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  1. Thanks, I have try an empty parachute, it became a soldier when it touched the ground. I don't know where I can find sth to tell me how to edit scripts about parachute. Anyone can give some help?? I want to drop some ammoboxs and airborne troops, how to make it? And why parachute become a soldier, I don't need this function, how to avoid that?
  2. o, thx. But where can I find some detail options? Some modules real puzzle me because I can't set it as I want, such as, this setvariable ["BIS_SSM_UnitRequestConfigArray",[["Custom Squad",0.5,["USMC_Soldier_SL","USMC_Soldier_TL","USMC_Soldier_AR","USMC_Soldier_LAT"]]]]; ......where can I learn it more??
  3. Thanks sergant. Seems we can't prevent them from join the battle. Now I let them join the battle as they want...hehehe.
  4. Thanks alot. hehe, I dont know how to create windows yet, so I use many addaction
  5. New bugs found and new fixed release. ARTY now earn money and JETs join the battle.
  6. hehe ,thx kondor, never notice the BF2 missions. It is a good idea and it will be huge work to make such a mission. Wishes those missions.
  7. OK thx. My friends suggested me to try this way too. Nn, I'll try this, though it don't be very precise.
  8. I'm sorry... What is the mean of "book-keeping"?? Coming from China, I'm sorry for my english...
  9. OK brothers, I did the work as quickly as possible. Respone to Katipo66: Respawn delay is made by a black in screen, and player can close the fast-time or change other basic setting during the game. Respone to Vympel999 :Now we can act as russian soldiers in new version.:p
  10. hehe, these days I have worked on the RU part. Give me some time to have a test and fix bugs.;) ========== Edit: now new version has been released, bro. You can act as russian soldiers.
  11. Hehe, that's why I say there is a large room to adjust, I don't thing the default setting is the best on balancing battleground size and combat density. Maybe every player should set his own option to fit his taste, in consideration of the ability of his computer.
  12. To Katipo66: Thanks you. About the "delay for respawn". Yes, there is no respawn delay. In single mission, there is no respawn at all. If player is killed, the game is over. So I must create a new unit and select him as player without delay. I think, maybe I can use forced camera to create a delay, but I still don't know how to control camera yet...:p "fast time", yes. skiptime 0.001h every 0.1 sec. If you don't like to play in night, 0-0-9 should skip 4 hours. Eh...I haven't set a opition to close the fast time in this version...:D I'll add it, thanks. "enemy's coming from bases" is a cool idea! In my mission, my purpose is to provide a most furious battlefield, so I want to save the resource of travel. As a trade off, I just ensure the direction: res-pos is always being set between bases and player, no matter where you are. Hehe, maybe you can enlarge the respawn distance to make it seem that troops come from a far position.:D
  13. OK! Excellent!! I have try this scripts, Real cool!! And I will join you to my thanks list when I release my mission with your scripts. However, there are still a question: When I use EventHandler kill. The killer is still "null-Object". Can't return the killer. How can I know it is my ARTY who kill the enemies? Did you mean that "incoming shells" can solve this problem in some way? Return of killer is what I want, that's the most important reason why I want a real artillery.
  14. Ah... Sorry, maybe I don't understand what is your mean exactly... I saw several ATRY scripts in amraholic but don't know which one is yours. It seems that your script is the one in which AI gunner aim to a direction following player? Or the "Advanced Artillery Request System"?? And I don't know which function you refer to ,"for detecting incoming shells".
  15. Sorry everybody: In the page http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Artillery_Module They said "BIS_ARTY_F_ExecuteTemplateMission" doesn't work in a singleplayer mission. Is that true? I failed to use BIS_ARTY_F_ExecuteTemplateMission in my single mission... So, I have some questions: 1st: How do I create an easier artillery fire without SOM, without control of player? I know I can use {"SH_125_HE" createVehicle ...}, but this can't return a killer in Eventhandler "killed". 2nd: If I use SOM, use [["artillery_barrage"], player, [[RIPPER, [1,7,9]]], [true]] call BIS_SOM_addSupportRequestFunc;. How can set a 20 rounds "Immediate suppression"-- It just fire 10 rounds. So.. maybe I should extract the .pbo of SOM? But I can't find it yet... PS: sorry for my english...
  16. dragon zen

    Respawning in SP

    init a script "resplayer.sqf",(P1 is player in above script) waitUntil {!alive P1;}; _type CreateUnit [getMarkerPos"WRes",Grp0,"selectplayer this;P1=this;nul=[this]execVM'resplayer.sqf';",1,"Sergant"]; That's OK.