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  1. Hey umm, this has probly already been mentioned but when I try to run CO, it crashes straight away, I bought OA and ARma through Steam and when I got the patch, it screwed up, now I can''t run OA or CO but I can run original Arma 2. I think there is another patch commin out soon but I might as well try to find the problem now. Any help will be great


  2. Nah it just doesn't appear, im getting a whole lot of other errors too, like the ANZAC class frigates, they don't show either, and Ive got all the mods required, CBA, GLT Missile box ect

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    Ima reinstall CBA

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    Oh I has a idea, howa bout some PC-9s, lol it will be good to have the roulettes in there.

  3. OMFG ABOUT TIME, I just jeezed my self through excitement, haha just kidding, but I'm downloading it now and I can't WAIT to get me self some RAAF F-18s to play around with, all I can say is, well done Crash, and can u promise me a C17A some time in the next few updates, I ask it before and u said maybe.

  4. Haha, I'm goin to have some fun with these, I remember when I had Cold War Crises and I used to get a whole lot of Sopwith Camels and fight in that, now I've got Spitfires and 109s, me like me like. You should the B-29 bomber Enola Gay and load it with the Fat Boy bomb lol

  5. OK sorry to bother u guys again but ure mission didn't work BANDIT, but I know the problem, I put the unit_array in the userconfig in me Arma 2 root folder, but when I run the mission it says it's not found and the game crashes. Now it says it has to be in the mission folder but that isn't right.

    Another thing, I want to change the default UH1 to one of ACEs UH-60Q medivac choppers but when I put the chopper in the unit-array, it doesn't show in game, Here is what I have in the unit-array- MM_WEST_ARRAY = ["UH60Q", "FR_OHara", "USMC_Soldier_Pilot",.......... and the rest, Ive also tried UH-60Q but that doesn't work either, god I feel like the biggest noobis.

    Wait nvm I fixed it

  6. Ok, call me a noob or what eva but I screwed something up in the unit array and the mission it self, I hope this isn't too much to ask but can u create a mission that has the helo taking of from the Game Logics position, I don't know wat I did but I will highly appreciate ure help, oh and btw, it looks F*&*#* awesome anyways Goaliath.

  7. Hey, yeah call me a noob if you want but I got a problem, for some reason I can't load all my previously saved user-created missions from the editor they wouldn't load ever since I installed ACE2, now I'm not talking about the PBO file but rather the SQM files, now this normally wouldn't bother me but I just downloaded some awesome FOB templates and I want to put them to use. Ive been searching around on this furum and I figured that this will be the best place to ask, any help regarding this matter will be greatly appreciated.