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    New Action Menu

    The list menu is simply and efficiently shit. I have to remove my hands from movement keys to order my AI. Or I can't fire my weapon while using the mouse wheel. And when I use the menu, it takes me around 2 seconds to order a single command which means a good modern gun has shot around 15 bullets at me. Meanwhile I can't respond to the fire nor I can move if I wish to order the AI. Also I often misclick the number keys and I have to start all over again, even revert the command which takes me a shitload of time and gets me killed. Then with the BF2 radial menu I can't fire but I can order everything I NEED to, in 0.2 seconds as it has only 8 (/16 PR) options per commo-rose button.
  2. Why don't you post the specs of your system? It's not the Windows 7.
  3. Primarch

    Chat system - killing reports reposition

    Or how about doing it like RO:OST did it. Not showing the gun, but the size of a bullet that killed the player.
  4. http://aijaa.com/v.php?i=005988771856.jpg Saw it a long ago.
  5. Primarch

    Arma2 Free Problem

    X3DAudio = Direct X. Install/ Re-install this: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=35
  6. Alright so I got a new CPU, MOBO and 4Gigs of RAM while I kept my 4870HD 512mb. The problem is that after I installed the new parts, I can no longer select over "Normal" texture quality and DXdiag says that I have 244MBs of RAM. I also have this problem in Dawn of War 2. So I wonder if anyone else has the same problems with 48xx + 11.8CCC. And I also wonder if anyone has a solution available as my googling skills have failed me. Currently: Phenom 2 940BE, 8Gigs of DDR2 Corsair Dominator 1066Mhz, MSI MS-7551 and 4870HD. All clocks returned to the default settings. EDIT: I figured out what IS causing it. 11.8 DRIVERS do not work on 4870HD for me with this setup for some reason, it reports too low amount of V-RAM to DirectX. Fixed by installing only 10.10 DRIVERS while keeping the 11.8 interface. Even though it reports now that I have 3569MB of V-RAM, I am able to play with higher resolution textures.
  7. Primarch

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    An idea, not sure if notified by someone else: DirectX 11 is locked in atleast test build as a different exe. http://aijaa.com/v.php?i=005178596045.jpg Secondary image for the profile, looked up in Steam Community through right-clicking the name and selecting "View steam profile" http://www.aijaa.com/v.php?i=003768596059.jpg
  8. Primarch

    Stealth Kills?

    Oh but he has played Call of Duty and Battlefield. You know that a modern soldier can punch his knife through a ceramic armor? And that a knife is much more useful in CQC than a fully loaded rifle or a pistol. That is the general consensus in this thread.
  9. Read them again, CarlGustaffa derailed by saying that you can't have people inside the vehicles while they move because of lag, and I told that it is possible by interpolating movements. Now, be quiet or contribute to the thread. Also; DMarkwick derailed the thread AGAIN by provocating me.
  10. Stop de-railing the god damn thread, stop provocating, get out. If you de-rail it again I will call the cops.
  11. DMarkwick here said we will not have updated renderer, no RTT, no DX 10 and absolutely nothing new into this game. FPDR Who wants to point fingers at him?
  12. http://www.bistudio.com/index.php/english/company/developers-blog/230-experimental-betas-interpolating-the-future
  13. In essence it means that your computer tries to guess what happens next. If you have ever played any of the Battlefield games and you had a disconnect and see how everything just keeps sliding, its that. Also, it removes the "warping" almost completely but introduces a really annoying "feature" called rubber banding.
  14. Primarch


    On this computer I do, on my another I have an nvidia.
  15. Yeah remember how Battlefield 2142 had Titans? You didn't drop off of them because it interpolated the player position. Now, ArmA 3 will most likely use the same technique as BIS added the feature in a beta patch to ArmA 2.
  16. "Imaginary"? Welcome to reality, remember how bad ArmA 2 ran on 2009 setup, remember how bad ArmA ran on 2007 setup? Remember how bad OFP ran on 2001 setup? No? Hello, you seem to be new to video games.
  17. Stop dreaming. I hope BIS won't overdo everything with RTT or anything else that is hardware heavy.. You remember ArmA 2 launched 2 years ago and is going to be almost playable with the newest and best parts? Now, add PhysX, RTT and a thousand light sources from DX 10. Probably even tesselation from DX. 11 with realtime reflections from different surfaces as seen in Crysis 2. You probably will not be able to even get the game running with a 4870HD and some Phenom 955 if you wish to really implement all those. Now, you'd perhaps get some 15-30fps with an 6950HD and a 2500k. I'd like to keep the game playable, thank you.
  18. And you really wish to play the game with actual framerates?
  19. Primarch


    Yes but if I had an AMD card and I bought an Nvidia card for PhysX it would require hacking drivers. http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1456964
  20. Primarch

    Stealth Kills?

    You can always mod it in ArmA 2 if you could do the animations? You can not mod it into ArmA 3 anyway if you can't do the animations.
  21. Primarch


    Yes sir, but Nvidia just happens to be sometimes much more expensive than AMD Like 100€ more for the same framerates, and so I can play some 2 or 3 games more with playable framerates. Everyone likes to have a choice, but limiting ArmA 3 to run with H/W based physics engine limits a lot my choices for the next PC. I would like to have a game that runs on everything, not just on one graphics card manufactor.
  22. Primarch


    What I would do is: make the scope the real screen and use low resolution RTT technique to create the "blur" around the scope.
  23. Primarch

    Stealth Kills?

    The animations are a big deal, as it is what you see in screen. You could always have something like "scroll down, select "kill silently" option" and the enemy drops but that would not be very nice now would it? Getting a feature right is the key. Quality over quantity.