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    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    Operating System: Windows XP Profesional SP3 (5.1, Build 2600) Processor: Intel Core Duo E8200 @ 2.66GHz (2CPU's) Memory: 3582 RAM DirectX: 9 Video Card:GeForce 250GTS, 512mb Space:350GB
  2. I'll just get right to the point. I cannot install the game. I get past the autorun, the CD-key check, everythings fine untill the game starts installing the Buildings2.pbo file. It freezes, not just the instalation, but my entire computer freezes. I've tried cleaning the disk, scanning the computer with NOD32 antivirus, cleaning the registry, changing the install directory. NOTHING WORKS. :mad: I've tried cheating and 'extracting' the files from the disk, but it doesnt work ether. When the comp starts copying the Buildings2.pbo file, it freezes, not just the extracting, but the whole comp. This, ina word, is pissing me off. Can anyone help??