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  1. I think you missed physics class and biology, listen to MadocComadrin.

    You're making up all these assumptions. This is an age-old myth with no basis on reality. Stop reading all this shit from some CoD facts forum.

    Have you ever seen how small a 50. cal bullet is?

    Not to mention, it's developed to be as aerodynamic as possible.

    You'd require something like an ion cannon to produce any sort of local trauma to the human skin with an over-pressure blast from a projectile going past you.

    Source: My unit's captain.

  2. The likelihood of an F-35 getting shot down by a MiG-15 is spectacularly low. Like, 0.00000000000000001%

    Nice, that's exactly what I mean. The F-35 wins because of it's superior in maneuverability, sensors and stealth. It doesn't win just because it's newer like many here like to think.

    The better sensory systems would make the higher tier equipment much easier to use efficiently and give you an edge they should.

    Don't just make all the tanks carbon copies with similar types of usage with one tank having better overall stats. We're working with mostly stuff that was never finished.

  3. Why the hell are you complaining about realism in a T-34 vs TUSK duel?

    You might as well go make your recommendations for seagull vs F-35 combat scenarios.

    In A2 that's how they handled balancing.

    If you had a lower tier vehicle, you couldn't compete with higher tier vehicles, just because it was a newer vehicle. No matter how much better tactics you had.

    You realize that if the F-35 gets hit by a MiG-15, it goes down all the same as if it was hit by a newer plane?

  4. You're right that pretty much nothing has changed in the SIZE of shells. But the behaviour has changed significant, allowing for more penetration without increasing size, different countries produce different types of shells, changing properties.

    Also, you're talking like modern tanks are still using solid metals. Again, the same as above. Changed Behaviour and technology has allowed for much better protection, differing from tank to tank.

    nonononononono, please no

    Instead make them all equal in every single way like in ArmA 3?

    Oh yeah, that's so authentic =D

  5. I mean the only way that I could compete with my friend at a duel with a T-34-85 against a TUSK is to shoot his barrel dead, then just go behind him and slug away some ten shells into the engine before he was disabled.

    I am sure that the abrams does not have over 100mm thick metal radiators over the engines.

    It's much better when you can actually deal damage if you see them first.

    That's tactics, that's realism.

    I think that the only differences should be that the higher tier tanks should move faster and have better optics/ shell velocity/ better sensory systems.

    Especially sensory systems and other electronics should be the main focus on the future tanks, since no realistic amount of armor is going to save you from current 120mm shells.

    It's all about who sees first.

  6. New AAF tank seems to be a clone of T-100 in everything but visuals. Why?

    And then BIS says balancing is a myth.


    I think all tanks should do the same if we don't know the specs. That's for good for PVP gameplay such as Wasteland.

    T-34-85 is completely useless against any tank above its power level in A2, which is not realistic. That's balancing.

  7. isn't that pic from first implemenation? it was toned down since in following updates

    I'm sorry if this goes a little off-topic, but could the light rays be made a little less brilliant but cast much further away?

    It would create some great shadow play as if the light would hit fog. It'd look as if there was some volumetric lighting.

    Refer to this picture: http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m255/HarryBogard/ss_harlequin_02-27-10_09-54-37_zato.jpg

  8. People are upset about the lack of units, but most of all about the lack of DIVERSITY. Operation Flashpoint, ArmA 1, ArmA 2, each had diverse units. You immeditaly knew you were fighting agains BlueFor or OpFor. If Operation Flashpoint would be like ArmA III, the Soviets wouldnt have any T-72 or T-80 tanks. Instead they would use reskinned M1A1s.

    They'd use Leopard 2A4's. The vehicles are far too similar in A3 and are played the exact same way. You can't find any cons or pros in the different factions.

  9. misty I am not sure if your are naive or just a zealot at this point.....where do you think the entire underwater environment came from? and from a business stand point it makes NO sense to not have 64bit for arma 3 as well as it most certainly alleviate some very long standing performance issue's.

    It makes no sense to soak up tens of thousands work hours into coding the engine 64-bit capable, when you you can not prove without doubt that it will increase the sales to make up for the changes.

    Even if you come out even with the increased sales, you could have used the time to sell an expansion pack which is practically free money with the existing technology.

  10. How many times have you donated thus far towards addons you have downloaded and used?

    No inside on this particular quote of maruk's i am afraid.

    I guess i'll wait and see the particulars of the system BI wants in, but i am sure that is for 2014 and not sooner anyways

    Donating is too hard at the moment. I buy games from Steam, because I can not be assed to installing all patches and stuff.

    Give me an easy way to donate (I will not log into any site just to donate), and I'll give what I deem right for the quality.

    My Steam Wallet has tons of money that I'd donate if I had an easy way of donating it.

  11. There is definitely damage control going on.

    It's not good, that's not what anyone wants. People want performance, they don't care how hard it is for you. That's the business, either you get more efficient scheduling for your products or your product will perish.

    -Someone- should just start rewriting -something- to a -some- more efficient format -now-. Taking risks is how you make mad money, not by indecision and holding out.