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  1. Welcome to the 360 degrees XYZ infinite spawning module (360ISM) for infantry for single player missions.

    created by ArmAIIholic

    You can find a description of this script on my website or you can visit thread I started here on the ArmA forum.

    It is a part of the much bigger idea, so if you are interested in more than infinite spawning script and instant battles read these:

    Sandbox game in non-sandbox editor http://www.agapije.in.rs/2010/06/sandbox-game/

    or Sandboxing ArmA http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=100506

    The easiest settings you’ve ever made – easy installation, implementation and settings – add this module, setup and play, your mission folder stays clean, no need to sync with player.

    Twenty easy tweakable settings make this script useful in any situation, from populating the world to creating patrols and huge AI battles.

    No predefined locations - every inch of the map is potential spawning point and, the most important, battlefield, there are no fixed bases, zones and/or HQs. It’s completely your choice and creativity. You can just start the script and sit back and enjoy. If you want to make intense firefights with few triggers and playable team this is a solution for you. Create instant huge battles with lots of AI and different development from play to play. However, anytime you want to bring back more tactical aspects of this game you are free to do that. Just turn off this script and proceed with a mission.

    No predefined pathways – depending on your settings the AI will have the goal to find you, everything else is on the in-game AI and fight they will engage in. Therefore, this gives the missions high replayability. Every time it will be different and player will have to adapt to the new situation.

    Change difficulty level or completely change game settings on the fly without terminating the script.

    Create safe, hot, gradient and directional zones for true sandbox-ization of ArmA.

    Module is open for adding custom teams and squads, special units or members of other factions, custom loadouts etc.

    No caching units, still you can deploy particular number of units or just let the script make a warfare for you. It’s fully compatible with any mission created in the editor.

    Stable version, tested, without bugs, with script handles and script flow control to ensure fluid infinite spawning warfare. Modular / hierarchical organization of scripts makes it very flexible.

    Downloads: not available for download anymore - switch myself to WICT.



    This script is only for infantry and populating the world with patrols and squads. It's not meant to be for vehicles because they will probably have hard time navigating terrain. I am making something else for vehicles.

    If you have any questions, suggestions, or you are changing something and distributing this script, please let me now.

    Thank you and enjoy scripting.



    First of all thank you [GLT]Myke for your help and always rich answers. You never make yourself misunderstood. Thanx pal.

    Second, thank you community and all the people that supported me with good and bad critics when I first posted Sandboxing ArmA II.

    Especially, thank you Katipo66 for support right from the beginning -- this is for you -- no scripting at all :D

    bobtom (for supporting me both *there* and here),

    tyler4171 for future adaptation for OA

    and these fellows here writing fabulous scripts

    BASIC spawn script. For a complete idiot. Me. Searched...

    ArmaII Object class library

    ArmA II & OA Classnames

    How do you create a module?

    Create units in battle

  2. // Changelog

    -- I re-wrote the code, fixed all spawning bugs.

    -- Route for the chopper is little bit different for more support. Squad from Strelka is coming by truck. Tank is taking another route when attacking airport.

    -- Autosave added and save is working good with this script - nothing is lost or odd after loading.

  3. I run some tests and there are bugs in spawning process. However, I am fixing them right now. I also changed pathway for the chopper and squad from Strelka.

    New upload will be tomorrow with change log.

    Does anyone have a comment (who tried this)? I would really like to hear someone's opinion if you think this is good (or bad).

    Do you think I should move to Addons section or User Missions or...?

  4. Bird phoenix. My idea resurrected. With ArmA2. I am happy and satisfied. :cool:

    I will stick to this particular thread for a little while because I want to make a small tutorial here about scripting I've done. Here is the DEMO version of what I described in the Introduction and what you can read on my website in the article Sandbox game in non-sandbox editor.

