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  1. I clarified using rEXECVM with some marked text (in yellow) http://wicta2.wikia.com/wiki/REXECVM_and_Dedi so it should be clear now what is sandbox template. And if you are not using F2, especially if you are only using it because of Body Removal... ...solution is simple... http://wicta2.wikia.com/wiki/Creating_a_new_mission_1-2-3_steps#Not_using_F2_body_removal.3F
  2. As I said Hornet's nest is powered by v4.0 which is similar to v5.3, except latest version is more advanced... I am thinking about Marshal of Savanna, but I don't know whether I will manage it, due to my busy schedule at University... I just hope that, now with more flexible and tweakable version of WICT, people will start making missions with WICT more often, even short ones, as Utes demo mission or zapat's CO@ 20 The Road to the Altar...
  3. ArmAIIholic

    Sandboxing ArmA II

    Here I am again to announce new version v5.3b I also changed the 1st page here, provided more details and links, if anyone is interested. Sincerely, ArmAIIholic
  4. Welcome to World in Conflict Tool - WICT BI forum thread where we discussed it all, thank you people! and also thanx ArmAholic for support. WICT trailer -A9hq-S1Zu8 The WICT: World in Conflict Tool is ArmAII module for infinitely creating dynamic battlefronts and ultimate free roaming experience. The easiest settings you’ve ever made – easy installation, implementation and settings – add these scripts, setup and play. Dynamically created battlefronts – experience battlefronts that are not scripted – they are everywhere. Fight at the frontline, rush with your teammates on enemy bases, defend positions, break the opponent's frontline, or come from behind… Or just do free roam and watch huge battle rages all around you. Turn-based spawning system brings new strategy dimension to the gameplay. Watch enemies’ movement, but also watch your teammates – you are not alone, use that as an opportunity. No predefined locations – every inch of the map could be a potential spawning point and, the most important, a battlefield. It’s completely compatible to free roam. Every spawning point is calculated during the gameplay taking into consideration various parameters in order to create battlefronts and objective driven battles. No predefined pathways – every class has its own FSM script that will evaluate the situation upon spawning and setup waypoints and goals – FSM AI script will find it's own path in order to accomplish this goal. Safe, hot, tampon and directional zones for a true free roam experience in ArmA. + brand new Auto Flag function!!! 13 different classes you can setup and modify for each base. This module is completely open for adding custom teams and squads, vehicles, loadouts… for ArmAII and ArmAII:OA. It is not all about you – this is a world which will go on with or without you. Both sides will try to break the opponent's frontline in order to capture their base. Both sides will try to capture neutral sectors and turn them into their vantage point. It's war and you are one soldier among hundreds which are eager to achieve victory. No caching units – still you can deploy particular number of units or just let the script create warfare for you. It’s fully compatible with any mission you've ever created in the editor. Sandbox story design - enhance your experience with Ultimate spawning - create dynamic branching story with objectives, unlocking new missions as player progress based on his decisions, moves and tactic. Stable version, tested, without bugs, few lags, mainly designed through FSM, ensures that spawning is accurate all the time. Something about me, regarding programming: I am 26 years old, and I have a master degree in biology (common / plain biology). My master thesis was "Development of consciousness". Right now I am on PhD studies in Neuroscience and my field of interest are neural networks (in free time). Currently, I am working with a laser microscope and on image analysis, Markov chain model for clusters, computational neuroscience etc. Replies below are regarding the very first version of this post... I was reckless and people got me wrong... Now, after seven months working here with you guys I finally have something nice and complete to present. However, the original post is still here, in the spoiler though...
