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  1. My biggest gratitude to all developers!

    I was away for a long time and I came here to see if there is something new... and I am truly speechless.

    I don't know what you guys did with WICT, or how much of it is in MSO now, but I see my name and I see something is integrated in this magnificent mode/tool.

    So I just want to say one and simple thank you!

    I am honored.

  2. I give up on this tool, and I guess the owner did too :)

    No, HE did not... HE is thinking about making a new clean version by the end of the year... If it is not tooo late for you ;)

    I am thinking about refining my tool, to make it more simple with a lot of default settings, but to maintain possibilities for programmers...


    And I intend to start with simple things ---- more useful comments and options in my code, I see a lot of you people are still confused with what WICT can and cannot do :) and HOW it does it... :cool:

  3. if its ok for arm2holic (what i believe is, if we ask him nicely)

    yes it is completely ok, just provide link somewhere to original tool, that is easy... however I am thinking about refining my tool, to make it more simple with a lot of default settings, but to maintain possibilities for programmers...

    should be available by the end of the year...

  4. Oh I don't know if I will be back with programming here, but I was curious what is going on and then I found a message about MSO...

    I have a lot of other things to do, I didn't have time to correct some bugs people found... But I might hang around now, just to see how this is developing...

    Thank you guys, I thought this thread and using this tool are dead ;)

    BTW thanks for trailer toonpc

  5. That's what she needs, unfortunately it has become quite complex to setup, which defeats it's original concept of being easy?

    Not necessarily... Actually it would be quite easy to create engine that would analyze a terrain and put random bases all around the map.

    Settings would be:

    1) number of base pairs

    2) number of classes to use (1-13)

    3) spawn and scan distance

    Then it would be even easier to start a game.

    The problem as you can see is, that if there is a friendly base inbetween your position and an enemy base (plus inside the legal limits of the spawning scripts), it can result in enemy spawning very close to the friendly base and behind friendly forces.

    I just have to ask if I didn´t overlook something, but is there really no value that regulates spawning inside a certain zone around the base of origin?

    If there isn´t it would be quite useful to implement one so that we could regulate how far away from the spawning base, units are allowed to spawn. :)

    Yes, that is maybe a flaw... On the other hand, you can have enemy behind friendly forces which makes battles more interesting. Right now while I am writing this I have ideas how could be done, it would require more calculations however.

    I was thinking about rewriting the whole concept, because it was like this : basic concept + improvement + new feature + bug hunt + new feature + bug hunt + etc. etc. etc. = too complicated.... The idea is to make it more automatic, to give it kind of AI that will do everything I have in my head, to go back to original concept, but to retain just one file (or GUI) with simple settings.

    The problem is I really don't have time to test it...................

  6. MoS that is one great and loooong comment and I am truly happy to receive it.

    However I am not active scripter anymore. Nevertheless I will read your comment again carefully and see what I can do. At least I can make a reply and give some advice to anyone else willing to continue this work.

    I will turn myself toward more complicated problems, especially in MatLab and Python and work on AI. I hit the wall with my concept, actually all problems come from lack of good GUI and I just don't have time to make it.

    WICT would be much more easier to understand and setup with decent GUI....... :(

  7. @Cool=Azroul13 I am not sure what you are trying to do, but any script that is giving a task to a player must wait for a player. You can take a look the loader.sqf.

    You must have these lines when running any script :

    //{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} GIVING TASK AT BEGINNING {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}
    // Dedicated server doesn't have a player, ever!
    if (!isDedicated) then 
    // make sure player object exists i.e. not JIP
    waitUntil {!isNull player};
    waitUntil {player == player};
    sleep 3;
    [nil,nil,rEXECVM,"WICT\sandbox\sandbox_exe.sqf","WICT\sandbox\","taskCreator","Airport base","mixedBase_1","yes","Primary: capture enemy base!","Intel: <br/>Capture the enemy base at the airport.<br/><br/>Background info:<br/>put some text here -- use Briefing manager to easily write the text and of course Word Wrap in your text editor :) be creative :D","yes","all"] call RE;

    that need to wait for a player to join.

