================== Hello Friends: This mission, BlackHole:Collider, is the MP version of my AdvancingPower, and now you can enjoy the highly intensive battle with your friends!! I propose to provide an experience of fierce battle. "BlackHole" is metaphor of highly density of battle involving all kinds of staff, and I believe players will be absorbed by it, :D. In fact, BLACKHOLE is the series name of such fierce missions, although I have created only one type by now: Collider, which reflect the face to face conflict of this mission. I have some ideas of other missions but I'm too busy, so now I focus on the updata and fix of Collider. Do you still remember the 4F characteristic of AdvancingPower? So does BlackHole! 1.Furious: The battle focus on small area, leave alone the long journey and just enjoy the CQB! With AI system, you can still enjoy the mission by host or on server by yourself and won't feel bored while wait for potential players. 2.Flexible: Have a look at the PARAMETER, various opinions let you decide your battlefield. Some opinion such as WeaponSave and KillCamera can change the way you fight. System will search out existing weapons (but not units) automatically, so that you can enjoy those weapons in your mod! I am keep coping this battleground to other places and maps. 3.Fruitful: Four types of squads, and they have their own advantage. Try different role in this battle! You can enjoy all kinds of weapons and vehicle, as well as various support. 4.Fantastic: Some staff such as Detection, Teleport and so on, are not that realistic but fun. You will also get basic welfare if you lack of money, all of these are designed for an enjoyful experience! Requirement CO is need (AA2 plus OA). VITAL NOTES!!! 1, LIMIT THE NUMBERS OF TEAMS. There are several units in each squad, so do not add too many squad! I provide many slot for choice of factions and strong server, you should turn off some AI, especially Assault and SpecOp (TeamLeader in lobby). You can also limit the maximum members in each squad in parameter before start mission. 2. MOD CONSISTENCY This mission will search weapons in attached mod, so make sure players use compatible mods. You can turn off these additional units and weapons in parameters, and signiture for server is obvious way to avoid problems. 3. OPTIONS and PARAMETERS. Don't forget to have a look at parameter, many options, including location and size of battlefield, make this mission variable. In addition, higher AI will occupy more resource and rush slower because of caution. DOWNLOAD LINK:http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18519 Well, if you are definitely only play SP mission, I'll recommand you to play SP version: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?122476-SP-AdvancingPower-A-4F-Dynamic-Mission ChangeLog: ver1.1 2013.02.21 1.Add: Killer shooting into airbase will be punished. 2.Add: Smoke Screen. 3.Add: Option for Welfare and HintKill. 4.BugFix: Suicide will not count kill. ver1.0 2013.02.12 1.BugFix: Vehicle Autorepair Communication now usable. 2.BugFix: Now chopper missile will be deleted when using ACE mod. 3.Adjust: Enhance the economic status of Pilot, chopper cheaper. 4.Adjust: SpecOp now can get out of the battleground. ver0.9 2013.02.11 1.Add: Add pilot who can use Attack Helicopter 2.Add: AI use mortar and AA static weapons. 3.Add: Enlarge the number of squad. 4.Add: New battlefield 5.Adjust: Support squad use medic rather than shotgun soldier. 6.BugFix: Potential Error in East JIP. 7.BugFix: AI now react to LAS. 8.BugFix: The discount for USMC repair is correct now. 9.Other Adjustment... ver0.8 2013.02.09 1.Init version. Known Issue: I appreciate suggestion and bug report (I didn't find bug by now.) The prices of units, team balance and many other issue may need further consideration and wait for your opinion on it.
  11. Thanks for your feedback friend! I didn't come back several months and just notice your feedback. I'm now working on BlackHole in AA3 and didn't edit the old AA2 version for long time. Although there may be some bugs, I am sorry maybe I can't edit the old version. Of course, the new version is very similar to the old one so I will remember your suggestions and make adjustment in new version, :D
  12. solved, I open and adjust profile file (vehiclefreelook set to 0) and now use playwithsix to launch and now it was OK.
  13. Exact the same, anybody know the answer? Somebody suspect this is due to the vehicle freelook or something and can't turn back anymore. While some also mentioned they open AA2 before start AA3 and so on. And somebody report create a new profile could resolve this?
  14. Yes, I also meet the same problem, clearGlobal didn't work. Anybody know a solution??
  15. Hey guys: Simple question but I didn't find the answer. How to set ammo for 8Rnd_Hellfire or sth like that? Use addMagazine will add full 8Rnd_Hellfire, I want to reduce it to 4 round in a chopper. Thanks
  16. Hello friends: I create dialogs in my mission, but I was confused with the position of the dialog. For example, the dialog cannot cover all screen, and those dialog should set in right down corner cannot stick to corner of screen. I find the size of HUD is changed with the Size of Interface in Video Option. Larger the interface, larger my dialog. What's more, if I put a dialog to right down corner, the right side of the dialog is consistent with the right side of video option. The script below is to set a dialog to right down corner, but the dialog was just shown in the middle right, not stick to right edge of screen. Very urgely... Anyone could help? Appreciated. ==========Sample of my script in description.exp============= class MessageMoney { idd = 10001; onLoad = "with uiNameSpace do {MessageMoney = _this select 0 };"; movingEnable = 0; duration = 6; fadeIn = "false"; fadeOut = "false"; controls[] = {"MessageMoney"}; class MessageMoney { idc = 10001; type= CT_STRUCTURED_TEXT; style = ST_LEFT; colorBackground[] = { 1, 1, 1, 0.25 }; x = 0.75; y = 0.795; w=0.25; h=0.2; size = 0.05; text = ""; class Attributes { font = "TahomaB"; color = "#000000"; align = "right";//"middle","right" valign = "top";//t valign='bottom';"top","bottom" shadow = false; shadowColor = "#ffffff"; size = "0.5";}; }; };
  17. HAHA, thanks bro, appreciate! Hope you enjoy the game!!
  18. Hey friends: Very simple question on artillery, but I didn't find out the solution because I don't need those complex script. In OA, if you have Artillery in your squad, you can simply command that AI Fire At Position on map, right? Thanks BI, this is huge advance in comparison with AA2. My question is, how to make an AI Fire At Position by the script I write? I can deal with all thing: mortar, AI, target and target position, doTarget or commandTarget, reveal and so on. But I just don't know how to let the AI Fire at that position, like player command. I think simple code is OK ,but don't know what is it.:o Thanks a lot if any body could help me, :D ================= Addition: (1) I know how to use AA2's artillery module (http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Artillery_Module), but in this way, Eventhandler "killed" can't return the name of mortar (just <object-Null>), that's why I need to artillery computer in OA. (2) In that wiki page, it is said that "Do not load your static arty weapons with the magazines which have the "ARTY" prefix." and it is even unecessary to sync logic with mortar. However, nobody explain what is the script to use Artillery in OA ---- if I still use "BIS_ARTY_F_ExecuteTemplateMission", the ammo of mortar will become ARTY_ automatically. It is obvious that we should use other script, but what on earth is the script or code or variable for OA?? (3) In addtion to (2), the action "FireAtPositon" in menu, I don't know whether it is run in the same way as artillery module in AA2, or in a totally different way... In all, I'm quite confused here.......