    CarlGustaffa wrote that first thing one need to do before organizing a set of ideas is to, at least, get to know the possibilities in the game, and that I presented my ideas pretty well. Nevertheless I already had ideas when I came here. Well, I did my “homeworkâ€, checked a lot of threads and I found a lots of useful stuff, but I didn’t find anything similar. I rewrote code, learned from examples and wrote my own stuff. At least, I am sure that what I’ve done is possible and here is the list:

    - fully working 360 XYZ spawning system – finally with no predefined spawning points, no predefine path and without generating waypoints and units in AI zones (like DAC does) – every inch is a battlefield (just to understand me I am not saying DAC is bad, on the contrary it's fantastic, I'm just explaining this approach)

    - guerrilla firefights are working – you can experience difficulty 2 and both enemy and friends reinforcements

    - this system is mixed with scripted firefights and this works pretty well

    I understand that MP is more difficult to build, but there are some things I want to do first. What I want to do next is to populate whole island of Chernarus and to make an open world campaign. I think I can make whole missions spawn, but I have to work on that for a little bit.

    I have to tweak some things to make save working which is tightly connected with concept of safe houses. Front lines and vantage points are there, I just have to refine them. I will have to check high-command. And of course try to understand what I need to do to make it COOP and/or MP.

    The general idea is to make a COOP that requires tactical play and conquering several vantage points in the same time in order to be victorious. I also have plan to augment in-game AI and to make it more tactical, but that will wait for a few thing to settle up.

    Beside tutorial I will write a short comment about similarities and differences between ArmA and OFPDR editor and scripting and I will post a link here. I know that a lot of you guys won’t be interested, but it will be the link with big red caution sign :) just kidding.

    So, here is the link from my website, you can download the mission from there directly. I am making table of contents on the first post and news header if happens that this thread grows.

    Thanks goes to all of you guys, for support in the first place. I hope we will see each other soon in the complete addons section. And of course both good and bad critics are welcome.

  5. Well, Myke and CarlGustaffa that's something, thank you. I was afraid that this latest post will be without response. I am not taking offence, but contrary thank you very much for useful where-to-start info.

    I didn't say this will be uber-idea and yes there is a chance for "and then never ever heard again a word from those people".

    But, but, but... ArmA has great potential, but it was a trick to make those mentioned stuff in the game (you-know-which) with no such potential at all.....

    So I am not trying to re-invent the wheel, but upgrade it. I like your community very much. From my point of view it is a great programming challenge. See you soon.

  6. I see that from time to time number of visits increase, but since I posted a code, diagrams and explanations on my website -- suddenly no more replies... that's strange... No comments, no suggestions...

    Ok, I have ArmA II and editor. Did anyone of you people tried something I wrote? Nope? Too bad. I will try to make something when I get time. I was hoping that some of you will get ideas from what I wrote and try it. I can only guess you are all disappointed.

  7. I updated page so there are some diagrams and complete coding. I tried to make it as simple as possible.

    You might find this solution very simple and "omg, is he serious". However it achieves the main idea: if one provides enough variability in parameters one can control, one can (pretty successfully) mimic intelligence behavior and populated world.

    I actually did test this you-know-where and if someone still don't like it there is a disclaimer now on my thread and website. So it works really good.

    I also contacted Silola about DAC.

    And all of you people thank you very much for support. Looking forward to working with you. And I am getting ArmA

  8. Well, pufu I am here to see what can be done. As I wrote I will describe complete code that I wrote and try to contact those guys as wolfbite suggested.

    And thank you very much because, I am trying to get familiar with programming in ArmA II and to see how to develop my ideas about sandbox military games further.

    I will check your link too.

    ---------- Post added at 03:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:27 PM ----------

    Thanx MattXR, I will check that. Maybe I will be able to help and contribute. I am looking forward that future.

  9. Katipo66 and wolfbite thank you for understanding. I will look about DAC and I will describe my method in full length soon.

    And Mosh I don't know which part of "this isn't about DR" you didn't understand? Should I apologize to you personally for offending you by mentioning my previous work?

    Mosh and ArmA II community, I am really sorry that my previous work was OFPDR. Will you accept me now here Mosh and let me work?

  10. wow guys? what did I do wrong???

    did I insult someone so you are so rude? did you even look at my website? did you look any of the ideas?

