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  1. This tool is simply amazing. Thanks alot Silola . I don't think I'll ever make another mission without it. Question: I'm facing a bit of a problem in my mission. The player starts at a friendly town with a large force and beggins to assualt inland, easily defeating the much weaker and poorly equipped enemy force. But just as he feels all is well, a large enemy force made up of 18 groups attacks from behind and captures all three friendly towns while the player is away. Every time a town is captured, they assign 3 groups to patrol it and the remaining 9 groups head off to flank the player's force. I want to integrate the 3 groups in each town into a predifined DAC zone, so that they patrol randomly. I tried to use the following trigger: Activation: OPFOR, not present/ condition: this/ on Activation: [grp1,1,[z1],10,1,1,[1,1,1],0,0] spawn DAC_fInsertGroup (one trigger for every group. But this doesn't work (the game won't allow me to creat the trigger) :(. Can you please help? Sorry, I'm a bit of a noob. Thanks
  2. kyfohatl

    Urban Warfare

    Ok, I can't answere your second questions as you already know that I don't have OA. But about "ca". It is located in your unpacked missions folder: wherever you unpacked your missions.pbo file/missions/ca So its just a folder, and inside it, you should find another folder called "missions" which has all of the official missions in it. As to why it's there... I don't know. I checked to see wether or not it contained hidden files, but I found nothing other than the "missions" folder. It may be because I used eliteness, or that I have standalone ARMA 2.
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    What is the easiest PBO tool to use?

    Eliteness definately. Even a noob like me could use it without having to asked 20 questions.
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    I personally think that the ARMA 2 AI is very good (add in a couple of community made AI enhancement mods and you'll end up with virtual humans:eek:). I usually don't like to be the squadleader, and as such enjoy mission where you are just another grunt. It is in those missions that I see AI's full potential. I am pretty sure that at vetran difficulty, AI squadleaders are far better than me (although that may be because I suck:o). They do use cover, execute flanking manouvres, sometimes (I think) order snipers to stay back and provide long range covering fire, slow down when a member is left behind, use supressive fire, order medics to heal wounded memebers and wait for them to do so before moving on and many other features. They are also very independent, in that they do not require babysitting from the player to be micromanaged. In many of my missions, I end up giving AI squads no more than 2 waypoints for the whole mission, and leave them on their own, and I must say they rarely let me down. I think they even have a moral factor. But I did expect OA to improve on some errors that were clearly present in ARMA 2, namely AI's inability to go around ponds rather than swim across them and loose all of their equipment. This only happened in a few of my missions, but it was really annoying. The AI would swim across tiny ponds, lose all of their equipment and ruin the mission when they could have easily gone around them. I personally do not have OA, but from a prevous discussion I found out that OA owners are experiencing the same problem. I am not in any way saying that OA is a dissapointment, because I haven't played it. I'm just saying this issue should have been fixed in OA.
  5. kyfohatl

    Urban Warfare

    Don't worry, urban warfare is still there (it should be); it's just not displayed in you missions section anymore for some reason. To regain it, what you need to do is to download the tool below, called eliteness from the site of the link: http://www.ofpec.com/addons_depot/index.php?action=details&id=118 Next, go to your ARMA 2 root directory and make a backup of your missions.pbo file which is located in your Addons folder (nothing should happen to it, but better safe than sorry). Then open up eliteness.exe (it's in the zip file you downloaded) and using it, go to he folder where you missions.pbo file is located in. The file itself should be listed in the bottom left hand corner of the eliteness window. Select it from the list and under the tools tab choose DePbo. This will "unpack" your missions file. Next, goto where your missions.pbo file was located and there you should find a folder named missions. Open up the folders missions, then ca and then missions, and there you should find a range of folders dedicated for the game's official missions. Open up the folder MPScenarios and in it, you should find a folder called MP_UrbanWarfare. Simply copy the folder, goto: Documents/ARAM 2 folder, creat a folder named MPMissions if don't already have one there, and paste UrbanWarfare in it. You should now have it displayed as one of your multiplayer missions when you play the game, and now, it is also editable. This happened to me as well and this is how I fixed it, BUT I HAVE ARMA2 STANDALONE (NOT OA), so this may not fix your issue. Sorry if you already know how to do all of this stuff, I just explained it in noobish language so that when other people are looking for an answere to the same question, they don't have to ask more questions. Hope it helps.
  6. Hi, I just wanted to know if there was a way (or an addon) to disable euipment loss when swimming in water (sorry, I have very little scripting skills). The AI seems to completely ignore this feuture and swim right across ponds if they are in the way, and of course before getting out on the other end loose all of its euipment. By using the search tool I found out that it is an AI pathfinding problem, where even if there is a brigde, it wont bothe crossing it and swim straight across water. This is especially annoying on Islands which have alot of rivers/lakes. Please help, without this feuture, making a mission would become so much easier (will greatly reduce the number of waypoints in some of my mission). This is not to discuss wether or not this feuture is realistic or not, since quite frankly I have no idea. BY THE WAY: Another way to get around this when making a mission would be to place invisible barriers around ponds/lakes. Does anyone know how to do that? Oh, and I hae ARMA 2 standalone (not OA). Thanks.
  7. kyfohatl

    When realism becomes a pain in the ass!

