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  1. Editor based AI script by trigger v8 :

    v8 (ArmAIIholic)



    === Added ===

    - Waypoints are also remembered -- no dummy groups at all!!!

    - You get the output on Clipboard you can paste and execute. Added loader for Clipboard missions -- test demo_2.utes.

    Caution :

    a) be careful with waypoint statements >> they need to be between
    " "
    , so you have to use
    ' '
    . Look at the examples in demo_1.utes.

    b) waypoints don't have placement radius when saved to clipboard, they will be saved with position they've got from the editor

    === Changed ===

    - Triggers are now plain variables (catch_trigger) and they use publicVariable

    a) simpler to manipulate, no initialization in init.sqf

    b) they are remembered and copied to Clipboard

    - Scripts are waiting with waitUntil rather than while (different "busy waiting" approach)

    === Demo missions ===

    is classic Murklor's example, the one that you have also in v7, but with corrections for waypoint statements

    is loaded from Clipboard >>> loader.sqf >>> murk_spawn_loaded.sqf ---- you won't see any units on the map!

    That mission has 23KB :)

    === Capturing mission ===

    Mission is captured from every murk_spawn.sqf, so give it some time to spawn everything and copy it to Clipboard. The more units you have on the map, the more time it will take for those scripts to save everything to clipboard.

    IMHO, using loaded missions will solve problems with other scripts (like Norrin's revive etc.) -- though didn't test that yet myself.

    === Download ===




    Armaholic mirror has been updated too.

  2. Let me explain more before video comes up --- there will be step by step tutorial how to do this.

    You cannot place more than 144 groups of the same side in the editor! Not in SQM! That is the fact. Period.

    "Then i have some scripts in the mission which are supposed to spawn another group (of the same side) - what will happen?" --- they can be spawned. The 144 restriction, as I said applies to editor units. However, 3D-editor placed units are spawned as SQF and can be remembered with Murklor's script -- therefore there is no limit of how many units this script can remember - bottom line you can have effect as if you have placed unlimited number of groups in the editor.

    As I said in previous post --

    If there is a limit --- second tent would be empty = no more Logic Side to hold the groups --- experiment is simple and elegant --- if there is a limit the first tent would hold first 144 groups and that would be it --- but it isn't --- there are more groups, equal number in both tents.

    Just test the mission you will see.

    Don't be disappointed, I have few thing to test and I will post Youtube tutorial here.

  3. Yes, you can have more than 144 groups per each side. In example above number of remembered groups of ONE side is 500, since that rule only seams to apply to editor placed units aka units in SQM file.

    All other units created during the game don't follow that rule, but there will be serious drop of fps once you reach the limit and the loop I used from 0-500 won't be able to spawn more units unless you remove them.

    Please, please, please [GLT]Myke take a look at the example above (it is 5 min of your time) and code in init.sqf and put _k=500 before commenting further --- and tell me do you see what I see --- one tent will "hold the first half" = 250 groups and the other will "hold the second half" = 250 groups --- you can test that by "triggering a tent".

    If there is a limit --- second tent would be empty = no more Logic Side to hold the groups --- experiment is simple and elegant --- if there is a limit the first tent would hold first 144 groups and that would be it --- but it isn't --- there are more groups, equal number in both tents.

    I am interested in expanding one side's limits, I know who many groups there are and I tested that -- they truly ARE undependable --- but 1152 applies strictly to editor.

  4. It is not like that [GLT]Myke, let me explain more, since I know about DAC and I made WICT btw --- believe me I know extremely well what dynamic system is... It is not comparable to this.

    This is about making many, many scripted missions that can be executed together with all waypoints, tasks, triggers etc. everything that casual mission designer would make without dynamic system, you know : place a group, give them waypoints, bla bla and play.

    Murklor's script was caching units and they were accessible with allGroups. In the new version they are not dummy groups of any side, but Logic Side.

    Now look here :

    One solution is using 3D editor or RTE that will provide you with SQF that you can call and execute. However, it is a little bit complicated, because you have to collect all those files and execute them one by one by some trigger, right? If you merge them you will get a mess...

    This is much easier --- suppose I created 10 missions with 2x 144 groups each --- instead of calling 10 separate files, I can make one and call it on server right from the game start, and individual missions will be executed by trigger by Murklor's script.

