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  1. You could also do this: Place a "Game Logic" on the hospital. Class: Locations Unit: Location And put this in the init: hospital = (position this nearestobject 261904); hospital addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {false}];
  2. I slapped this into a trigger condition and it worked fine. Radius 0, Activation None. Condition: ((getPosATL ugly50) select 2) < 2 && !(isEngineOn ugly50) && ((getPosATL ugly51) select 2) < 2 && !(isEngineOn ugly51) Activation: endMission "END1"


    If you don't want him to stand, the easiest method would be to cripple his legs. unitname setHit ["legs", 0.9];
  4. In the editor, place a "Tent US" (objects military). Add this to the init field of the tent to make it indestructible: this addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {false}]; Now place a "Baseball" (objects small) in the center of the tent and name it "lamp1". Add this to the init field of the baseball to make it indestructible, set its height and execute the script that will give it light: this addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {false}]; this setPos [getPos this select 0, getPos this select 1, 2]; null = [this] execVM "lamps.sqf"; Create a new script file called "lamps.sqf" and add this to it: _light1 = "#lightpoint" createVehicle getpos lamp1; _light1 setLightBrightness 0.0028; _light1 setLightAmbient[37, 44, 41]; _light1 setLightColor[37, 44, 41]; _light1 lightAttachObject [lamp1, [0,0,0]]; Now test the mission and you will see a that the tent now has a lamp inside it. The lamp color is slightly greenish so it makes the tent look nicer. A normal white lamp would look more like: _light1 = "#lightpoint" createVehicle getpos lamp1; _light1 setLightBrightness 0.0028; _light1 setLightAmbient[50, 45, 35]; _light1 setLightColor[50, 45, 35]; _light1 lightAttachObject [lamp1, [0,0,0]]; Or a pinkish lamp: _light1 = "#lightpoint" createVehicle getpos lamp1; _light1 setLightBrightness 0.0028; _light1 setLightAmbient[64, 23, 23]; _light1 setLightColor[64, 23, 23]; _light1 lightAttachObject [lamp1, [0,0,0]]; You can add many lights to your base area in many tents or whatever you want and run them all from the "lamps.sqf" script. Remember when using a "#lightpoint" in your mission to light things like tents - that if there is anything burning near by, it will cause the "#lightpoint" to turn off or flicker and look bad. So if you place a fireplace or burning barrels near your "#lightpoint", it will conflict. This will also happen if there is a burning vehicle near by. I have seen this problem occur when using a campfire in my base that was more than 25 meters from my "#lightpoint". It's probably best to remove all fireplace or burning barrels from your base to be safe. For a "Vehicle Service Point" helipad at base you can add a flashing red light by doing this: Name your helipad "Hlight" and add this to its init field: null = [this] execVM "scripts\flashing_H_light.sqf"; flashing_H_light.sqf _light2 = "#lightpoint" createVehicle getpos Hlight; _light2 setLightBrightness 0.0028; _light2 setLightAmbient[64, 23, 23]; _light2 setLightColor[64, 23, 23]; _light2 lightAttachObject [Hlight, [0,0,1]]; if (isServer) then { while {true} do { _light2 setLightBrightness 0.0028; sleep 1; _light2 setLightBrightness 0; sleep 1; }; }; The helipad light will actually be under ground 1 meter, but it lights up nicely.
