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  1. Wind Deflection for bullets and better penetration and ricochet physics

    ability to put primary weapons in the back, and holster secondary weapons like pistols/revolver (when you dont have primary weapon for example, so you dont walk with the gun in your hands all the time)

    throwing strength bar for grenades. Sometimes you want to to throw a grenade like in the other side of a wall, and you know where it lands right? like 100 mts away LOL

    the dust raised by vehicles or helicopters lasting longer as it happens in reality

    Better explosion FX

  2. Why is not BIS adding woman characters for Arma3? did we get any official response of why? I know that probably there is only one woman for every 1000 guys playing Arma but... it would be a nice addition. So far I only know one girl that played for very long time in my community, and she uses the Female Addon for Arma2. Another girl with Shack Tactical, and another one in United Operation I think. And we also know those kids using the woman model in Arma2 but that doesnt count.

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  3. Absolutely, Arma3 will be the main game soon or later. I remember playing Armed Assault a lot in Evolution, already have Arma2, but I can not play it because my old PC was like a toaster machine, and also because the game was so buggy and bad performance. Then when I upgraded my PC I just switch to Arma2 automatically. about that time the game was patched several times and worked decently. Same with Arma3, until they fix the performance and more addons comes out, etc. I will still playing Arma2