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  1. Joint operation Anrop, Naked Fanatics and Team Agentorange:

    EDIT: (the shooting pretty much starts in part 2 :P )

    Part 1


    Part 2


    Part 3


    Enjoy :)

    There's also some TvT footage coming up, but it needs some editing to cut it down to Youtube-time. ;)

  2. I was just in our server, and I could not go for longer than five minutes before my game would automatically alt-tab to a crashed Teamspeak popup telling me it had created a .dmp that I could send to people. I guess this is where I leave them?




    When Teamspeak doesn't crash, ACRE works just fine. It just won't let me play for longer than about five minutes before crashing again, which kind of makes playing completely impossible.

    TS3 info: 3.0.0-rc1 [build:14345]

    Qt Version: 4.7.2

    ACRE version 1.2.9, API Version 11, Build 370

    I get no errors that indicate anything is wrong, TS seems to be A-OK with the ACRE version, so I am at a loss as to what exactly is happening here. All I know is that my Teamspeak crashes totally, my game automatically alt-tabs, I get a .dmp file thrown at me, and I have to get back in.

    The server ACRE version is exactly the same as the client version, too, so there should be no compatibility issues. JayArmA2lib and CBA are also fully updated.

    EDIT: And if we wanted to roll back to an earlier version, how should we do this? Because most of us have updated their Teamspeak by now and last we checked, 1.2.7 won't work on that, as the API version was not compatible. Have you got a link to a standalone TS3 installer that installs the most recent stable TS3 version? I've been looking but I didn't have much luck.

    EDIT2: Just had another crash, exactly the same except that it didn't automatically alt-tab my game. Instead, I suddenly got the 'ACRE not connected to T3" hint, alt-tabbed manually and saw it had crashed again. Didn't bother uploading the .dmp file because I cannot imagine it being much different than those provided ;)

  3. Here's some new stuff from some squad members' channels:

    From Travis:

    Shamali PvP

    This was a PvP mission with only a few people playing. 4 players (Travis, Dylan, Greatlordd and Dutchranger) on Blufor side (attackers), and 2 players (EDcase and myself) on Opfor, defending the village. Absolutely nervewrecking game. Eventually I was left as the sole defender against 4 attackers, I was lucky enough to fend them off :p The first part of the video is seen through the eyes of one of the attackers (Travis, obviously) the second half is through spectator script.



    Insurgency gameplay

    Just some Insurgency gameplay. :)



    Domination - Apache Footage

    Footage from the gunner position in the Apache during a Domination session.



    Domination - Mishap Footage

    Assorted footage from several mishaps during a Domination session.



    Domination Footage

    Some more Domination footage.



    From Fredgreen

    Domination - Apache Footage

    Not really footage from the Apache itself, but as seen from the Huey Fredgreen was flying. I believe this was the same session as the Domination - Apache Footage video from Travis.


    Domination - CAS by A10

    Some footage of Close Air Support by an A10 during a Domination session


    From EDcase

    Shamali PvP

    A clip from an earlier session on the Shamali PvP.


    From Daftmedic

    Another Walk in the Park - part 1

    Footage from a mission, split in two parts. Mission is to advance from the FOB and secure the area around Sultansafe.


    Another Walk in the Park - part 2

    Part two of the mission.


    From WestS

    Another Walk in the Park

    Same mission, seen through the eyes of an Automatic Rifleman.


    Biplane Dogfights

    Some dogfights over Lingor.


    Operation Beard Trim

    Some footage from Rscarrab's Podagorsk mission Op. Beard Trim.


    Operation Jensen

    Footage from Thorin's latest mission, Op. Jensen.


    This is all I could scavenge so far (though there may be more that I've missed!). I realise it's a load of videos, but they're well worth watching! Also, thanks to all my squad members who pick up the slack when I stopped doing regular video updates... I will kickstart my own channel again soon though!

