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    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    Another video, this time from a Friday game: Friday game - Motorised Patrol We have to move south in a truck to patrol an area and engage any opfor we encounter near the village there. Armour has been spotted in the area. qfTg_tP6L7o There you go :) It may not have processed fully yet, for 720p you may need to give it some time. There's a lot more gameplay footage in my Fraps folder, just need to find time to put it all together. :)
  2. Von_Lipwig

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    Some footage from a game yesterday night. :) Stealthy firefights Mission is to HALO near Nur at night, move in and destroy some power generators. aGI8IwHGPSw It's a rather quick edit to stay within 15 minutes, so a lot of loitering and talking has been cut. Enjoy :)
  3. Von_Lipwig

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    Some random footage basically. NipD3BBOBUs Nothing special, I haven't had time to record any more than snippets of gameplay lately.
  4. Von_Lipwig

    3D map.... No, really!

    What could be an option is to only have a 3d map in the briefing screen when you first star a mission. You could then say its a sand table. :)
  5. Voted in favour, absolutely brilliant idea. I have minor finger strain from setting so many units to playable by now...
  6. Von_Lipwig

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    And a compilation of some more footage. :) Naked Fanatics Sunday 23-01-2011 Random Footage GpwVNkwek7w There you go!
  7. Von_Lipwig

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    I know, I'm cranking them out like mad. This time I spent some time on making an intro page, and if you look on Youtube itself (not embedded if I'm not mistaken) then you should be able to link directly to the other videos... or subscribe ;) Anyway, here are the videos of our latest Sunday event: Search and Rescue part 1 54pIpfRCqDY Crashed behind enemy lines, QRF team is supposed to find us and extract us. We move away from the crash site but are not able to avoid enemy contact for very long. Search and Rescue part 2 FmCWZ6usPDs We move off our hill and to the next in a peeling manouever. Search and Rescue part 3 mLUDcIhNI38 We move hilltop again and finally meet the QRF team. Enjoy :) I will be trying to edit some more footage from the rest of the day ina compilation video. :)
  8. Von_Lipwig

    Flare Sound Mod

    I quickly made this video to illustrate the sound: KoZ_VYgxXWg Enjoy :)
  9. Von_Lipwig

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    Trying out ARMEX. :P k0PSsilp5eU Or rather, we kind of faff about.
  10. Von_Lipwig

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    Some extremely old footage from back in the ArmA2 days in 2009. Used it to play around with some effects I rarely get to use. I need to get my practise somewhere, don't I? ;) Naked Fanatics' Old Footage BqwX8HjPOlc Enjoy :)
  11. Von_Lipwig

    Problem with textures.