  5. This is a more simplified version of the script, which works fine when I test alone with ai, but I would assume that the same problem as above^ will occur with real players in the game. wrongful_kill.sqf: _victim=_this select 0; _killer=_this select 1; killcount = 0; if (!alive _killer) exitWith {}; waitUntil{!(isNil "BIS_MPF_InitDone")}; //Check if killer is not in a vehicle (on foot). if ((_victim!=_killer) && (vehicle _killer == player)) then {[nil, player, "loc", rEXECVM, "jail\start_punish.sqf", player] call RE;}; //Check if killer is in a LandVehicle and in a gunner turret. if ((_victim!=_killer) && (vehicle _killer != player) && (vehicle _killer isKindOf "LandVehicle") && ((player == vehicle player turretUnit [0]) OR (player == vehicle player turretUnit [1]) OR (player == vehicle player turretUnit [2])) ) then {[nil, player, "loc", rEXECVM, "jail\start_punish.sqf", player] call RE;}; //Check if killer is in an Air vehicle and in a gunner turret. if ((_victim!=_killer) && (vehicle _killer != player) && (vehicle _killer isKindOf "Air") && ((assignedGunner vehicle player == _killer) OR (player == vehicle player turretUnit [0]) OR (player == vehicle player turretUnit [1]) OR (player == vehicle player turretUnit [2])) ) then {[nil, player, "loc", rEXECVM, "jail\start_punish.sqf", player] call RE;}; //Check if killer is a pilot. if ((_victim!=_killer) && (vehicle _killer != player) && (vehicle _killer isKindOf "Air") && (assignedDriver _killer == player) && ((isManualFire vehicle player) OR (!isManualFire vehicle player))) then {[nil, player, "loc", rEXECVM, "jail\start_punish.sqf", player] call RE;};
  6. When testing further I discovered that the "wrongful_kill.sqf" script should have been written differently. I then tried to write it with an entirely different check system and discovered that I am able to distinguish who the killer is of any vehicle except for air vehicles where the pilot can manually fire. The Littlebird in Arrowhead/Combined Operations does not have the ability to turn on/off manual fire, but it also does not have any gunner positions, so that vehicle doesn't cause problems with the script. There are some other air vehicles that also have the ability to fire as the pilot without any ability to turn manual fire on/off, like the UH1Y and some other vehicles, but they have other gunner positions and that causes problems with the script. My check system works for all vehicles except for air vehicles where the pilot can fire and there are other gunner positions. I can't seem to isolate the individual killer of the vehicle. I've tried using checks to see if "isManualFire" and "!isManualFire" but in the case where there is both a pilot and gunner in an AH1Z, the punish script still fires for both players in the vehicle. I wanted to re-write the script so there are only a few lines of script that will work for all players rather than using individual checks for each player s1 through s100, but for some reason it always bugs and gives me strange results. So for now I am trying to at least see if I can get it work using a check system that is specific to each players name. If I can get it working correctly, then later I will try using one script for all players and instead of running checks for players s1 through s100, I will instead simply run checks for "player" and "_killer". This is an example of check for players s1 and s2. It works great except for the last check that I marked in red: _victim=_this select 0; _killer=_this select 1; _veh=(vehicle _killer); if (!alive _killer) exitWith {}; waitUntil{!(isNil "BIS_MPF_InitDone")}; //Check 1: if killer is on foot. if ((_victim!