    That's kind of what I meant :rolleyes:. As I said, the equipment loss feature, despite being intentional, is a problem because of AI's pathfinding (it doesn't undrestand that it can go around the pond).
  8. kyfohatl

    When realism becomes a pain in the ass!

    I found this as I was searching for a solution to this problem. Honestly, I think that this equipment loss is not a feature, it is a problem. I mean, even if it was added intentionally, when you AI's pathfinding is uable to prevent the AI from swimming across a small pond when it may be completely unesessary and loosing all of its equipment, it becomes a problem not a feature. Also, the AI is a very important part of this game and I'd say on average people spend more time playing with the AI than they do with other players and a pathfinding problem like this is really annoying. Besides, the 2 hour thing doesn't make sense at all. If you were to loose some of your equipment after swimming for a long time; that would make sense. But alot of the time you are just swimming across a small pond and just like zachanscom said, it doesn't make any sense to loose all of your equipment. For those of you interested in seeing the rest of the discussion of the thread I found, here it is: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=96382&highlight=equipment+loss+swim
  9. I was wondering if anyone else has played the Island War campaign (a mod) for operation flashpoint DR and would know of a simmillar mission for ARMA 2. I think it would be great to play a mission like that on ARMA 2. I know some of the ARMA 2 multiplayer missions (like WAR WELCOME and WHEN DIPLOMACY FAILS) already offer dynamic warefare, but their issue is that the AI seems to prefere using APCs and tanks rather than infantry, and in the later stages of the game, it becomes an armor-only battle (AI just uses armor), although there is a bit of infantry usage at the start. If you don't know of anything like Island war, maybe you could tell me how to edit the ARMA 2 multiplayer missions I mentioned to fix the lack of infantry usage issue (sorry, I have no scripting skills). Thanks.
  10. Oh... I see. I was trying use that method where you create a mod folder and name it @[mod name] and it wouldn't work. Thanks alot :).
  11. kyfohatl

    When realism becomes a pain in the ass!

    Same here. At one time I remember spending lots of time in making this dynamic mission only to realize that it was made right over a set of ponds. I ended up restarting the whole thing :mad:. I personally hate having to "babysit" the AI too much. I usually just give it very general direction, like often placing just one "seek and destroy" waypoint for an AI squad for the whole mission. This ususally makes the AI less pridictable than when you specifically define a tight path for it. Anyway, I swear I saw someone explaining how to place an invisible boundry somewhere in the forum, though I seem to be unable to find it. Can anyone help with that? Because if it is too hard to improve the AI pathfinding or remove the equipment loss feuture, then I could use this trick. Maybe... As I said, I have no Idea. I thought that the dev team had done a good amount of research on the issue and had a solid background before adding it as a "realism" feuture, so I assumed that it was realistic, though some people on the forum think its actually unrealistic :confused:.
  12. Thanks TeliX. I've checked out the mods you suggested and I must say that they are great. I especially like guerilla warfare, it is really cool. Both frontline and domination sound very good, though I don't seem to be able to install frontline (where am I supposed to put all of the extracted files in?).
  13. Thankyou all for your kind help. Sorry, I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to mission editing and I have just started learning (actually, maybe more than a bit). Anyway, so what you are saying is to use a module called ACM to creat a dynamic battle (I'm reading Mr-Murrie's guide on modules right now). Say if I did want to allow the AI to buy and use armor, but want to reduce how often it does so (so that the AI uses infantry as well), how can I do it? Oh, and for those of you who don't know, Island War is a mod made by a very skilled modder for a game "whose name must never be mentioned and is often used as a swear word :p". It basically creates a very dynamic battle over a certain island in which both sides try to capture it (kind of like ARMA 2 multiplaye missions in which there are squad leaders who respawn and follow the orders of a chosen commander, buy units and etc., althoug there is no buying units with that mod). As I mentioned before the only differense is that with Island war the AI doesn't spam armor.
  14. kyfohatl

