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  1. Thank you, I run win7 64bit. Yeah, it might target laptop, so strange. Currently we can only wait.
  2. I have the same problem, marked and waiting for solution. Please let me know if you know the solution, thanks.
  3. dragon zen

    [SP/MP]Advanced Fierce Combat System

    Thank you for this suggestion. I tried to update the MP version, but here I'm not convenient to test it and debug, so I did not release it for quite a long time. Think I will update it several months later, :D.
  4. dragon zen

    [SP/MP]Advanced Fierce Combat System

    So sorry for late reply here. It seems you only need to change the name of the file folder to .Name from .Altis and it should be OK. I dont' know why Fallujah map has problem because I don't use it, maybe the default location is not good? You can check the mission.sqm in folder and try to change the location of the player.
  5. dragon zen

    bloodbath mission pvp/coop/sp

    bloodbath? cool I like more intensive mission.
  6. dragon zen

    [SP/MP]Advanced Fierce Combat System

    Really? Does it solve new? I also have RHS and it will be automatically created as a faction in the most recent version.
  7. dragon zen

    [SP/MP]Advanced Fierce Combat System

    Hi, sorry for late reply. You don't need pbo file, just put the whole file fold at the position of pbo and that's OK.
  8. dragon zen

    KaRRiLLIoNs RTS3 for Arma3 (finnaly here)

    Congratulations! nicely done.
  9. By the way, in my AFCS I will remove primary weapon, so this bug will influence the game experience in my mission, and also other type of game such as wasteland or so.
  10. Report a bug here: If you treat yourself without primary weapon, the action will be stacked and you cannot move anymore and just crouching there. (you can still turn, but cannot move or switch other things) Of note, I did not test whether the bug is due to no primary weapon or holding second weapon; and the reason why this guy did not have primary weapon is that I remove his primary weapon. I cannot figure out potential reason, I guess it was due to the order of action after the action of treatment, i.e., hold primary weapon or so. Nevertheless, I hope the development team could check this problem. Dragon Zen
  11. dragon zen


    thanks for sharing jm. What is the exact function? Seems drive the tank as gunner with only 1 player?
  12. dragon zen

    RTS V ---wip

    Hey, good job death jm! seems a pretty huge project, expect it! I'm sorry I cannot give much help because I am currently busy in my life and most importantly, your required skill is out of me, :D. Nevertheless, hope you can solve those issue and let's see your work soon, :D
  13. dragon zen

    Soldier's Height?

    We don't have official data for that?
  14. Hi dear editor of MCC, I want to ask a question: It seems that MCC forbidden the script "selectplayer" (switch player to another unit) in single player mode, right? In my mission I cannot use this script if I use MCC mod. Do you know how to solve this problem? such as how to achieve selectplayer function? Thanks
  15. dragon zen

    [SP/MP]Advanced Fierce Combat System

    Up! The new version for SP version has been released. It enhance the experience of airbattle.
  16. Hey Friends: Now I edit SP mission and let player respawn after death (use selectplayer) But the question is that, sometimes the screen will become red, or high blur after death. How can I disable such effect or use script to turn it normally? They are very annoying. Does it concern with "colorCorrections" ppEffectAdjust ??? I don't know how to do. Thanks for help. Dragon Zen
  17. dragon zen

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    awesome work, congratulation for update. When will you add Ka50 ?
  18. dragon zen

    [SP/MP]Advanced Fierce Combat System

    Thank you for suggestion. SP version does not have green team, because I think SP version one side vs another is enough (3 sides waste resources for personal experience). And MP version I prepared 3 sides.
  19. dragon zen

    [SP/MP]Advanced Fierce Combat System

    Up, SP version has new update, :D
  20. Hello friends: I used TADST to setup a server but it only showed in LAN page but not Internet page. I have open the port 2300 to 2320 or so, and even try to open ALL port in firewall to test this, but it still showed in LAN only. :butbut: By the way, my internet is in campus, and every time I need to get through the gate, I don't know whether this is the problem. However I can see and join other server, that means my connection is OK... I saw other people have similar problem but cannot get answer too... Don't know whether anybody has solved similar problem and provide some help. Thanks ---------- Post added at 06:31 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:30 PM ---------- In addition, in arma3 server list I can see the ping, but when I play battlefield 4 I cannot see my ping, it is also a strange phenomena of my internet link. Don't know whether these have some relationship.
  21. Thank you Savage, I have a "success". Since it is OK, maybe it need longer time to showed in Internet... I want to ask, do you mean that a dedicated server will be showed as LAN before it showed in Internet page (before several minutes as you said)? Because my server automatically appear in LAN first, even without host.txt .... Thank you
  22. Dear JohnnyBravo: Have you solved this problem now?? I have the same problem that it can only showed in LAN but not Internet.:butbut: Thank you
  23. dragon zen

    [SP/MP]Advanced Fierce Combat System

    MP version has updated to 3 sides 8v8v8 battle!!!! (20141220) :yay:
  24. Hi friends: I want to ask whether I can let players save their component (such as game setting, their preset weapons and so on) during game, and then they can load it easily when re-play the mission. I think such function is just like VAS but I don't know whether it is an addons or pure script system. I am very appreciated if any body could give me some hint for this, thanks, :D. Dragon ---------- Post added at 07:54 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:52 PM ---------- In addition, please notice I want to edit a pure mission, rather than using additional Addons, so I ask whether I can write some script and save some code outside the mission file, and then search and load it next time.
  25. WOW WOW WOW, thank you so much!!!