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  1. Ok, the problems and other little things I have personally experienced I will list below. -Chopper missile guidance system isn't working properly with certain settings. -Chopper gun will not adjust for distance with rangefinder or designator on.(not sure if that is suppose to be there in OA or not) -ACE backpacks need a little tweaking with the straps because most don't have them like vanilla but a few still do and it looks really bad.(not really but just something that needs attention down the road) -Some of the new G36s that were added need to have the EOtech sights reworked because the sight is hard to see and it blurry. thats all I can list off the top of my head but I'll have more tomorrow.
  2. I'm probably not going to use ACE mod until they make it stable again... most communitys and clans I have talked to said they are doing the same.