=_killer) && (vehicle s1 == s1) && (vehicle _killer == s1)) then {[nil, s1, "loc", rEXECVM, "jail\start_punish.sqf", s1] call RE;}; //Check 2: if killer is in a LandVehicle gunner turret. if ((_victim!=_killer) && (vehicle s1 != s1) && (vehicle _killer != s1) && (_veh isKindOf "LandVehicle") && ((s1 == _veh turretUnit [0]) OR (s1 == _veh turretUnit [1]) OR (s1 == _veh turretUnit [2])) ) then {[nil, s1, "loc", rEXECVM, "jail\start_punish.sqf", s1] call RE;}; //Check 3: if killer is in an Air vehicle gunner turret. if ((_victim!=_killer) && (vehicle s1 != s1) && (vehicle _killer != s1) && (_veh isKindOf "Air") && (assignedDriver _veh != s1) && ((s1 == _veh turretUnit [0]) OR (s1 == _veh turretUnit [1]) OR (s1 == _veh turretUnit [2])) ) then {[nil, s1, "loc", rEXECVM, "jail\start_punish.sqf", s1] call RE;}; //Check 4: if killer is a pilot. [color="#800000"]if ((_victim!=_killer) && (vehicle s1 != s1) && (vehicle _killer != s1) && (_veh isKindOf "Air") && (assignedDriver _veh == s1) && (assignedGunner _veh != s1) && (s1 != _veh turretUnit [0]) && (s1 != _veh turretUnit [1]) && (s1 != _veh turretUnit [2])) then {[nil, s1, "loc", rEXECVM, "jail\start_punish.sqf", s1] call RE;};[/color] //Check 1: if killer is on foot. if ((_victim!=_killer) && (vehicle s2 == s2) && (vehicle _killer == s2)) then {[nil, s2, "loc", rEXECVM, "jail\start_punish.sqf", s2] call RE;}; //Check 2: if killer is in a LandVehicle gunner turret. if ((_victim!=_killer) && (vehicle s2 != s2) && (vehicle _killer != s2) && (_veh isKindOf "LandVehicle") && ((s2 == _veh turretUnit [0]) OR (s2 == _veh turretUnit [1]) OR (s2 == _veh turretUnit [2])) ) then {[nil, s2, "loc", rEXECVM, "jail\start_punish.sqf", s2] call RE;}; //Check 3: if killer is in an Air vehicle gunner turret. if ((_victim!=_killer) && (vehicle s2 != s2) && (vehicle _killer != s2) && (_veh isKindOf "Air") && (assignedDriver _veh != s2) && ((s2 == _veh turretUnit [0]) OR (s2 == _veh turretUnit [1]) OR (s2 == _veh turretUnit [2])) ) then {[nil, s2, "loc", rEXECVM, "jail\start_punish.sqf", s2] call RE;}; //Check 4: if killer is a pilot. [color="#800000"]if ((_victim!=_killer) && (vehicle s2 != s2) && (vehicle _killer != s2) && (_veh isKindOf "Air") && (assignedDriver _veh == s2) && (assignedGunner _veh != s2) && (s2 != _veh turretUnit [0]) && (s2 != _veh turretUnit [1]) && (s2 != _veh turretUnit [2])) then {[nil, s2, "loc", rEXECVM, "jail\start_punish.sqf", s2] call RE;};[/color] What happens is, if I am player s1 and I am the gunner in an AH1Z and player s2 is the pilot in the AH1Z, when I team kill it activates the 2nd check for player s1(me), but then it also activates the 4th check for player s2, so I need to some how change the 4th check so it doesn't punish the pilot when I team kill from the gunner seat. Basically the 3rd and 4th check conflicts for both players and I need to fix it. If anybody can think of a way to do this it would fix everything and this script would be bug proof. I don't think it's possible to fix it, but I haven't given up hope. If I could somehow check to see what the actual pilot turret/gun is, or if the pilot actually fired at the victim, then I could fix it, but I don't think there is any way to detect that since the pilot is not really a turret seat - even if he can use manual fire and fire cannons and rockets etc. If I can't figure this out, then I would have to make a version of the punish script that will only work for missions that do not use any choppers where the pilot can fire weapons. This is not a problem in my own mission because I do not use attack choppers, but I do use the Littlebird in my mission where the pilot can fire, but since there are no other gunner seats in the Littlebird, it does not conflict with the script. How would I make it so the 3rd and 4th check does not conflict and punish both the gunner and pilot?
