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  1. Playing SP is OK no crash. This happen twice in the same server with 20+ ppl, there was no explosion, I was in the base Domination2 mod. First think I noticed before it crash was FPS drop, the game suddenly runs very heavy, I usually play with 30-40 fps, fps drop was around 10 acording to Fraps (I wasnt recording)

    But, later I could play without problems

  2. Thats it, it crashed to desktop when im playing online, I dont know if this is random crash or what. I have Steam version purchased today. I didnt try the Single Player campaign yet.

    My PC:

    Phenom II 920

    4GB ram

    GTX 260 Core 216

    Resolution 1600x900

    Settings Normal/High no post process, no AA

    Windows 7 32bit