    In the meantime, enjoy :)

  4. it works! :yay:

    "yadda yadda run as admin yadda"

    Sheeit, we must have told you like fifty times to run everything as admin... how is this a surprise to you? :rolleyes:

    Oh well, at least it works! :)

    EDIT: We're still having trouble resolving the other guy's issues though. All other people appear to be able to get it working but his issues are still unresolved...

  5. Sounds like hes getting something horribly confused. The capslock key wont even register as a valid hotkey unless ACRE is connected and working 100% (as in, in teamspeak, the key never exists until ACRE fully synchronizes and then tells teamspeak its a hotkey). Does he have capslock set as his VON key? as his TS3 PTT key? Sounds like something really fishy is going on here - because that means ACRE *is* working if capslock is activating - unless he has it set as a PTT already, which may explain some problems.

    OK, I've done some more background research, and he set his ingame push-to-talk keys to other, completely acre-unrelated keys (as far as I know anyway: backspace and insert). Also, his normal TS3 PTT key is a mouse button (so not caps lock) so it should not conflict with the radio transmitting button.

    As far as I've been able to ascertain, his install is pretty much OK. His TS3 version is 3.0.0 rc1 [pre-12] build 14208, just like mine. His acre version is 1.2.9, just like mine.

    The funny thing is, when he starts up ArmA and gets into the server, he does not get the ACRE is not connected to Teamspeak warning in the top right corner. However, when I look at his TS3 status, it says 'ArmA2 connected: no'. When he unplugs the ACRE plugin while in game, he DOES get the 'ACRE not connected to TS' warning. That will go away when he activates the plugin again.

    When we're in game, he can hear me when I press caps lock to talk (in a clear voice, so not through radio) as well as when I use my ACRE directional PTT. His PTT comes in clear, his Caps Lock doesn't work at all. However, he can bring up his radio and it comes up with the 'transmitting - radio type - frequency' box in the bottom right of the screen when he pushes caps lock.

    He started all his applications as admin (he's running win XP).

    I'm kind of stumped as to what his problem is, I've exhausted all my options :P It seems to me that his ACRE should be working 100%. Everything looks fine at first glance, but there is that inconsistency: ArmA2 thinks that Acre is connected, but Teamspeak begs to differ.

    So TS says 'no connection', while ArmA doesn't state there is no connection.

    Any idea?

  6. Another buddy of ours also has a problem, and it doesn't seem to be in initialising the mod as strangely enough that seems to happen without any hiccups. The situation is the following:

    He installed ACRE following all the steps he had to (updating TS3, enabling the plugins, installing the CBA, Jaylib and ACRE addons). As far as myself and rscarrab (the guy who handles the addons around our community) can ascertain, everything is set up right. His TS3 says that he's running ACRE 1.2.9.

    When he starts up the game, he can bring up the radios, he gets NO message 'ArmA isn't connected to teamspeak' so that should indicate he's OK... however when he presses caps lock he doesn't get the transmitting squelch sound and his voice still comes in clear without direction or radio static (IE, ACRE is not running).

    This is quite strange as ACRE seems to initialise for him alright. The addon itself appears to be running fine but it doesn't actaully run.

    He's on an XP setup and he has ArmA2+OA through Steam. Is this a known issue and if so, is there a (semi-) easy fix? Thanks in advance :)

  7. 9th Company playtest

    Snippets and scenes of footage from a playtest of my 9th company mission. It starts off well but due to some miscalculations the enemy spawn went wild, slowing down the server to a near standstill. Still, the action was pretty good most of the time, and with some changes this should become a nice enough mission :)


    Night ambush

    Little snippet of footage from a Domi session, ambush ona convoy sidemission at night :)


    Blind Bombing Run

    Footage from the BAF Combat Patrol mission that was unused but shouldn't have been ;) Trying to bomb a place without a laser designator :P


    Enjoy :)

  8. Some more footage from the past Sunday mission and a bit a of random video as a 'bonus'.

    BAF Combat Patrol part 1

    Sunday operation footage. Mission was to advance into the greenzone and eventually attack a compound that is believed to be an insurgent stronghold. In the first part we get into our first contact and move into the greenzone to take the fight to the enemy.