  7. I use repeating triggers to do this in missions where I want to keep the ai units, that are under my command, from getting too close to me or standing up when they should keep low. If they are more than 50 meters from me, they will stand, run and regroup, if they are less than 50 meters from me and more than 25 meters, they will crouch and regroup. If they are less than 25 meters from me, they will stop and stay crouched. If I then move to another position farther than 100 meters from them, they will once again continue to follow and the triggers will continue to make them behave as I wish. At any time I can "manually" command then to regroup or move to a position next to me and they will. They will also go prone if I command them to. Since the triggers are set to repeat, the triggers will re-activate and continue to function as they should, which keeps the ai behaving exactly the way I want them to throughout the course of the mission. Lets say I am leader/player "s1". this would be an example of a 3 trigger system for player "s2". The 1st trigger tells the player "s2" to stand and regroup if he is more than 50 from my position. This keeps the ai moving fast when I need him to keep up with me. Radius: 0 Activation: None, Repeatedly Condition: s2 distance s1>50 OnAct: s2 doFollow s1; s2 setUnitPos "UP"; The 2nd trigger tells the AI to crouch if he is less than 50 meters from my position. Now the ai is more stealth and I don't have to manually give him an order to keep low. Trigger 2: Radius: 0 Activation: None, Repeatedly Condition: s2 distance s1>25 && s2 distance s1<50 OnAct: s2 setUnitPos "MIDDLE" The 3rd trigger tells the ai to stop if he is within 25 meters of my position and he will remain crouched. Trigger 3: Radius: 0 Activation: None, Repeatedly Condition: s2 distance s1<25 OnAct: doStop [s2]; I could also use "doFollow" in trigger 2 as well, but I like how I am able to move forward alone and the ai will once again continue to follow once I am 100 meters away. This gives me the opportunity to go Rambo a little without the ai getting in my way or drawing the enemy's attention to me. Again, at any time I can manually give the command to regroup or move to a position near me. Once I create the 3 triggers for "s2" I then copy and paste the 3 triggers to be used for another ai unit and I simply change the corresponding name used in the trigger to work with the other ai in the mission. It sounds like a lot of triggers, but they are extremely useful and it is a very simple method and requires very few commands. You can use "commandFollow" instead of "doFollow", but "doFollow" will issue the command silently, which is much better because you will otherwise get a nasty headache from listening to yourself issuing individual "Regroup" commands non-stop throughout the entire mission. Here's a sample mission: http://www.odaly.com/files/a2_all_version/smart_ai.zip Obviously the trigger distance settings can be adjusted to your needs. You can even force the ai to go prone when they are close to you with "DOWN", or you can use "AUTO" and the ai will choose the stance that they think suites the situation.
  8. ProtectionZone_EP1 (works for Arrowhead and Combined Operations only) I don't know anything about Xeon's mission "THE LONGEST DAY", but I do know how to protect a base, vehicles and players from any kind of damage. Place like 10 markers named pzone1, pzone2, pzone3,.... pzone10 Space them about 25 to 30 meters apart. They have a default radius of 50 meters which I don't think can be adjusted. Then run this script from a trigger or some way that will effect everybody on the server locally at mission start. protected_zone.sqf _pzone1 = "ProtectionZone_Ep1" createVehicleLocal (getMarkerPos "pzone1"); _pzone2 = "ProtectionZone_Ep1" createVehicleLocal (getMarkerPos "pzone2"); _pzone3 = "ProtectionZone_Ep1" createVehicleLocal (getMarkerPos "pzone3"); _pzone4 = "ProtectionZone_Ep1" createVehicleLocal (getMarkerPos "pzone4"); _pzone5 = "ProtectionZone_Ep1" createVehicleLocal (getMarkerPos "pzone5"); _pzone6 = "ProtectionZone_Ep1" createVehicleLocal (getMarkerPos "pzone6"); _pzone7 = "ProtectionZone_Ep1" createVehicleLocal (getMarkerPos "pzone7"); _pzone8 = "ProtectionZone_Ep1" createVehicleLocal (getMarkerPos "pzone8"); _pzone9 = "ProtectionZone_Ep1" createVehicleLocal (getMarkerPos "pzone9"); _pzone10 = "ProtectionZone_Ep1" createVehicleLocal (getMarkerPos "pzone10"); _pzone1 setObjectTexture [0,"#(argb,8,8,3)color(0,0,0,0,ca)"]; _pzone2 setObjectTexture [0,"#(argb,8,8,3)color(0,0,0,0,ca)"]; _pzone3 setObjectTexture [0,"#(argb,8,8,3)color(0,0,0,0,ca)"]; _pzone4 setObjectTexture [0,"#(argb,8,8,3)color(0,0,0,0,ca)"]; _pzone5 setObjectTexture [0,"#(argb,8,8,3)color(0,0,0,0,ca)"]; _pzone6 setObjectTexture [0,"#(argb,8,8,3)color(0,0,0,0,ca)"]; _pzone7 setObjectTexture [0,"#(argb,8,8,3)color(0,0,0,0,ca)"]; _pzone8 setObjectTexture [0,"#(argb,8,8,3)color(0,0,0,0,ca)"]; _pzone9 setObjectTexture [0,"#(argb,8,8,3)color(0,0,0,0,ca)"]; _pzone10 setObjectTexture [0,"#(argb,8,8,3)color(0,0,0,0,ca)"]; The reason for setting the object texture is because if you don't, they will be visible during the mission, so they need to be set so they are transparent/invisible, or else you will see big red cylinders in your base. I'm not sure what the exact height is of a ProtectionZone_EP1, but they are pretty tall, but I don't think they are more than 100 meters in height. Anything fired at base from far away will collide with the outside of the protection zone. Anything fired inside the protection zone will detonate immediately, but will not cause any damage. Place a satchel at your feet and detonate it and you will be unharmed. Vehicles will be unharmed. The only thing you need to do is keep enemy out of your base or else you cannot kill them. I suggest using the protection zone for coop missions and set a trigger area around your base they will instantly kill an enemy that enter the trigger.
  9. Funny video. Alcatraz, heh. I'm going to buy a second copy of combined ops and install it on my other comp so I can test the scripts between each computer as player and victim and see exactly what is happening and be able to find problems easier and fix them faster. It is very hard to test a script like this alone and even if I have a friend to test with, there is a lot of going back and forth from the editor and to the game and it could drive anybody nuts.
  10. I'm done adding the "Forgive" dialog feature. The victim will see a small dialog pop up window in the middle of their screen with question "Forgive Team Killer?" at the top, 30 second countdown timer in the middle and "Yes" & "No" buttons at the bottom. If "No action taken", the timer expires and the dialog closes automatically, the killer continues with his punishment as normal and a sideChat message tells everybody that VictimName chose not to forgive KillerName. If "No" is chosen, the dialog closes and pretty much the same thing happens as "No Action taken" only it occurs sooner. If "Yes" is chosen, the dialog closes and it also terminates the dialog script, which stops the dialog timer before it gets to the "No Action Taken" and then sideChat VictimName chose to forgive KillerName, but the killer won't be released until the jail timer hint appears, then the timer stops and the killer is released. It should work, but I won't know for sure until I am able to test it with another player. If it doesn't work, then I am going to need help with it, but I think it will work fine.
  11. There is already a protection zone around it, and a grass cutter, they can be disabled. The Arma 2 stand alone version does not support it, but Arrowhead and Combined Operations do. By default, when the player is released from jail, they will be released at their main "respawn_west" marker randomly within an 8 meter radius. The radius can be changed as well as the direction the player will face. But... there are 3 optional choices the mission creator can choose from when implementing the script into his/her mission where the mission creator can use the the default method as is, or they can choose to have the jailed player be released at 1 of several markers, like "respawn_west", "respawn_west_1", "respawn_west_2", "respawn_west_3", "respawn_west_4", etc, which act randomly on their own. Or the mission creator can have the player released from jail at one "respawn_west" marker at an exact position (no radius), which is what I am currently using in a mission I am working on now because it's a small 14 man coop. If you want to use one of the other methods instead of the default method, simply un-comment the method that you want to use and then comment out the method that you will no longer be using. There are directions on how to do all this in the original post in this thread. You can also set the direction the player faces when teleported into jail, which is kind of important if you want the short cut-scene camera to pan nicely. And there is a invisible helipad named "jail_center_H", which must remain in the very center of the jail cell, but when it is rotated it will control how the cut-scene camera pans to the left or right, which is also kind of important if you want it to look good. These things do not need adjusting if you use the jail cell on the same angle it is used in the sample mission, but if you paste the jail cell into your own existing mission and then decide to rotate the jail cell, then you might want to play around and adjust the direction the player will face and rotate the "jail_center_H" and test it a few times until you get the cut-scene camera looking good. The jail cell in the movie is an older jail cell, the new one is built much better, looks nicer and is completely impenetrable with 4 invisible wall death triggers and 1 on roof. Aint nobody getting in or out. Even if somebody managed to escape, another trigger will detect if they are more than 12 meters from the jail_center_H and instantly kill them and penalize then -25 points and broadcast it to others, but they won't get out.