    Deleting AI units

    There's no need to script, it's already there. Just select the unit and in you QUICK COMMANDS menu select COMMUNICATION. Then just select the option DISBAND SELECTED UNIT (X), where X is the number for that unit. ---------- Post added at 06:28 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:22 AM ---------- You seem to know some scripting and editing (at least more than me). Would you be able to help me with one of my problems? I want to know how to edit one of the vanila ARMA 2 multiplayer missions, such as WAR WELCOME or WHEN DIPLOMACY FAILS (when you creat your own server) to increase the maximum number of AI/player squadleaders allowed so I can have more people on the map. So I asked the question and someone answered it, but I didn't undrestand what he said, "yes of course you can, just look for kegetys amazing cpbo tool or eliteness, browse to your mp missions folder and extract the pbo and re-locate the folder to arma 2/ missions in my documents. edit in the editor and then when finished pack it back up and put it back in your mp missions folder. voila enjoy" (weedman). For example my MP missions folder in my ARMA 2 root directory is empty. Where do I find the mission to put it into my documents? By the way I have ARMA 2 version 1.07 (not OA). Thanks.
  15. kyfohatl

    War with Iran.

    Good point, though cooperation with Al-Qaeda and Taliban may not necessarily be out of will, as I have herd several times in the news about how the Taliban force people to cooperate. I could be wrong though. But anything can happen in an unstable country, I'd say the least they could do if they were unable to gain large community support is to establish some bases around the region, making them harder to track down and defeat. @ Big Mac: Look, I agree that the Iranian government at times may be very unresonable, but I can assure you that they are not going to be a threat. Growing up in Iran, I have become use to Iran's contineous stream of threat making, and NONE of them have been seroius or resulted in Iran actually preparing for war (as far as I rememeber, from 1990s onwards). So when the Iranian president says, "Israel must be wiped from the map", most Iranians take it for bulshit (cause we're used to it) whilst everyone else gets very worked up about it. What I'm trying to say is that don't worry, neither the Iraninan nor the Israeli government have the guts to actually go to war against each other so nothing is going to happen. All they've been doing for the past 20-25 years has been sitting in their chairs and mouthing!
  16. Hi weedman, thanks for the reply but I'm a bit of a noob. Please explain a bit batter. I found the cpbo tool at http://www.kegetys.net/arma/ and the eliteness at http://www.ofpec.com/forum/index.php?topic=30814.0 but I can't figure out what it does. Also, my MP missions folder in my ARMA 2 root directory is empty. So say I want to edit the vanilla mission WHEN DIPLOMACY FAILS . How do I do it? Thanls for your time.
  17. I just wanted to know if you could edit the official multiplayer missions that come with vanila ARMA 2 to increase the number of player/AI slots so that you can have more people/AI on the map. I'm specifically looking at the missions: WHEN DIPLOMACY FAILS, WELCOME WAR and SUPERPOWERS (located in the creat new game in multiplayer under the name of the vanila ARMA 2 islands). I don't think that I have enough skill to creat a completely new mission like these ones as they require quite a lot of AI work (the AI commander needs to know which strategies to use, how to reacts, etc) and the usage of respawn points which I don't know how to. So my best way of having larger coop battles is to edit one of the already existing missions (though I play it as SP since my internet is crap). Please help!
  18. kyfohatl

    War with Iran.