    BAF Combat Patrol part 2

    In the second part we have to evacuate our JTAC and experience some ACRE problems (who hasn't? ;) ) but we keep on going southwest, closer and closer to the enemy stronghold.


    BAF Combat Patrol part 3

    In part three we reach the stronghold and clear it out, and eventually return to base for debrief.


    Demolition Squad

    Random footage involving explosions.


    Enjoy :)

  9. Make sure you are patched up to the latest version of the game. You can typically find the official patches on the Bohemia Interactive site or on Armaholic to name just two. There's probably a few other mirrors as well.

    As soon as you have patched up, I recommend finding a good clan/community server, those are often more organised and structured than big public servers (although I'm sure there are good ppublic servers too :) ). If you look in the 'Squads and Fanpages' subforum here you should find many different groups you may want to join. Shop around a bit and see what fits the bill for you :)

  10. When I first started playing ArmA, I just couldn't see enemies either. It was only after getting used to how the game worked that my spotting abilities started to improve. It just takes some getting used to but when you have some gameplay experience under your belt it gets a lot easier. :)

  11. Hi! My PC has been out of commission for a while but I've finally gotten around to uploading some more footage again. I have 2 videos so far, and enough footage for 2 more maybe.

    Anyway, for the first one I'll give a fair warning: TURN DOWN YOUR SOUND before playing. Only after uploading did I realise that I set the sound quite loud when I was editing. I know that now for next time, sorry for anyone whose eardrums have been punctured...

    Lion's Saviour

    A British Section needs to check out the situation in Garmsar after contact has been lost with a non-governmental organisation. (much of the initial searching etc. has been cut out due to time limit imposed not by Youtube, but by the soundtrack! This is also the first time EVER that I seriously tried to edit it a bit faster with music, so any feedback on that would be welcome. I normally do full-length AAR videos or random footage in compilations so editing in this way is kind of new to me)



    Alright, you can turn your volume up again, this one has a normal volume. ;)

    Compilation Sunday Game

    Some random snippets of footage from our Sunday game's late night Domi session.


    Enjoy! :)

  12. Steam is a very good program and I buy quite a few games through it, but I would prefer the ArmA games to offer the choice between retail/digital and Steam version, mainly because the two simply don't combine well. I'm not sure if it is even possible to merge a Steam ArmA2 with a retail Arrowhead or the other way around, but if it is, it's probably a lot of hassle to get it working. As soon as this compatibility is improved to the point where there's no difference between a retail version and a Steam copy, this would present a far smaller problem.

    If, however, you're talking about an entirely new installment and are considering Steam-only for ArmA3 or whatever elusive project is going on, I can understand where you're coming from as a Steam-only release is undoubtedly a lot cheaper than a release that includes retail copies. I would still prefer a solution that allows choice to the user but when there's no compatibility issues with previous titles the problem is less glaring.

    So I guess my answer is, in points:

    -As long as compatibility between Steam and retail copies is a problem, please don't switch to Steam-only

    -As long as you have any options to keep distributing the game in hard-copy, financially, please keep doing so


    The big question is whether the cut in distributing, packaging and production costs of the hard copies will outweigh the (possible) loss in revenue due to people not encountering the game in shops/not willing to buy a digital copy of the game/not able to pay online. Judging from a few polls on the forums, many people prefer to own a disk with the game as opposed to a digital copy. However, I'm also fairly certain that most people who play ArmA2 are so loyal to the series that they will play the game regardless of whether it gets a Steam-only release or not ;)

    I'm sure you guys consider these questions well before making any decisions, though :)

    Turned out kind of long-winded I guess. Sorry for that :p

    EDIT: for additional info: I have ArmA2 from retail and OA, BAF and PMC from Sprocket.

  13. The shortcut isn't working, remember that you need to only put the bit of the URL that comes behind the 'v=' between the Youtube tags.

    In your case, for instance, that would be Q-NDnQc1qP8.

    Your embedded video would then look like this



    EDIT: It's a damned good video by the way :D