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  1. alright this is horrible im trying to be patient here after trying everything I deleted ACE and reinstalled it, run it and it runs fine, I then enable ace andcba ace x etc and it prmpts me to restart so i do and when it loads i get this error compiling pixel shader PSSpecularAlpha:0 I thought it was done but im back to where I was I had run the combined download so everything would be compatible and this just isnt working. I know you guys have alot on your hand but I just dont understand what this is can somebody please give me 5 minutes of their time to explain this to me I love Ace more then I do arma and just cant play it without it please....
  2. okay, I am totally supportive of the ACE team and wouldnt play Arma without it, but I am very frustrated because the game will not load, I am not very computer savvy and at most understand directories but not editing files or anything like that, I have tried installing and uninstalling Ace Ive tried every preset on the six updater and its at the point that the game wont even load, I have combined operations and dont care about arma 2 any more just OA and really want to play, can someone please explain or something in what it is I need to do so that I can play, I have full faith you guys can fix this please help!
  3. Im having this problem, Ive updated with 6 updater it says everythings up to date ie 377 for ace and 254 for ace x and 108 for cba, when I load the game go into the editor and with anything whatsoever any unit it and preview it loads then cuts to editor and says "no entry model optics, so I cant play at all because it constantly does that anytime I try and preview , any ideas
  4. this is so frustrating I have run this BAT file and nothing, I have tried extracting oa folders to arma 2 folders to just use the addons in the game, nothing is working and between sprocket and steam fucking me this is rediculous, I know its been said a milion times before but can someone here clearly and slowly explain how to make it so that i can play arrowhead but use things like ACE. and all my other addons I want to play with, I have read through these forums several thousand times and these explanations only make sense to people who know what theyre talking about. Im only asking this because the arma community has always had an answer when technical bullshit comes up like this..... this is what i have us box version of arma 2 and i just downloaded arrowhead from steam and just dont understand. please someone help lol