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  1. I voted, depends on how I feel.

    I haven't use the crosshair for a long long time, it adds more challenging I guess. Not because I think Im a pro or whatever lol.

    I remember one time I asked in a youtube video why you dont turn off the crosshair? and then a troop of fanboys almost raped me, as if I was calling him noob or something, when that was just a question/suggestion to have more fun/challenge inside the game/sim.

    Some people say that you dont have the same feeling like in real life when you AIM down the sight, like if you can accurately hit the target in that way, cmon lol. So, years playing this game without the crosshair gives you almost the "same feeling", you know where to AIM down the sight, you get use to it. But of course you are not going to accurately hit a target from 100-200 mts, Im talking about targets from 10-50 mts

  2. same for me, they are disabling almost all my monetization request, and asking for license all the time, wtf? I already send it like 100 times. You know, I dont have to much views and looks like im getting robbed by yt, coz I dont even make 1$ per month LOL. is not like CHKilroy or Dyslecyx channels they have thousand of views per video, im so jelly :s and I was subscribed to them way before this monetization sh*t

    whatever, Im going to download the new PDF I have the old one, although they are the same, but, I dont know...