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  1. Just a stab in the dark, have you tried updating to the latest patch?

    Originally posted by Gunter Severloh

    To check to see if you have the latest patch which you dont is just go ingame,

    and look at the bottem right on the menu, it should say your game name,

    and then underneath it will say what version.

    to get patches and everyhing else game related for downloads go here:


    click on the box for the game you got and the patches download will be on the bottem left.

  2. the warrior should have a 40mm cannon if i remember correctly

    Ah! well that may explain why I can't find any 30mm HE from a warrior then :p

    I'll see what I can find....thanks ;)

    EDIT: After a quick look, I can't find any warrior 40mm HE footage but do any of you military guys know if a 40mm HE round from a hand held launcher would be a similar sized explosion to a warriors?

  3. The DLC is well worth the money. The new units, scenarios & campaign are much better value for money than you would get from most (if not all) developers. Another thing of note: Where else would get dev's helping users in the forum! :cool:

    However I would happily pay (hmm let's say) £4.99 for a BAF top up pack. With the aforementioned units (Fixed-wing, Support vehicles & Challenger 2, etc) & maybe a scenario or two (to show off new units). Ppppplease :D

    Very happy with DLC. Looking foward to seeing what's next (all in good time of course! ;) ). So thanks BIS! ...... AGAIN!


  4. this maybe is a noob question. Only been playing oa for a week. Mainly editor a few mp games.

    I find it difficult to get scopes/ironsights on oa vehicles (e.g .50 cal on a humvee) as r-button tap usually just zooms cross hair. Really fiddly no sure why and how you lifers get around it.

    but i can not scope at all on statics and vehicle guns in baf (mission editor). Can you?

    (loving new arty system (but needs a little more spread), just got community one working on my mission, doh!)

    0 (numpad) ;)

  5. Just had a little look at the BAF showcase! :yay: GPMG :yay: & the other stuff is cool too. I can't wait to get stuck into the campaign & scenarios!

    :confused: Just a quick question though:

    I have A2:CO & A2:BAF shortcuts. They both give me access to everything but A2:BAF has the -mod=@BAF tag on (I don't use mods yet, so I don't know what this does :o ).

    So can I delete the A2:CO shortcut or do I need them both?

    Thanks for any replies & thanks BIS! :thumbsup:

  6. :confused:

    I've just bought the DLC but I want to install this patch first. On the download page it says "This update is for Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead boxed DVD version only!"

    I have CO + BAF from Sprocket....Do I have to wait for a 'Sprocket' version or am I good to go with this one?


  7. @MadDogX

    Thanks for your replies! Seems to be a very engaged

    community you have here.

    I think its save to say that this demo has fulfulled

    its purpose as I really want to have the full product.

    Now if only I could find a store in Europe that offers

    a hardcopy of ARMA 2 CO...

    Or should I wait for this "Gold Edition"?


    It's really hard to get an overview of what's out there.

    Oh and before I forget it:

    Well done, developers!

    I'm in the UK (east). I found that most stores had OA, none had A2 & CO is in hard copy in north america ONLY (AFAIK). So I downloaded from Sprocket (Even though sprocket was a little bit more than steam but I hate steam & more cash goes to BIS via Sprocket).

  8. Depending on where you live it might be difficult to get hard copy. All the shops in my town had OA but no A2 & CO is only in hard-copy in north-US (AFAIK). If you can't get hard copy you may be interested in Sprocket (like steam but with no BS). If I'm correct the Sprocket download version is the same as a hard copy version.

  9. its there but its not really working, you cant put in missions in the mission cycle

    IMO if BIS made the demo any more complete you'll get cheapskates that just play the demo & not purchase the game. It knocked my socks off to see the ammount of content included in the demo.

    I understand you wanted to show off A2 in all it's glory but surely your friends aren't that naive to expect full features in the demo?!