    I'm an Iranian myself so I decided I should state my opinion on the matter. I am pretty sure that there will be no invasion... don't belive everything you see in the media, because the media can sometimes get a bit... excited. Throughout my life, I have seen MANY threats of invasion to Iran (more than 10 I'd say) and not from some tiny loudmouth state called Israel, but from the USA itself. A threat from the USA is far more significant than one from Israel as they have the millitary power to trully dominate and crush any Iranian resistance (if they dare to resist at all) and the economic ability to do so. Now if the US decides that it is not a good idea, then Pfffffft... what the hell is Israel gonna do? It's probably some cheap threat without any real backing and I'm surprised to see people take it seroiusly. I'm not being egotistic and saying that US didn't attack Iran due to a possible Iranian resistance, in fact I am confident that they could easily capture Iran in a week. So they could have done it, but they didn't. Why? Well I personally can think of many reasons: 1. US is already in enough trouble with Iraq and Afganistan and I'd dare say that most of the American people are itred of war and want their soldiers to return home to their famillies. I mean, alot of the American presidential election promises were aorund bringing troops back home. So I would doubt that they start another invasion. 2. Iran is right inbetween Afganistan, Pakistan and Iraq and at least between Afganistan, Iraq and Iran, it is the most stable country with proper security (I don't know about Pakistan). This is very important because if Iran becomes unstable: a) Taliban and Al-Qaeda forces will be able to unite much more easily between Afganistan and Iraq. After that it probably won't take long for Pakistan to fall too. b) Remember that Iran has a Large Muslim population. Thus if the country becomes unstable and the Taliban and Al-Qaeda establish their presence, support for them in Iran could grow incrediblly quickly, suddenly booming their power over the region. With these two factors, terrorist power and organization could grow very quickly and become a sort of "united terrorist organisation across the Middle East" which of course could be very dangerous, not just for the Middle East, but for the whole world. Also that opium is grown extensively in Afganistan. So far they have had problems with getting them across to Iran and from there to the rest of the world due to proper border security, but of course there has been some leaks. But when a country becomes unstable, corruption will take place and opium could spread very quickly and much more easily which would be very plesant for drug traffickers (remember that between Afganistan, Iraq and Iran, Iran is the only one directly connected to an ocean, meaning easier drug distribution). 3. I personally do not believe that Iranians are meking nuclear weapons. However, I'll assume that they are for your sake. Wouldn't that mean that if Iran becomes unstable, there is a chance that Terrorists may get gain access to some? These are some of the reasons that convince me that USA will not invade Iran. Israel's threats would only be dangrous if they had USA's backing (in which case Iran would get owned easily). But as I think that USA's backing is unlikely as their are already in enoguh trouble with Afganistan and Iraq, Israel's threats aint worth shit. They simply do not have the military power, nor the economical ability to support such an invasion. An invasion of Iran is not just limited to a few Air strikes. Israel, who is having lots of trouble controlling even the tiny "state" of GAZA will in no way have the ability to controll a country whose desert alone is bigger than the wholes state of Israel. Finally, assuming that Iran does have nuclear weapons, why the hell do people think that they would just drop nuclear bombs on USA and Israel? Oh yeah... CAUSE THEIR ALL MOTHERLESS TERRORISTS WHO WANT NOTHING BUT EVIL AND DESTRUCTION! Seriously, their not stupid. Iran is not some terrorist organization, it is a proper country with a parliament and as much as dictatorship elements may exists, random nuclear bombings will not take place. Were not that stupid.
  19. I have ARMA 2 (not OA) and my favourite gamemode is multiplayer missions such as SUPER PWERS, WELCOME WAR and WHEN DIPLOMACY FAILS (the ones where there is a commander with several squad leaders under his command and the two sides fight over controll points), though I play them as singleplayer. My problem is that the number of slots (where an AI squadleader or a player can fill in) is only limited to 8 per team which is too few for me (especially on larger maps such as WHEN DIPLOMACY FAILS). Is there a way to increase the number of available slots so I can get more people on the map? I thought of creating my own mission, but then I would need to program the AI commander so that he knows what orders to give, which strategies to use, how to reactc and etc as I personally prefere not to command. But that's too timeconsuming (plus I have zero programming skills). But then, all I need to do is to increase the number of AI squad leaders allowed for one of the already created maps, so if there was a way of editing an already created mission, I could do it easily (if there is, please tell me). Finally, if its not possible to preform any of the two actions above, could you please suggest mods and maps that are simillar to WAR WELCOME, WHEN DIPLOMACY FAILS and SUPER POWERS maps in style of play but allow more people/AI on the map. I've searched alot and I've only found stuff like this for operation arrowhead and I don't have that expansion pack. Please help :). Thank you. EDIT: I'm a bit of a noob (as you probably figured out by reading this post), so please give a detailed explanation.
  20. You're right. I think I should probably ask this question down at the mission editor forum because what I really need to do is to edit an already existing mission.
  21. I should probably simplify my request to prevent confusion: All I want to do is to increase the maximum number of AI gorups/slots or squadleaders (whichever you call them) to have more people on the map in the WHEN DIPLOMACY FAILS/ WAR WELCOME or SUPER POWERS missions available in the ARMA 2 multiplayer mode. Is there some sort of script that I could play around with to do that? I have ARMA 2 only (not Operation Arrowhead, but patched up to 1.07). At its current state, these maps have too few people allowed on the map, and result in a lack of action. Thanks!
  22. Ok, I just found out about domination. At the moment I have trouble installing it, but it seems like it could be what I've looking for. In domination, do you have several respawning squadleaders who can buy units and are all under the command of a commander (like the WHEN DIPLOMACY FAILS mission in the ARMA 2 multiplayer)? If so, I do hope that you'r alowed to have more squad leaders on the map in domination...