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  1. some people pay 60 bucks or more for the same game every year, im talking about cod/bf but they dont complain, because all they want is jump, shot, die respawn unlock supid shiet put some colors in guns stats k/d 360 noscope over and over and over. I paid 35 bucks for a game/sim that will become better and better when mods/addons and patch and dlc comes out. Im also not 100% happy with this release, but I know... and YOU KNOW! but you (cryragebabies) YOU, just want to come here and let everybody know you are no happy watch me crying and raging. go get your refund and get the hell out of here in silence

  2. join a team/community/clan, this is not call of duty you know?


    I remember when Armed Assault (Arma1) came out, the first months it was unplayable, then 5 patchs later TON OF FUN in Evolution

    I rememmber when Arma 2 came out, the first months it was unplayable and boring, then I joined a community, and they use ACE2, TON OF FUN in Coops and TvT

    I remember when Arma 3 came out, the first months it was unplayable and boring with one little island and some stuff. Then they release ALTIS and stuff, TON OF FUN... and when ACE3 releases and JSRS and Blastcore UUHHH BABY!!

    I dont remember when I first played OPF, but, I just remember I was crazy downloading every custom mission with my stupid 28kbps modem and my pentium 486 with 1Mb of ram and a 16mb video card, that was really a TON OF FUN!

  3. Altis One Day Time Lapse

    This took me a lot of work and time to make it. But I enjoyed doing it, exploring and searching for nice pictures... well, that part was easy because Altis is beautiful everywhere :)

  4. I'm a little bit disappointed with the driving response with the keyboard. In Arma 2 it was smooth and good. In Arma 3 I feel it too abrupt, it is more easy using the mouse driving, but I dont like to use the mouse, because I always drive with the free cam view, or head movement