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  1. yea but my folder structure doesnt have documents, it looks like this http://puu.sh/87nCN.png

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    Actually i think i found it, named cblabla.Arma3Profile, but the only things in it are









    Do i have manually add the rest? Or is this the wrong file?

  2. I know you can do this in singleplayer. But i been browsing all over my server for a config file and i cant seem to find one. Google seems to turn up with tons of posts about doing it in single player and cant really find anything on it.

    I would really like to tone down the accuracy of the units and how far they can spot you etc. like you can do in SP.

    Would someone be kind to help?


  3. the engine is based on code that is over 10 years old.

    I believe it is a mammoth task to rewrite and engine to utilise multicores.

    So basically your answer would be... too difficult at this moment in time

    Maybe we get that in A4 who knows

    Yea... i LOVE Arma been playing since OFP, but like you say the engine is getting rather old and i think its starting to be pushed to its absolute limits (hence the poor optimzations etc, you probably cant optimize it) Lets hope they use all these people buying the game for Wasteland, DayZ + Whatever mod to invest in a newer engine that supports 64b and multiple cores. Can you imagine the possibilities ?

  4. Im not very knowledgeable in this aspect, so my post might be a bit naive.

    But from all the issues that seem to stem from Arma 3 server only using 1 core, and it well being 2014 you would think they would make it use more then 1 core for everything? With the influx of copies sold from A2 Dayz and Arma 3 doing so good you would think they would invest some time at figuring out how to make a current generation server optmizations (EG Multi core support)

  5. Greetings. Im looking for a good host that can support Coop missions with about 16-32 players. I currently use Gameservers and it does not run very good at all, and these are missions made with minimal scripts etc to make sure performance is good.

    Server needs to have US locations. Who have you had the best luck with? Willing to pay that extra $ to have the server run efficiently. Still rather new to all of this but hope i can use headless client on server as ive heard good things of it.

  6. OK something weird. I have this going on my server ATM, but if were in a vehicle the AI just sits there dumb and dont try to shoot us or blow us up. Ive taken my car and drive right up to them.. honk my horn.. they just sit there and then i just run them over because this all in a big group cluttered together and get my money.

    How can i fix this? Love the concept but its just not working.

  7. Nevermind. Im having an issue with the example missions. For "The Scavengers" i keep getting no entry 'bin\config.bin/cfgworlds.0'

    I tried some of the other missions and i get errors regarding about the same thing (repalce the 0 with other letters/numbers)

    I tried revalidating my cache and everything checked out. I deleted my Arma folders in my documents. Still nothing. Anyone have any idea?

  8. Ok guy, here is v0.8b:


    Could you tell me it this version runs smoothly ? If not, you'll probably have to revert back to v0.77a until I have acces to my main computer so I can fix it.

    The rest of the issues, I'll look into it once I'll have my computer available.

    @bigshot: I might do that for fast travel, however I have first to think about balancing issues with this.

    This is running very smoothly for me now :yay:. Thanks a bunch! Sorry for the late reply

  9. @daterxies: What mods are you running ? How many zones have you created ? How much time does it take before it starts lagging ?

    I'll take a look at the saves.

    @xSnake2007x: Thanks for pointing that to me, it's me being completely idiotic and using onEachFrame just outside BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler... *facepalm*

    In the meantime, what you could do is simply go into the mission file and inside initHQ\BluHQinit.sqf and remove the following line:

    _drawicon = [] execVM "inithq\drawIcon.sqf"; // create the icon

    Only addon i have is CBA. Everything i have set at default.. so thats 6 zones right? it probably starts kicking in 15-20 minutes into the game.. once i buy some stuff and head out ussually when i get into my first fire fight.

  10. Hi all. My setup is a i7 920, Gigabyte 670, 12GB 1600 mhz ram, 1 TB HD and 128gig SSD.

    I click auto detect settings and it puts everything on high / ultra. But i get in game and if i fly in a helicopter my fps goes down to about 15-20 FPS, same on ground.

    Is my 670 not powerfull enough, or do you think my CPU is bottlenecking it? Will there be more optimizations? I dont understand why auto-detect puts me in a 15-20 FPS area.

    Also whats the best thing i can do for performance increase without taking away from to much detail? I love how the game looks :yay:

  11. In the market there is another weapons salesman who sells single weapons, get some AKs and ammo for them, the other one sells Rober Hammer's weapon packs. Also pick up armored SUV, someone has forgotten to lock it ;)

    Use the laptop to select a mission, it will appear as a two red markers on the map, and you'll be on your way with gathering resources and reputation.

    Doing Side missions received via radio will not get you money or reputation but are great for stocking up with russian weapons and you will get the usual UAV or CAS.

    You have to buy businesses to earn money too, cafe in Chernogorsk, farm in Prigorodgi, Gas station in Solnichnij and Airport in Krasnostav will generate income.

    And there is more to buy and discover..

    Thanks much, going to check now :)

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    One last question... where is my locker in the house? All i see is ammo crates. lol thanks

  12. Ok, im not understandings something, when i first start a game, i dont get any weapons, just 1000 $. I can recruit the 3 or whatever people, but there not equiped with guns either.

    I tried waiting for 10 minutes and never received any cash. Even for a pistol its 7k, so i cant even do a mission to earn money. Am i doing something wrong?