    1) I said I don't know if this is done for ArmA II. so don't be rude and if you know who did it help me to find that person

    2) this is not about DR. it is about A2 and I am not in the wrong forum, since this is A2 forum

    3) I already posted everything on the Codemaster's forum. it is just my wish and good will to share this here and do research about similar things in A2

    4) I didn't expect such judgment -- I did it for DR, I am tired of DR, I am done(!) with DR and I am interested in programming not arguing and judging on the base who is for DR - A2, you are like children for Gods sake, grow up, it is idea that matters here

    5) and finally, again I am not talking about DR --- do you want me to remove that word - - would then be ok?? I am talking about ideas people, what is the hate for?????

    I don't have time right now for that programming (working on image analysis and Markov cluster right now on PhD) but I was excited to share the ideas...

    Come on people I am serious, 26 years old man, not just a kid fooling around.

  11. Welcome to

    World in Conflict Tool - WICT

    BI forum thread where we discussed it all, thank you people!

    and also thanx ArmAholic for support.

    WICT trailer


    The WICT: World in Conflict Tool is ArmAII module for infinitely creating dynamic battlefronts and ultimate free roaming experience.

    The easiest settings you’ve ever made – easy installation, implementation and settings – add these scripts, setup and play.

    Dynamically created battlefronts – experience battlefronts that are not scripted – they are everywhere. Fight at the frontline, rush with your teammates on enemy bases, defend positions, break the opponent's frontline, or come from behind… Or just do free roam and watch huge battle rages all around you.

    Turn-based spawning system brings new strategy dimension to the gameplay. Watch enemies’ movement, but also watch your teammates – you are not alone, use that as an opportunity.

    No predefined locations – every inch of the map could be a potential spawning point and, the most important, a battlefield. It’s completely compatible to free roam. Every spawning point is calculated during the gameplay taking into consideration various parameters in order to create battlefronts and objective driven battles.

    No predefined pathways – every class has its own FSM script that will evaluate the situation upon spawning and setup waypoints and goals – FSM AI script will find it's own path in order to accomplish this goal.

    Safe, hot, tampon and directional zones for a true free roam experience in ArmA.

    + brand new Auto Flag function!!!

    13 different classes you can setup and modify for each base. This module is completely open for adding custom teams and squads, vehicles, loadouts… for ArmAII and ArmAII:OA.

    It is not all about you – this is a world which will go on with or without you. Both sides will try to break the opponent's frontline in order to capture their base. Both sides will try to capture neutral sectors and turn them into their vantage point. It's war and you are one soldier among hundreds which are eager to achieve victory.

    No caching units – still you can deploy particular number of units or just let the script create warfare for you. It’s fully compatible with any mission you've ever created in the editor.

    Sandbox story design - enhance your experience with Ultimate spawning - create dynamic branching story with objectives, unlocking new missions as player progress based on his decisions, moves and tactic.

    Stable version, tested, without bugs, few lags, mainly designed through FSM, ensures that spawning is accurate all the time.

    Something about me, regarding programming:

    I am 26 years old, and I have a master degree in biology (common / plain biology). My master thesis was "Development of consciousness".

    Right now I am on PhD studies in Neuroscience and my field of interest are neural networks (in free time).

    Currently, I am working with a laser microscope and on image analysis, Markov chain model for clusters, computational neuroscience etc.

    Replies below are regarding the very first version of this post... I was reckless and people got me wrong... Now, after seven months working here with you guys I finally have something nice and complete to present. However, the original post is still here, in the spoiler though...

    Why disclaimer?

    Disclaimer: I joined ArmA community to work on ArmA game. Although I worked in the editor in Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising, neither I am interested in comparison of and discussions about the quality of these mentioned games, nor I am implying any personal preferences. I might use my previous knowledge, thoughts and ideas (which are my personal property), but as a member of this community I am looking toward pure programming and ArmA as object of my current work, with deep respect to all members and their personal preferences.

    Hello Arma II community,

    First things first, if anyone did something similar I sorry for double-posting (I checked, there is no such thread already), but I think, if it is useful for just for one programmer, it's worth of posting.