  12. I added the MH60S to the check system. I don't know how I missed adding it. It was only missing from the Arma 2 version. Both the Arrowhead and Combined Operations versions are fine. I updated the download link. I will let Foxhound know that I updated the file. For anybody that is using the Arma 2 stand alone version and would rather fix the script yourself without having to re-download and reinstall the entire jail script, simply open the "killer.sqf" file and replace line 35 with this... if ( (_killer == _veh turretUnit [1]) && ((_veh isKindOf "Mi17_Ins") OR (_veh isKindOf "Mi17_CDF") OR (_veh isKindOf "MH60S")) ) then { As for the "Forgive" feature that I am currently working on, it's coming along nicely. I might also be add an option that will allow mission creators to easily enable or disable a looping sound file that is played using "say3D" and will loop every 1 minute until the player is released from jail. I will add a few different sound files to choose from, greatest hits like, "Banana song", "The trololo guy" or pretty much any Justin Bieber song will do. lol.
  13. What chopper was it exactly? The script is setup to work with specific chopper types. I might have left one out that needs to be added to the list of vehicle types that are checked. I am currently working on a few different things right now, but one of the things I am working on is a "Forgive" option for the punish script, where the victim will have the choice to forgive his teamkiller. A dialog would appear that simply says "Forgive Team Killer?" with "Yes" & "No" buttons. If Yes is chosen, the Jailed player would be released from jail.
  14. during a cutscene: player enableSimulation false; player action ["GunLightOn", player]; player playMoveNow "aidlpercmstpslowwrfldnon_player_0s"; sleep 10; player switchMove ""; player enableSimulation true;
  15. I am able to add units in the 3D editor and preview them without problems. The method for adding them is not the same as the 2D editor. There are tutorials out there that explain how to do this. And you should use the 3D to 2D converter as Nimrod_Z mentioned. Then you can convert your 3D creations so they can then be seen and manipulated further in the 2D editor.
  16. Iceman77, I can understand what that feels like. You finish making a good mission and then play it with friends and some jerk joins the server and starts destroying the base. When I found out about the ProtectionZone_EP1, I started using it in my missions right away. For anybody that doesn't already know what it does exactly, the protection zone basically prevents all damage, so you could literally place a C4 charge at your own feet and detonate it and it won't do any damage to you or any vehicles. A plane could crash on your head and you would still be standing. Unfortunately, I think it only works with Arrowhead and CO. I have a friend that really sucks at flying and he took off in a chopper in my base and immediately rolled his chopper and crashed and killed 2 teammates and blew up 4 other vehicles, including another chopper and the ground was all ripped up with craters and omg the place was a burning mess. Then I figured out how to remove craters from within 150 meters of my base area if they are created by (only) my base vehicles. Then I found out about the protection zone and added about 8 of them to my base and they stop players from being able to teamkill each other at base or destroy any vehicles. Honestly, I didn't want to use the protection zone, but it seemed like the only alternative. Enemy never come near my base, but if they do I have a trigger that will kill them if they are within 300 meters and are on foot. Otherwise the protection zone prevents me from being able to kill them. The Jail cell uses 1 protection zone in the Arrowhead and CO sample mission. It works really well. AnGeLo, I'm happy that everything is working for you on a dedicated server and that you are very happy with the script. :)
  17. That's funny Iceman, 2 team killers from opposite teams sharing the same cage. I more than welcome others to take what I've created and expand on it, improve it, fix it up, clean it up, anything you want. Use the script as a foundation. If nothing else, the actual jail cell was built pretty well and could be used in a totally different punish script. My punish script is amateur. Any advanced scripting guru could easily take a look at the scripts I wrote and see that I took the poormans route to accomplish what I set out to do. There are a lot of different conditions that have to be met considering the many different things the script checks for. It was a lot for me to do on my own. There were many previous failed attempts. But I never wanted to give up on it. It could use a professional touch.
