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  1. So, you'd live through it? I think not. Good note is that the tank didn't go RETARDBOOM like every single vehicle in ArmA 2, I just tried 27 M1A2 tanks versus 35 T-72 in OA Desert. 25 of the 27 M1A2 blew up, every T-72 blew up. In a fireball.
  2. Although if you add polygons, you will require a more efficient anti-alias since more polygons= More aliasing.
  3. Primarch

    Help with building a monster computer.

    Having over 8gigs of ram and an i5 is not useful when you are playing games. Only idiots buy an i7 for gaming since there is no use for hyper-threading as no games can use it properly. GPU is as always, if you can afford it you should buy it because CPU is barely ever creating a bottleneck. Although if you are into editing, you require an i7, 12gigs of ram and some mid-high tier GPU such as 470 or 560 for CUDA cores.
  4. It takes time from creating different LODs so the developer can put much much more work into fixing problems.
  5. Primarch

    Help with building a monster computer.

    Yeah but I was referring to 2600K and 12gigs of ram. 2500k and 8 gigs is the best thing right now.
  6. Primarch

    Help with building a monster computer.

    As I said, you don't need 2600k and 8gigs of RAM for gaming. Buying things like that is really retarded since you don't need it, and you will get in half a year four times more powerful things per buck. Always buy mid-high range PC, no low or extreme because both are waste of money.
  7. Primarch

    Help with building a monster computer.

    Sorry broski, 2 years and your "rig" will be obsolete. Get an i5 2500k, GTX 580 and an SSD. Buy with the rest of your money something you really need, like a new screen and TrackIR, other peripherals which last.
  8. Primarch

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    If I remember correctly, it does not work in Combined Arms version. The light color is also screwed up.
  9. A T-50 A F-22 A XK-2 and other new MBT No more abrams, leopards, F16's, 47's or M16's.
  10. Primarch

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    I will say it first, nobody else needs to say it too: Dumbing it down, CoD, BF, CSS, TF, CASUAL, unrealistic, etc etc bla bla bla Perhaps making it more accessible, the menus are crap right now. Streamline everything that is not useful, for an example most of the buttons in settings could just gtfo like "seagull up, seagull down". Make sub-menus, make a lot of things look everytime the same, so Cancel and OK are always in EVERY menu and box in the same corners and everything is logical. Movement does not need 3 different keys for different stances, you could have at default prone, crouch. Crouch is push and prone is toggle, "little" things like that make it MUCH MUCH MUCH more satisfying to learn a new game.
  11. Primarch

    TrackIR - 6 DoF

    Don't worry, these funny people will go away in a time these admins start using their powers to give infractions for not contributing in a thread. Guys stop talking bullshit and talk about the thread title or STFU However, 6DOF would be really nice. As BIS has already done the graphical improvement at most parts, now should the immersion/ gameplay/ features come on top so why not modify the engine to suit 6DOF? Takes away nothing and it should not be too hard, I know nothing about the programming of this subject but as the base 4DOF is already in older revisions of Real Virtuality it shouldn't be too hard to add an another axis to roll around. ---------- Post added at 12:25 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:24 AM ---------- How about a guess? The models did not have modeled interiors. Was not this the explanation why free look was not in most vehicles in Arma 2?
  12. Holy bat-nipples, have you seen those "rounded shapes" in your self model? Everything needs more polygons, especially all those equipments, I never look under the chest because those awful radio equipment and such.
  13. Primarch

    Is ArmA 3 Futuristic? Yes. Realistic? Maybe.

    I think it is really stupid to post stupid shit like that, stop doing that. Physical relationships have been the same for the last 10billion years, you think they are going to change in the next 20 years? So that mass will push things away? Data does not use the fastest route?
  14. Primarch

    Land Warrior System in ARMA 3?

    It's destroyed, and if you are getting hit into the visor you wouldn't need it anyway.
  15. I think you have most of the time a helmet in your head, have you ever had a helmet in your head and shot a gun?
  16. Primarch

    An upgraded compass, finally?

    OPFOR(=Iran?) ain't exactly no more USSR or some other backwards country. They will probably have even better gear than blufor since they have won most of NATO and EU coalition in Europe.
  17. Primarch

    Environment :O

    The coriolis effect is not relevant as it is not even an actual force. It becomes relevant in hundreds of miles ranges.
  18. I don't even understand what you mean, you can always join a game and there will be people willing to co-operate with you if you ask. This is not like CoD or Battlefield as you require teamwork to have fun in the game. This is the reason it filters out people who do not wish to play as a team. Also, what do you mean by logging in?
  19. And this I have been trying to ask for, interpolating the movements just like in Battlefield series. Though it will introduce another problem that is rubber banding if the game is server-centric. But the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.
  20. The game takes around 3-5 hours on some computers to install and get running properly, that is WAY too much. Then the addons are what is ArmA and OFP, the MP would be dead in 2 weeks after launch if it wasn't for mods. However the game is still in quite bad condition regarding the warping.
  21. I do, and that is the reason I'll pass on every BIS game until they fix the warping somehow or the technology advances enough so servers will have no problem in running the game.
  22. Have you ever used ACRE, or perhaps installing it without 100% luck?
  23. HOWEVER! The game feels really fucking unrewarding and super frustrating to play in multiplayer because of the warping after messing with the game for 20hours to get it running once.