    Second, if there is someone who finds this interesting and wants to discuss these ideas, please feel free to post a reply.

    read disclaimer or comments below if you find anything I said disturbing

    I played both Arma II and Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising, and though I like ArmA's sandbox style very much, I begun editing OFP DR. Now, I wish tried with ArmA editor in the first place. Don't get me wrong, I know these two communities almost hate each other (which I experienced here), but I wouldn't be doing this if I don't care about both games and want to help with making something big, regarding programming.

    However, I wanted to add everything I like in ArmA to OFP, to make some mix. I was curious is it possible that ordinary guy like me make sandbox game with just a small, but solid scientific knowledge about C++ and MatLab, and algorithmic thinking; to start working with LUA editor that comes with game Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising and make something more, beyond the original game.

    People on the Codemaster's forum were complaining about emptiness of the island. For example, if you leave the area where firefight took place (in the campaign) you will find nothing but an empty island. The very first restriction in the mission editor is max 63 entities (people and vehicles) that you can use.

    This whole approach enabled me to implement missions other people created in the editor.

    I created sandbox game with patrols, guerrilla firefights and objectives. It became a war zone. You could free-roam and battle is literally coming to you. Enemy is trying to attack your position and friends to defend it. More hardly scripted parts of the game have a story behind it – strategically important position, releasing prisoners, defending villages and conquering regions – everything that original game had but with more action. Basically, what I did is to force the AI to change by changing its environment in real-time. The AI was the same all the time, but variations in spawning angle, spawning distance, picked spawning position, spawning time, difficulty that controls these parameters, player’s current position, rules of engagement and enemy – friend ratio, mixed with scripted objectives, was sufficient enough to make this variable and interesting.

    Here is a summary of what I was trying to do and what I accomplished.

    1) 360 DEGREES XYZ SPAWNING SYSTEM with no-predefined locations and no-predefined pathways (for patrols). Locations and pathways are calculated during spawning process, it is random, so you will never ever find patrols on the same place or coming from the same direction twice.

    >>>> • Every point on the map is potential spawning point or pathway.

    >>>> • Multiple modulators of spawning probability.

    >>>> • Dynamic difficulty.

    >>>> COOP compatible – any of the four players can go separate way and encounter guerilla fighters, but only one objective can be active at the time.

    The system is using dynamic spawning distance and angle, reading coordinates from predefined locations. However due to dynamic difficulty and other variables final location and pathway are never the same.

    2) Free open world to explore with areas where you can acquire intel and maps packed in .zip archive (with installation).

    The world consists of objectives mixed with events that change dynamically as you play.

    3) Enemy patrols all over the island that search for you, using different tactics: engaging, assaulting, searching and covering each other. And most of all, they are everywhere.

    Different rules of engagement are very important for the gameplay as a variability factor.

    4) Guerrilla firefights with both sides, in other words there are battles all over the island – you are not alone there. You can help your teammates to clear the island and be rescued in the last moment by your teammate patrol.

    One more variability factor in the form of friends / foes ratio.

    5) Reward system for finishing missions, so you can plan your operations according to reward you can get (more units to control, artillery strike(s) etc.) in order to complete some other missions.

    Complex scripts with strategic role, that bring a very boring island to life.

    6) Scripted intense firefights in “Call of Duty style†for more intentional operations in the game.

    7) Dynamic high command (like in ArmA II) enables you to take command over troops and plan your assault.

    8) Vantage points and front lines ---- These are very important for your progress. You can conquer them and defend and you might earn some help as the reward from birds in the sky or artillery.

    9) Base ---- save there, re-arm or take a vehicle.

    10) Use transport freely ---- take any vehicle from the base / camp and drive / fly wherever you want.

    11) Dynamic time and weather.

    12) Safe houses (like in Far Cry 2) ---- you can use safe (save) houses to re-arm (find special weapons), save your progress and catch some breath.

    13) Storyline ---- Actually there is the storyline, although it is free roaming.

    I am about to put complete code in pseudo-code style, so be patient for a little while, I will post the info about the update here.