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  1. Hey Katipo66, thanx for testing. I appreciate the testing. You have to check the Excel file to fully understand which parameters can be tweaked. The script you wrote is spawning 4 groups + player = 5 and the it waits for clearing. So I all are west or east they won't kill each other and the script sleeps. I will fix that. Just write a 100 and you will see.

    2) I don't want to compare my script to DAC? Is it necessary? I had a detailed look to DAC manual and I know you are the fan, but I am making something different. Both scripts are for populating world, but the *philosophy* is different.

    3) One missed flight is too easy... I know, I will change that!!

    4) Safe houses, frontlines, vantage points, vehicles -- I am working on it right now! Did you say that sometimes you don't feel connected to the gameplay? (or somebody else said, I don't have that message anymore)

    Thanx man, this was very helpful feedback!