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  1. First of all -- setting up WICT is really easy, you just have to copy paste and modify some parameters -- if demo is working than any mission should be working. And I don't understand why you didn't ask for help earlier?

    Nevertheless, I will check settings again to see if I can make them easier.

    I prefer COOP than PvP, so I am making that kind of missions, but WICT is capable of supporting PvP in the same manner. AI is not moving from the base, they will guard captured base and that base will spawn new units. They will only move if there is too many units on the map, so rather than spawning new units, the game will mobilize already spawned units.

    Sandbox Chernarus will be free roam mission / campaign but with clear objectives and dynamic objectives. And WICT will be down in the area where mission is taking place.

    And it will be SP/COOP/MP. However for people having CO or OA it will be live.