    So, yes, you can have more than 144 groups! :cool: that is my final conclusion and statement :)

    What my demo from up above shows is that it caches all units, but keeps resources clear for any dynamic script that checks allGroups :D if you ever saw any of those scripts caching units into Logic Side I will "kneel and obey" :D

    Thanx for reading ;)


    P.S. What would be great is to pull out data from e.g. SaveGame regarding cached units and merge them lately and load into new game. That would solve all problems, including working with 3D editor.

  5. @Kremator, yes, editor still won't let you place more than 144 groups on the map, but I am working on that too as I write this down.

    However, this demo I posted should demonstrate ability of this script to "remember" position and config of 500 groups without drop of performance.

    Once I find a way to crack the editor I will post it here.

    @TacKLed there is a "wave mode", just visit the Editor based AI spawn script by trigger v7, this just a performance demo.

  6. I can freely say this is my dream coming true in ArmA.

    You all know there is no way you can spawn more than 144 groups on the map and there are some eeeeexcellent scripts for dynamic spawning, but what if...

    what if...

    what if it is possible to make mission in the editor and just keep placing and placing and placing and placing and placing, .......... and placing units and waypoints that will spawn later???? :cool:

    Download this mission for Utes and give it a try, see what I mean.

    I want to thank Murklor here, cause he made fantastic script Editor based AI spawn script by trigger, I tried that script before, but it used dummy groups, so there was a limit all the time ("full buffer").

    Not anymore --- I tweaked it and posted v7 that doesn't use dummy groups thus doesn't have any limitation about number of groups. :bounce3:

    === How to use ===

    1. Open mission in the editor, Alt+Tab to mission folder

    2. Open init.sqf in some text editor and you will see that...

    3. The number of groups _k = 4; in this example, Alt+Tab back to game

    4. Start the Preview

    5. Approach one of the tents -- one will spawn half (2 groups) the other tent other half (also 2 groups)

    6. You will see hint -- 4 cycles and 4 groups (not counting player)

    Now fun begins...

    7. Set _k = 250;

    8. You will groups spawning and disappearing :bounce3: that is Murklor's script at work

    9. But noooo dummy groups --- number of all Groups is always (on my PC) 5-10 -- that is my tweak :cool:

    10. One tent will spawn 125 and the other 125.

    11. Still there is no way to spawn more than 144 to be at the same time on the map, but let's try this...

    Now reeeeal fun begins...

    12. Set _k = 500;

    13. This script will remember those 500 groups (or more :D) and you can spawn them on trigger at any time --- and again you can see them spawning and disappearing for later usage!!! but without drop in performance!

    14. If you "trigger tent" you will see that units are spawned , but I experienced serious drop in fps......

    However, you can cover the whole of Chernarus with battles and spawn them directly from editor without need to script anything -- What You See Is What You Get, so

    no matter how many groups you place on the map, you can separate them in groups and spawn them by trigger -- I just made small experiment to prove that this script really works.

    === Download ===

    Editor based AI spawn script by trigger v7, Murklor's script tweaked by ArmAIIholic -- only performance test !!!

    also check these downloads :

    Editor based AI spawn script by trigger v7, Murklor's script tweaked by ArmAIIholic -- example mission.

    World in Conflict Tool aka WICT -- next release will include this script!

    The reason I made a new thread (and I hope it will become sticky) is that script and method explained here are something that is essential for anyone who wants to make mission in ArmA editor.

    This script is designed by Murklor and tweaked by me, it doesn't require any addon and it's main purpose is to get behind limitation of the number of groups and to manage spawning by trigger.

    Anyone who scripted in ArmA will agree that such a thing has never been done before in easy way like this.



