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  1. Sarka

    ArmA 2: OA Beta Build 72967

    i don't have a disk, i use sprocket files!!
  2. Sarka

    ArmA 2: OA Beta Build 72967

    ok with beta patch i can play again, but with 1.54 i cant play becouse its ask the disc. Please BI fix this on official patch next time.
  3. Sarka

    ArmA2:Oa Patch 1.54 released!

    Can someone help me? i cant run the game after this patch, its asking disk but i dont have them? are someone of you have this problem before?
  4. Sarka

    ArmA2:Oa Patch 1.54 released!

    Hey guys. I have problem with new patch. Then i patch it i cant start the game, game asking insert the disk but i donw have one becouse im using sprocket files? what i need to do ?
  5. Sarka

    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    Hello. I have problem with installation. Then then i installing the game i got error : "File copy error (CRC does not match) C;\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ARMA 2\Common\characters.pbo" but previous times i don't get this error and it work fine then i delete and reinstal the game i got this error. Can someone help me?
  6. Sarka

    New beta for OA 71952

    Comon this aiming proces is fucking bulshit and stop say it what this is very realistic aiming bla bla bla. Then you shoting and can't control the weopon bla bla, yes this utra real shoting they made in this game, then you shoting and you dont know were you shoting. Hell yeah!!
  7. Sarka

    New beta for OA 71952

    What? this bulshit aiming proces ?You kiddin on me ?
  8. Sarka

    New beta for OA 71952

    I have sveral bugs in this patch. Weapon dont back to previous position after shoting. Thats wrong very wrong, becouse you cant shoot very quickly, mus t shot one bulet and aim again in to the taget. shot and im again, shot and aim again. Thats bug need fix and quick. Second bug shows sometimes, when im go to the main city in the multiplayer game, game start frezing then im try to move, but this bugs shows in only one town