    Better make those links instead of images as otherwise they will be removed I think (must be under 100kb). Anyway, it's a weird problem. I thought it was just with the DLC units but it appears to be rather random (the ACR guy is loaded but the other guys isn't. Weird!). Wouldn't know what causes this... :S
  12. http://www.nakedfanatics.com Who are the Naked Fanatics? The Naked Fanatics are a casual but mature multi-gaming clan that has been around for several years. We are also a tight-knit but welcoming community, the members of which live across the globe. We have members in the British Isles, Scandinavia, Holland, Belgium, the United States, Lithuania, Greece, Australia, and probably some more places. Games we play include (but are not limited to) : Battlefield - Bad Company 2 Left 4 Dead (2 mainly, but 1 is also played sometimes) The Total War series also holds a special place in our hearts, since that's where our roots are. Currently, we have about 9 or 10 people who can play Operation Arrowhead, and right now we are trying to raise that number to allow for more diversity in our missions. (and because in ArmA2, it really is the more, the merrier!) (Edited 18 September 2010: There are now just under 30 people who own ArmA, and especially our Sunday games are getting bigger; almost enough to fill our 16-slots server) You can find us at http://www.nakedfanatics.com, and our Steam page is located here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/NakedFanatics So what do I get if I join? You will gain a group of laid-back people to play with. We are planning to purchase a server to run Operation Arrowhead on, especially since we expect our playercount to swell. We own a Ventrilo server and a discussion forum. A website is being planned, but we are not particularly prioritising this. Most importantly, you will be able to play in a relaxed and enjoyable environment while not losing sight of serious conduct during missions. We have two people currently making missions for Operation Arrowhead, so there will be an endless supply of missions. We do take requests! (but not from just anyone!) Is this stuff all free?! As hard as it is to believe, yes! However, we do require that you are mature (keep in mind that age does not play a part here; maturity is something that goes beyond age) and fit in well with the group (which really should not be too hard considering we are all really, really nice! ;) ). Of course, owning Operation Arrowhead is pretty much required, otherwise playing it will get rather difficult. ArmA2 is a bonus but not required. We will most likely be focussing on Arrowhead anyway. Two other software-related requirements are Ventrilo and Steam. Steam because it is our main method of communication outside of the game, and Ventrilo because it just makes our lives that much easier every now and then. This is all that is required to join us in game. Becoming a full Nudist is an entirely different matter altogether, but let us not get ahead of ourselves. ;) So... When do I get promoted? What ranks are there? Never, and none. We do not have fixed roles. Instead, we trust that people who pick certain roles will know how to fulfill them, and we expect those who know these roles, to teach them to others as well. This ensures that everyone becomes skilled all-round (if he or she so wishes to be) and more importantly, everyone gets a go at everything. After all, we want people to have fun, and we want to have fun ourselves, and not being pushed into roles you don't like is an important part of that. That's it, I know enough. So where do I sign up? Simply go to http://www.nakedfanatics.com and register at the forums, or add us on Steam (our Steam page: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/NakedFanatics ) and talk to us. You can also send me a PM on this forum, of course. Some points to take into account: -We endorse a relaxed, laid-back and enjoyable gaming environment -We would like to execute our missions with a certain level of seriousness, so not too much faffing about -We probably keep our game un-modded, so ACE2 is not required (the only exception is when there is a 100% consensus that a mod be included) -We do not play competitively, but for enjoyment only -We prefer COOP, but we do not rule out the possibility of TvT -Anyone can play with us; you do not have to be a member (but if we really like you, we will beg and beg until you become one) -No one is worth more than someone else. There are no ranks outside of the game, and anyone can have a go at leading the/a squad UPDATED 18 September 2010: Videos recorded in Arrowhead: Taking Rasman, p1 : Taking Rasman, p2 : Entering Zagarbad : Rasman Revisited, p1 : Rasman Revisited, p2 : Rasman Revisited, p3 : Older videos: Forest LZ Instruction : Woodland Warfare : Attacking Khelm : Random Footage : Footage from ArmA2 and Arrowhead : I'm looking forward to seeing you in game! :)
  13. Von_Lipwig

    =NF= The Naked Fanatics

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to draw your attention to the following threads: --- Friday Game This game will be taking place on Chernarus, on a mission that will be toned down from its original form because it was just TOO HARD. However, don't make a mistake in thinking it will be easy now. Sign up for Friday, starting time still to be decided! The game is likely to start later in the evening due to people having work to worry about. This is the first time the Cherno-Friday is being organised from a signup thread, so don't be late! --- Sunday Game The weekly Sunday Event has been going strong for almost 5 months now, and its player counts have been rising steadily, as has the general level of play encountered on the Sunday Event. One need only watch the videos from old and new sunday events to see the difference. This week, we will be playing a new sort of mission that fully utilises the advantages of ACRE, a radio simulation addon for ArmA. be sure to sign up before all the good spots are taken! The game will start on Sunday at 15:00 GMT (16:00 CET). Be sure to be early so games won't have to be restarted and if there are technical issues, they can be resolved before it begins. --- We have been using ACRE for a while now on our operations and the addon really adds a lot of immersion. In each of the signup threads will be several links to ACRE-related threads and sites, and group members will always be willing to help you install the addon if you are having problems. Be sure to look through the forums and sign up for the games!
  14. Von_Lipwig

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    Edited and uploaded some footage from our 16-01-2011 Sunday game late last night (I was up till 4am... :P ), here they are: Compound Clearing p1 - IVLn7LgL3rs Part 1 of our Sunday mission, mostly organising, getting communication sorted and moving to the AO. First contact 9:00 minutes in. Compound Clearing p2 - MGCz9rZOC2Q Part 2 of our Sunday mission, moving north to link up with other team. Compound Clearing p3 - hZsK1OeylPI Part 3 of our Sunday mission, clearing last compounds, moving to Shabaz. We were rather unfortunate with the amount of people who had real life issues cropping up. Most of 1Section's 'casualties' were not due to bullets but due to disconnects, because of out-of-game things. :( Random Footage - DRwf8UlYX7U Some more random snippets, three clips of random footage from Sunday. Hope you enjoy :)
  15. Von_Lipwig

    Do you want upgraded Arma 2 content?