  18. It's for coop. I never gave TvT much thought, sorry. Maybe I should have stressed that it was a coop jail. I play so much coop I forgot that this game even has TvT. The last time I played against other real players in this game was... back when I played Cold War Crisis over 10 years ago, and even then I preferred to play coop with the 007 Vets clan. The good ol days. I wonder if anybody here remembers them at all. Clan leader was named Jesus. 24 guys hiding behind rocks waiting for the right moment to detonate a passing convoy. The game is better now, but the teamwork was better back then. 1 life and fly around as seagull for over an hour. It was worth it.
  19. She better be ready :rolleyes: Angelo, remove the "//" in front of line 15 of the "start_punish.sqf" file.
  20. JAIL_TK_PUNISH.zip This is the same link as page 1 of this thread. It should be working now. I launched just Arma 2 and it tested fine.
  21. I just took a look. There was one US army unit that was not replaced with a USMC. Try it now and see if it still gives you problems. I test it and everything is working fine, but I have combined ops installed. so it's hard to test to see if it works in just Arma 2. I'll see if I launch Arma 2 stand alone. Edit: Yeah, it doesn't work in regular Arma 2. It seems more like a script problem. Like, maybe I am using a script command that doesn't work with Arma 2. I'll see if I can fix it fast somehow. Edit: I fixed it. I never play Arma 2, so I had no idea that it didn't support backpacks. So I removed all references to a backpack in 4 different script files. Then I found out that "player forceWalk true;" doesn't work in Arma 2 either, so I removed that as well, then everything tested smoothly. I'm uploading the fixed version now. When you get a chance, let me know if it worked correctly or not.
  22. **Updated** Now comes in 3 flavors: Arma 2, Arrowhead and Combined Operations. Many fixes/tweaks. Check the original topic description & link. If you need help at all you can give me a shout on xfire: suicidal8000 If a forum moderator could please change the topic Title to: Team kill Punish with Jail Cell (All Versions) it would be appreciated. Thank you :)
  23. Your right. All games should have some sort of punish/forgive option. And the dialog wouldn't get in the way really since the victim would see it appear after they respawn, nobody wants a dialog to appear while they are flying. As for additional punish time, no matter what I set it to, somebody can always edit the script and change it to the value they want. If I make it so if somebody chooses "Punish" and have it add an additional 1 minute to their jail time, it would not take effect until the next time they are in jail. Or I could try to figure out a way to would add the extra punish time, or reduced punish time, to the timer while the team killer is still in jail - and add a new hint telling the jailed player that their time in jail has been reduced or increased. I would also probably need to have a dialog time limit where the victim has 20 seconds to decide whether to choose "forgive/punish" and then have the dialog disappear. Right now there is just 1 timer setting that effects all players, so I would first need to figure out a way to make it so increase/decrease punish time effect just the team killer and not everybody. My Arma 2 version of the script is done, but I'm still testing it. I noticed a couple of small timer problems in my Combine Operations version, so I fixed a few things. An Arrowhead version will soon follow.