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  1. What is a current good effects mod, i know awhile ago, and not sure if there still used with OA was WarFX, and gl4. Im not sure if warFX even works with OA. What does one use to make more pretty fx? thanks.
  2. ok well i downloaded that... but didnt help, like say i go into map editor and put myself in a uh1, ill get an error saying invalidcrew_uns1 pilot bla bla and it will play i can hear the helicopter just not see it... any idea lol? i really want to play this edit i placed a chopper infront of my line of sight where i was and it jus fell to the ground, well through the ground actually and never exploded just went straight through
  3. daterxies

    current good effects mod?

    Yep, i did. Did i miss it?
  4. When im launching the game, i get numerous errors, like some rus_Barrel and dragon valley the road texture is missing... i did it with sixupdater, whats wrong? i got ace working with six updater no probs. a few days ago i downloaded (and sense deleated before i installed the new version) and i couldnt get it to work either. Any insight? thanks
  5. i have sixupdater how do i install it with it?
  6. I been stuck on this mission for 2 days now and its really irritating me where its not even fun anymore. I crashed and went to next mission BUT as soon as that mission starts it says task failed on finding the pilot and it fails, nothing i can do and read numerous posts with people and the same problem. I am able to take down 2 of the AA, but my main problem is the jeeps, i cant lock onto the jeeps with the machine guns on and if i get to close they just tare me to shreds. I have a saitex x52 joystick and with it i have a hard time lining up for a pass with just rockets, and my machine gunner chooses not to target them. Also i know to use the ULB, but same thing happens when i get to close to jeeps with it they just destroy it. Any help for a desperate person please? lol Thank you!
  7. Hi been gone for a while... i think it was called warFX, are there any mods similiar to that for OA/CO? Also, any mod suggestions to make ARMA more better looking? (As in like hi res ground textures etc?) Thanks.
  8. i want to get my own server so me and my friends can play, can anyone suggest good providers? Also i want to install ACE 1.5 on the server, being like 500 megs how hard is it do do this on server that your not running from your home. Thanks much.
  9. Can someone help me? When i first run a mission on my dedicated server it all goes well and fine, but the second i quit the server and come back later it says i am running gl4 modified and my server wont let me connect. Any ideas? Thanks.
  10. i am in USA/ chicago area Its just hard because all companies claim to be the best etc, and then you read stuff about how a lot of GSP overload there servers (the ones that have cheap prices) And your performance wont be optimal. But i have paid top notch prices on other game servers and swapped out to cheaper ones with very little noticeable effect, so it comes down to word of mouth and who has used whatever provider before. Honestly i only plan on using the server for 2-3 people including me running warfare BE and ACE, is that very server demanding and need to go for the best of the best servers, or would a medicore server be able to handle that? tl;dr do you really need to find a top notch server provider to run warfare BE with 2-3 people Thanks
  11. Ok i got the config files and everything created and launching the server isnt the problem (this is a stupid problem) I can connect via LAN no problem, but how to i connect via ip? by putting in my ip address nothing happens and it times out. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  12. daterxies

    dedicated server help

    yes, i have a computer downstairs that i want to use as a server has lots of ram etc, but never setup a server really before. And then i have my computer i built for gaming. i setup the server it all goes well, but i dont know what IP to connect too.
  13. Sorry i am new to ARMA II comunity and everything, so if this has been discussed i apologize i dont even know what to search for. You know in the campaign how towards the end you end up fighting for villages setting up command centers and being able to buy units etc, are there any mission types where its like a global war all around chanaraus (sp lol) where you have to take all villages thru building stuff at the command centers etc? Or would this be way to complicated? I would like the idea of making my own story like that, say playing CDF and only occupying 1 village then having to push my way thru the land capturing all the others. if there is something like this could i please get the name or a link? Thanks in advance.
  14. daterxies

    are there any missions like this...

    can it be played in single player? i noticed its under multiplayer area. thanks
  15. Well i been playing just ARMA II and got sick of the bugs in the missions (mainly manhatten where i got half way thru and all of a sudden i have no more artillery or air support, and some girl i have to arrest is sitting in the street dead and cant do anything, wtf) So i decided to play OA. Well in arma II i could play game pretty much all on high. Tried playing OA and it even stutters on low settings. i7 920 oc'ed 3,2 radeon 5850 4 gigs ddr3 windows 7 64b anyone have ANY ideas? like i said the game stutters every few seconds even with settings on low, i really dont understand, no virus or anything weird running in background either. I JUST reformatted my computer 4 days ago so all drivers are completely up to date.