    I would pay for a patch to drag all A2 content kicking and screaming into the OA world. What would be REALLY nice, though... is to get Desert versions of all or some of the USMC and Russian forces so we are able to use those in the Takistan/Zargabad maps. But I guess that's way too much to ask...?
  16. If only units don't get desynchronised with them when they die/respawn, things would be a lot easier indeed. Maybe even make it optional to put resynchronisation in as a variable in the module's init field, to give people the choice. +1, even if it's only to make First Aid modules compatible with respawn without using tons of scripts to resynchronise them (which I have never been able to find by the way, so I cannot even do this :( ) Scuba diving does not seem like an important enough addition to the game to warrant any effort be put into it, but I don't think that in reality troops' gear just disintegrates when it comes in contact with water. I would suppose they would lose some of the really heavy gear to keep afloat, but surely soldiers know how to swim with at least a rifle and some ammunition? Bug that should have been solved... although I don't run into it often (or at all). I would really love a 3D editor with the same capabilities as the 2D editor, and ideally we should be able to switch between them on the fly. I would be delighted to see this. This is not a big issue to me as I only have a vague idea what MLODs are. The issue doesn't really live for me but I suppose others have stronger feelings about it. Definite yes. Lots of modern combat revolves around urban fighting or indoor fighting and it would be great to see this improved. Making streets narrower and houses a bit bigger should make urban battles rather interesting. There's still the problem of the AI though, if that is solved or at least decreased, CQB will improve by a lot I think.
  17. Von_Lipwig

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    Just made another video, highlights of a Sunday game a while back. Quite a short video, one of the first times I put music in, I think I left it soft enough to allow for the radio chatter to be audible though :) Apache Cockpit Camera Q0t8Or9slpE Hope you enjoy :)
  18. Von_Lipwig

    make copilots to can fly

    Just made an account on Devheaven and voted for this. I would love to have this in the game and is very high on my wishlist indeed!
  19. Von_Lipwig

    Tier 1-DLC

    I voted no as I would rather have some entirely new factions added to the game, or a bigger map... I wouldn't mind it if they did a DLC on Tier1 ops, but I would simply prefer other things.
  20. Von_Lipwig

    Weapon Box Loadout Made Easier

    I immediately bookmarked this; it's an AWESOME tool to have at our disposal. Many thanks!
  21. They sometimes do this in enclosed positions as there are things in the way that prevent them from ever reaching their destination. I sometimes see it on level unobstructed ground as well but not often because I rarely command AI. Maybe it could be fixed by introducing a standard completion radius to the waypoints: if the AI is anywhere within a certain radius of the set waypoint, he will stop attempting to get to the EXACT location. Maybe the radius could start off really small (so as to be the exact location you pointed at) but get bigger as time progresses so after a while of trying to get to a waypoint the AI sort of settles for the next best spot?
  22. Von_Lipwig

    An Arma 2 questionnaire

    1. How often do you play and for how long for? As often as I can. We have 2 set events per week that I try to attend, and some gaming throughout the week that I also try to participate in any time I am not making missions or editing videos. :) 2. What do you play most? Original, OA, BAF or PMC? All of them in about equal measure I think. By this I mean that I use the tools and resources in my missions. I do not play the campaigns. 3. Are there any must have MODs for you? Not really any MUST haves, but the game really gets a lot more immersive with WarFX and a good sound mod, and the multiplayer experience really gets a boost if you use ACRE. 4. What utilities/additional hardware help assist you? I have a joystick, normal keyboard, g5 gaming mouse and I'm looking into getting TrackIR 5. EDIT: I just got a TrackIR 5 and trackclip pro! 5. Do you play singleplayer or multiplayer the most? I pretty much exclusively play Multiplayer. 6. If you play multiplayer, what server(s) do you play on? Clan, favourite or random? I play on our =NF= clan's servers (the details of which can be seen in my signature). 7. What's your favorite role and pet hate when playing multiplayer? I love pretty much any role. I don't mind waiting in an atillery piece back at base to provide artillery support, I don't mind being a grunt or a leader or a pilot. Any role gives me a different experience, and variety is the spice of life. My pet hate would be players that don't listen and go off on their own, hackers and server crashes.
  23. Von_Lipwig

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    What I could try is upload it to Photobucket of Vimeo as well for those whose countries are rather prohibitive of included music... It will probably be after the new years though because my upload speed is really quite tragic and I have little time. :(
  24. Von_Lipwig

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    Yeah I saw that... I'm really sorry, it's only Germany though. :(
  25. Von_Lipwig

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone here and on all other forums a very happy new year! Best wishes for 2011, from the Naked Fanatics, Bald Eagles, and Team AgentOrange! Enjoy the fireworks :) TT7-5YdvC9w