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  1. Comunidad Americana de Arma (CAA) and Unidad de Simulación Táctica 101 (UST101)

    Coop: Operation Telemetry - Proving Grounds

    Us vs Russia

    We have to escort and defend an UGV that have to take some measurements of the zone. Basically Hold and Defend a perimeter.

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    The classic accidents with hand grenades. Language Spanish with English subtitles

    this is the complete mission from the video above, a Patrol in Kunduz

  2. So, I finally bought this game/sim. I saw the trailer from E3 2015 and then some videos, survival mode was the thing that caught my interest.

    Ok, now about the money :p

    I started the career mode, sending probes and reserching, and when I finally got the small rover I notice that I dont have enoug money to launch it :( and because I complete all the task in mars I dont have any way to make money doing missions. THe funny part is that I need like 1070k or something to launch the rover mission and I currently have 1060k :j:

    So, I wonder if there is a way to edit or "cheat" to add money, I only one that little portion I need just to be able to launch the mission. I dont wan't to start all over again.

    btw, looking forward for more survival updates, like the game/sim :)

    EDIT: dang, the tittle :/ *need

  3. Video Compilation May 2015 of Comunidad Americana de ArmA - CAA

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    Coop: Night Shadow (Language Spanish)