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  1. He says it is glitching. When he goes 3rd person the character looks all buggy and the trees look glitched too graphic errors and such. Def can't be the view distance cause I can be at 4k and run no problems. His system is beast compared to mine. Thinking he has to wait for a hotfix as well. Thanks for the info though guys as you know any information in a situation like this is welcome. And his PC is only about a year old. So his I7 is newer. =/

  2. So my brother can't seem to load Altis without it giving 1-2 FPS he can play on stratis with 60 fps. He has a way better system then me and I can run altis with 4km view and it doesn't lag at all. He has a 2gig Video Card 8gig on board ram I7 processor. No idea what the problem is. Anyone else have this happening to them? Any ideas on how to fix it. I am trying to get him to post here with his system stats. he is pretty lazy though.

  3. In the most recent video they mention the fact that it is in BIS interest to release Altis to the dev branch prior to launch yet with the final patch from what I can tell it only patched to the same as the dev branches previous patch. Altis aside now the drones are not coming to beta and we are not seeing shotguns in the final list of items yet there is ammo? Just curious as to why there is an early release yet without content? I do recall them saying that they wanted to get Altis into our hands as quick as possible as one of the reasons for early release. However wouldn't that be just as easily accomplished by releasing it into the beta. Thus allowing them to refine and release the content they deemed unworthy for the new launch date on the previously decided launch window? I have been around since OFP and am used to post release patching adding loads of content. However I am just curious why things are said in videos and in other situations only to be proven completely wrong by patching and release information. Either way I am fine waiting just curious as to this phenomena due to the confusion it causes my friends and I. Hope this didn't come across angry or flaming in anyway. Just asking questions out loud. :)

  4. 33male experience dates all the way back to OFP have been using the editor for large and small scale operations since. Lots of coop experience as well both building missions and combat. Looking for a group that isn't 5 guys with a snazzy looking website trying to get people. If you have a squad of at least 20 I am interested. It just seems like most people are a couple of guys that try to come across as a larger group. Looking for quantity that retains quality not just numbers. I can actively and effectively assume just about any roll on the battlefield and am willing to assist the right squad in whatever duty they need from me. I have quite a bit of real world experience as well that I can bring to the table and have a small group of about 10 I play with regularly just for fun I am sure some would follow me into the unit if it is a good one. Hope to hear from some of you. Happy Hunting

  5. Well first hats off to someone finally adjusting these omnipotent beings of Stratis lol. Greatly appreciated. Here is my situation. So I gave it a go and had settings at 10,5 definitely saw results. Then I tried 0,1 However either one half of an enemy squad will completely ignore me and they seem to not be able to hit a damn thing I run straight at them each variation I try and open fire give them a second to respond and they linger about or run away but don't attack right away or pursue me. Any advice on this? Or suggested setting that mildly decreases the speed and skill of them targeting and attacking or should I Just play with one of the cases till I find it and set it to that one?

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    Nm Got it after some playing around. This is a great addon thanks again for the work.

  6. That is sort of a bad attitude to have especially when you factor in the quality of the other mods vs yours. Asking people who are more skilled to make themselves compatible to yours when none of their other mods are conflicting is not the best way to get help fixing the issue. VAS is used widespread and if you don't feel a need to be compatible to it then that is the end of my clan using your mods. Case Closed as you say. I was merely posting to advise you of the issue. Thanks for making me regret it.

  7. Ya just verified same problems with the FHQ M4 and Accessories pack as well as the M107. I am using the VAS and have narrowed it to the placement inside VAS so it may not be anything on your end I am not savy enough to know the conflict. I have tested and verified that if I place the addons ammobox that authors gave with the addons I can add and remove the attachments without issue then. However this makes premade loadouts worthless as placing weapons from multiple addons is no longer possible. Any ideas?

  8. I encountered conflicts that prevent proper sight and suppressor attachment having your mod and the FHQ M4 Mod & FHQ Accessories Mod. I am running V1.4 for the M4 and V1.1 for the accessories. There is also conflicts with the M107 which prevents it from even showing up for me if your mod is installed. I don't know if it is classname related or what. However they do not function installed with your mod. I see someone had already stated they had issues with something similar to this in the early pages of your post. Is there any chance you can adjust something small for next release that would allow this conflict to be resolved? I only am taking the time to ask as I enjoy your weapons but don't want to use them at the cost of several other mods that all work together fine. If not no worries was just hopeful. Thanks for the great addon either way!

  9. Yep same issues I have access to all my PMC gear and BAF and ACR but everything is in lite quality. I own all expansions as well. Any news on what we are doing wrong would be awesome.

    And yes there are posts stating if you own the content you can forward port. It merely states not to give out content that was purchased as a addon. And to also make sure to ask the author if they mind before you make them available the public.

  10. no entry bin\config.bin/cfgrecoils.recoil_pistol

    Pops up everytime I go to fire my pistol the first shot any mission. After first shot no error or recoil. Now I have already tried validating and it didn't find anything. Anyone else have this issue? Also some CFG issues when prone firing. And alt tabbing causes the whole screen to go white and blue inverted almost and wont switch back till I end mission and go back to start menu... There it suddenly and slowly clears the screen back to color... None of this happened prior to the patch today.

  11. I tried removing the first aid modules as I read in posts that those can cause this combined with respawn. However this did not remedy the problem. I also read that in the description.ext I should have the line "setplayercaptive=false;" done that as well no fix. I have a legit downloaded copy of arma2 and steam copies of OA and several expansions. However this occurs anywhere. I log in and am ignored from the start as if I was invisible. I can walk up and shoot them no effect... I tried the search engine till I was blue in the face. Please someone help me or close my post linking me to the answer I was unable to locate. =/

    P.S This is in player made multiplayer missions. I set up respawn which works fine and game loads others can play I am however invisible to the AI...

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    Ok so upon much more research and obsessive testing. This is an issue related to the number of placed units.... I started removing groups and cosmetic units. And bam works fine now. Tested it with multiple respawns. Going to try removing civ modules and animals modules see if this somehow helps with max unit issue. Anyone know of a tool or a way to check how many units can be placed before the AI go full retard?? I understand that this can easily be a processor issue or otherwise related to my hardware not having enough mojo to power all the little brains. So any help is appreciated.