    @bTm --- Zivo has answered you.

    @FelixK44 Unfortunately no... as far as I know. You have templates in WICT and you can easily make any warfare mission you want.

  8. @ Zivo

    1) Did you try working with some SQF editor or with Notepad++ ? According to Shad0wCatcher those templates work, all of them...

    2) To change a message go to : \WICT_data\captureMessage.sqf and change it.

    3) You don't need to clear the areas, even if you spawn additional units. Let me explain :

    for example you set the limit on 120 groups, and you spawn 20 groups more. WICT will spawn until 120 groups, but it doesn't stop you from adding more even after that. WICT will wait until some units are far away and it will delete them to free space for more spawns. That is defined in startSettings.sqf in WICT_removeMan and WICT_removeVehicle.

  9. well i made a mission from the demo mission for takistan and tweaked a bit nothing special just few more base bigger playing area so i played and it seems it working so im currently happy....

    That is the proper way :D Use THE FORCE, Luke, use the Force!!! :cool:

    I hope we will see some of your missions soon.

    Let me know about your progress.

    Till then, here is the video I found :) I like it very much, makes me laugh every time I look it.


  10. @rtka1234

    I cannot help you without more details about what you did....

    However, there is better way to learn WICT --- just take demo mission or a template and tweak it a little bit -- trial and error -- learning by example...

    Or write me a PM what you did.

    I keep getting post here, on Armaholic and on youtube how people cannot make a mission with WICT --- I made two full sandbox missions and also can say that zapat is now equally good as I am with WICT.

    Neither do I nor zapat (or other users testing WICT) found such difficulties and bugs...


    @jonneymendoza no, this is not RTS and it is clearly stated here what is WICT... http://wicta2.wikia.com/wiki/What_is_WICT :cool:

    The WICT: World in Conflict Tool is set of scripts for ArmAII for infinitely creating dynamic battlefronts and ultimate free roaming experience.

    This mod is for POPULATING world / map with units and making free-roam missions.

    Please visit WICT's website.

  11. Thanks mate. Looking forward to trying it out !

    It is small fix, but very important, since it definitely solved "problem" (my mistake) with spawning winged aircrafts, their velocity and flight.

    Thank you zapat :cool:

    ---------- Post added at 10:38 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:03 AM ----------

    We are also available now on MODDB


  12. 1) an enemy will not spawn behind the player

    2) enemy vehicles spawn directly on top of friendly bases

    1) Nothing will spawn behind player, that is correct! The trick is in geometry.

    2) It might happen when player is not positioned (relatively) between two opposite bases (west and east), but both bases are close together (closer than spawn distance radius).

    Can you imagine a triangle? --- what you described is happening when two bases and player form a triangle and bases are too close to each other. Since WICT is based on geometry calculations, that is an artifact -- just experiment with distance between bases.

  13. One might be able to simulate melee attack with just a distance and damage --- for example if zombie is closer than one meter to the soldier add some damage to the soldier and play some animation of the zombie.

    I don't know the exact mechanism of this mod. If I can help in any way with WICT let me know.

  14. Since you are talking about several factions and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. feeling I have to suggest some changes in WICT.

    Since I made only 13 factions and that part is embedded in FSM, which I don't have time to tweak (and by the time I made it for the first time I didn't think about dynamic classes) here is the workaround for anybody that wants to make such mission.

    Those classes http://wicta2.wikia.com/wiki/Classes can be used with different setups.

    What I mean is that infantry could be replaced with Psy dogs for example and winged aircrafts could be replaced with Pseudogiants on enemy side --- in other words, you can make different kinds of zombies (I know there is no Pseudogiant 3D model for A2).

    What I'm saying is that those WICT's classes can be used to spawn different factions and different kinds of zombies to make dynamic environment.