  5. Check the new script ---- touch and go or HALO in one script :) plus Heli will protect you after that :) without script running in the background after Heli arrival :cool: And everything is done via radio, rather than with script running in the background as you and me did it before :cool:
  6. New WICT v5.3b is released ! http://wicta2.wikia.com/wiki/Download Minor changes in scripts (core files = WICT folder) -- no compatibility problems with previous version -- damaged, but mobile vehicles are removed only if there is empty driver seat -- fixed small bug in removing far, nameless vehicles -- proper version number when starting WICT -- added zapat's script that draws icons for units in Debug mode ON. -- added old Utes demo mission, with new features implemented ! -- added example of reinforcements script (only if you are making SP) -- in demo mission on Utes you have to call your buddies first via radio -- at the moment you receive a message new units have arrived you can either press (you have 20 sec to do it) : Space > 4 > 1 -- disembark = Touch & Go Space > 6 > 2 -- eject = HALO (150m altitude) P.S. this is what I listen when I program :cool: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7J4YqRMmoo
  7. He he he I liiiiiike the blinks :) it is like some radar or something -- beep, beep, beep :D Yes, I tested it on old demo for Utes (it is working btw and will be in next release) -- wrecks don't stay! I though one red dot was a mistake on the map -- it was the snipet LOL See you soon, you have a script with your name on it :cool: + your reinforcements script (it will be as modular though, I will make a page on the website under snippets). And I am still waiting Katipo66 to finish his snippet ;)
  8. this is excellent man :) I see in your script that it detects isKindof "LandVehicle" or isKindof "Air" and sets marker. I have empty vehicle and it is black. But the rest of the script is removing all markers of the type "u%1",_n so I didn't experience any problems. They are blinking, appearing and disappearing, every 3 seconds, with starting offset sleep 2.2 + WICT_time; (you will see in the release), so I will go without those lines -- don't mind about few "ghost wrecks" here and there :) Thanx again!!! :D
  9. @zapat could you explain these lines: _err = [str(_x), "p3d"] call CBA_fnc_find; if (_err == -1) then which string are you looking for? It is working without it as well... I just added /* Waiting for debug in order to run on the server properly */ waitUntil {!(isnil "WICT_debug")}; if ((isServer) and (WICT_debug == "yes")) then { /* Waits here for the first run of WICT, no need to run earlier */ waitUntil {WICT_state == "start"}; etc. etc. and wrapped it around, it is working as a charm man :bounce3: and why + here?? (something new for me too :)) _targets = + position player nearEntities 10000;
  10. @MOS yes you are completely right, they move to the base. Just for a testing, try to move OPFOR base further away, but keep it active (increase scan distance), see what happens, if the problem exists. I will try to fix vehicle problem by checking all emptyPositions. I think it will work better than {alive _x} count crew in line 49. Anyone have some other idea? ---EDIT--- zapat I will add your script to the WICT, as a standard part, when Debug mode is on! But you didn't mention I need CBA....
  11. I cannot zoom the picture, I've got an error. However, the problem could be proximity of two bases + plus the size of you spawn distance -- zapat explained it :D :cool: I will check removing vehicles. @zapat I will make a page and send you the link to edit. :cool: nice script btw :bounce3:
  12. 1) as the licence says it is ok, but I would like to be informed about that and make sure that you write somewhere (info.txt or something like that) what is changed. My intention with that licence was to keep track of modifications and to publish them on WICT's website. 2) sandbox feature will : help you make tasks that work on Dedi and will update for all clients help you connect missions created in 3D editor = the content of SQF files can be easily executed on server, therefore you can have pre-defined battles anytime anywhere I will look at the code you posted and put it in snippets. Or you can do it. Please people, that's why I built website and made you admins. I will check that.... It is in clearMemory.sqf >> lines from 36-60. Yes, when I look at the code that can theoretically happen, but I see no reason for YOU to disappear... :confused: Wreck are removed in lines 39-42 if vehicle cannot move or is completely destroyed, or (the rest of the code) it is a little bit damaged, but has no crew... So if you are inside it shouldn't disappear. There is a mistake in line 55. It should be just isNil vehicleVarName meaning "there is no name for that vehicle" giving boolean true. For soldiers in line 93 is opposite -- if they ARE NOT nameless !isNil vehicleVarName giving again true so that group is skipped.