  7. Editor based AI script by trigger v7 :

    V7 (ArmAIIholic)

    - Added GameLogic center to reduce number of dummy groups at the beginning, and in modes repeated and reset ***

    - Changed beginning scope to isServer, rather than using exitWith

    - Shortened initializing trigger part in init.sqf

    - Added original instructions and examples, adapted for v7

    - SQM is from v5 with some groups added

    - Functions module is not needed, but I placed it anyway (habit when making missions)

    This is report from arma2.RPT :

    "Number of groups : 8"

    "Number of groups : 8"

    "Number of groups : 8"

    "Number of groups : 8"

    "Number of groups : 8"

    "Number of groups : 8"

    "Number of groups : 8"

    "Number of groups : 8"

    "Number of groups : 7"

    "Number of groups : 6"

    "Number of groups : 5"

    "Number of groups : 4"

    "Number of groups : 3"

    "Number of groups : 2"

    "Number of groups : 1"

    *** in this way you can use Editor based AI script by trigger with any other addon that has dynamically created groups -- GameLogic groups are not listed as groups with allGroups, therefore they are not affecting performance!

    I also checked arma2.RPT and there are no errors regarding this script (tested in editor).

    I will include this in next WICT release.

    Download links :





    Armaholic is also updated thanx to Foxhound!

  8. @killenger you need to execute that SQF file only on server and there are some lines you possibly need to remove (not necessarily).

    Open mission.sqf in text editor (I prefer Notepad++)

    Remove these lines (or similar, they are at the top of mission.sqf)

    activateAddons [
    activateAddons [];

    Your mission SQM will have all addons needed, but if you are using some adon for the first time in that SQF leave activateAddons [];

    Now, several lines below you will find this:

    _group_0 = createGroup _center_0;
    _unit_0 = objNull;
    if (true) then
     bla bla bla anything
     if (true) then {selectPlayer _this;};

    You won't need that if you SQM mission already HAS a player!!!

    Go to the end of the file mission.sqf and find this:


    and you need to delete two lines at the end, leaving just processInitCommands; if you want to process some init line commands, but I don't prefer that.

    Use Double trigger method to activate your mission.


    Trigger 1

    Condition: !alive dude

    onAct: execute = true; publicvariable "execute";

    Trigger 2

    Condition: execute and isServer

    onAct: null = [] execVM "YourMissionName\mission.sqf";

    @danewillems what do you mean you can "use" only vehicles?

  9. WICT v6.0

    -- made basic layout easier!!!

    -- added load KRON_Strings.sqf for Kronzky strings in start.sqf

    -- removed the list of bases (in previous versions you wrote them manually) at the beginning of startSettings.sqf and changed autoFlag.sqf function to support base types

    -- added automatic sorting of bases according to the flag's color in autoFlag.sqf

    -- changed setupW.sqf and setupE.sqf to support base types too

    -- improved responsiveness of flag.sqf script (new subscript in the main script)

    -- changed the way directional zone is created (to match new system with base types)

    -- added complete path to the file you want to execute via sandbox_exe.sqf script (removed chapters folder) and also improved responsiveness of that script

    -- completely new taskCreator script that helps you easily develop and control the storyline from the editor without need to make any script

    -- included special taskCreator execution in sandbox_exe.sqf script

    -- no more ID for sandbox_exe.sqf -- it is generated for every script that is ran (from its file name) -- no need to write meaningless IDs and manually keep track of them

    -- added optional parameter if you want to be able to run script again after certain period of time

    -- initialized reinforcements check variable in start.sqf (reinforcements are for SP ONLY)

    -- F2 is not needed anymore, all scripts use removeBody.sqf -- new variable WICT_removeBody in startSettings.sqf

    -- removed second-spawn-probability from troop transport -- it can be done via startSettings.sqf (just add more "clones of the same variant" in the pool, contact me for explanation)

    -- starting WICT is now JIP friendly

    -- fixed some errors in clearMemory.sqf

    -- new tutorials and online manual is adjusted for v6.0





  10. You don't need Telson_VBAU template, that is what I meant. New WICT doesn't even use that kind of folder system anymore!

    Create new mission with F2 OA template and place latest (!) WICT and WICT_data folders in your mission.

    You will have to use OA classnames


    or from this link


    That's why I didn't make any template (+ I didn't have time because I was busy scripting).

    For example : in startSettings.sqf find/replace all

    -- USMC_Soldier_AR with US_Soldier_AR_EP1

    -- RU_Soldier with i.e. TK_Soldier_EP1

    etc. etc. etc.

    Did you scroll down in startSettings.sqf and found the pool of units?

    After that activate WICT and action will start. There was no action because there were no spawned units at all...