  13. New WICT v5.3 is released! http://wicta2.wikia.com/wiki/Download Changes in scripts : -- re-written flag functions so they are now completely compatible with Dedi -- fixed error in masterClassSpawn.sqf that prevented spawning of soldiers -- moved masterClassSpawn.sqf from WICT_data to WICT folder -- added sandbox template that is easy to use and Dedi compatible -- "moved" battlefront marker to Debug mode -- added task example to demo mission on Utes -- included demo mission on Utes into download (waiting for OA similar example) -- no more God mod inside Debug mode New tutorials!!! : -- Ultimate tasking -- rEXECVM and Dedi -- Sandbox tutorial -- only for pro users! I congratulate you for dealing with WICT !!! I hope it will bring you many hours of interesting play. Sincerely, ArmAIIholic On January 13th 2011
  14. I am building sandbox template, new feature in the next release, and writing three new tutorials, so we will see if it suits your needs :cool:
  15. yes, that's strange...... soldiers are not spawning... thanx!!!!!!! --EDIT-- took me 2 sec to find it :) but I am :o thanx again....
  16. YOU ARE JUUUUST NOT AWARE WHAT I AM PREPARING FOR YOU ALL :D xe xe xe :) brand new improved release, Utes demo and some "über" tutorials :)
  17. Yes guys :) that is time shift :) Several points on the map have time shifts so the atmosphere is the same :D For example, there is one mission where you need to capture a HVT at night, so the time shifts toward full night, 2 am. Kremator those are great news. Hornet's nest is powered by v4.0 BETA that has similar features as v5.0, so maybe that's why they are compatible.
  18. I think that flag still won't work on Dedi --- changing color of the flags and proper display of the message. I will fix that in the next release, I totally forgot about that, it was long time since last version and bugs....... sorry... :(
  19. jake8787, yes it is possible, but you have to read how.... Is there any way I can help -- send you only that part so you can read it...? Something like this, here you go:
  20. jake8787 : I tried that, but it is too complicated to maintain it. And the idea with online manual was to make it open to my colleges to write articles. Do you have any problems with accessing online? ----------------------------------------------- I've just finished correction of the manual I finished working on these chapters: 1) Creating mission 2) Starting WICT 3) Flags 4) Configuring bases 5) Performance I have to correct tutorials about snippets, but since they are optional, I will take my time. I will also make a new download in a few days, with some corrections in comments, rearranged files and small demo mission included in DLC. What is the most important --- there are several places in manual with How to use, which are now quick guide for using WICT. I will put them on separate page. See you soon :bounce3: --KATIPO66-- Please take a look at the image about Spawn and Scan distance that Velocity made and if you have any ideas more transform them into images :) http://wicta2.wikia.com/wiki/Performances#Spawning_and_scanning_distance
  21. --RESPOND FOR KATIPO66-- The script is actually independent from demo now... I will have to think about that how to separate these two things -- blank template and Demo mission. I am thinking about distributing configuration file with the Demo. Now you can put any faction and custom units from other addons with ease. And you can make convoys as easy as just making and array of vehicles :D Do you still have your illustration of Spawning distance and Scan distance ??? --RESPOND FOR MOS-- I am working on answering your questions about setting -- spawn distance, spawn time etc.
  22. Well if you put tanks vs. infantry sure they will. Or if you put your player close to BLUFOR base than that base will be inactive -- you missed the story about spawning distance :o ---------- Post added at 11:57 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:37 AM ---------- More news: I finished working on these chapters: 1) Creating mission 2) Starting WICT 3) Flags I still have to do : 4) Configuring bases 5) Performance and at the end to write and correct tutorials about snippets. Please see if anything is unclear and let me know. Cheers
  23. Hi Mos, In this link http://wicta2.wikia.com/wiki/Demo_1_Utes it says However, I see there are still some problems with the site (Wikia maintaining their engine) so some links might not work properly (there is always a delay between my update and actual update of content). I wrote several times that manual will come with delay. I made this release so that people who already worked with WICT can test it. I found some things I will change, just minor tweaks, but there will be improved release and better manual. Everything you asked has already being discussed several times on these pages and may questions are answered on the website. However I will try to clarify everything and to make it much simpler. And I will check that error :) Thanx for posting.
  24. Here is the quick demo for Utes: http://wicta2.wikia.com/wiki/Demo_1_Utes
  25. You just need to put it into mission folder... I will soon upload demo for Utes. And FSMs are now open :) Check website in half an hour. And check WICT POOL :D Cheers :)