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  1. Hey psvialli, sorry man, I will have to make some update to files to make placement radius really work. Coming ASAP. ---------- Post added at 11:17 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:11 AM ---------- Editor based AI script by trigger v8b : hotfix : -- placement radius workaround is now properly working (thanx to psvialli persistence) http://www.mediafire.com/?22kerezt2qpj5kz
  2. Yeah, but I have a small correction for placement radius. You will have to put it in init string in the call. Full example : null = [this,"t1","wave",5,60,[b][color="Red"]"[/color][/b][i][(group this), 2] setWaypointPosition [(waypointPosition [(group this), 2]), 50];[b][color="Red"]"[/color][/b]] execVM "murk_spawn.sqf[/i]";
  3. Try starting from v8 and then building your game. I have no idea what kind of mix of the files you made and where could be the catch. Does demo_1 and demo_2 work without problem? If they work properly that is solution for your problem --- you made inappropriate mix of missions. If they don't work, that is problem for me, I will have to test them again. Do you have catch_trigger initialized to none in init.sqf? catch_trigger = "none"; BTW I tested solution for placement radius and here is working fix: In the script of, for example, first waypoint you put this : [(group this), 2] setWaypointPosition [(waypointPosition [(group this), 2]), 50]; it will set up a new position for the waypoint number 2 when waypoint number 1 is completed.
  4. It means you made some mix of old and new version :( <no shape> is why triggers are activated now via catch_trigger = "trigger_name"; publicVariable "catch_trigger "; you are using old method for triggers - check examples in v8. Example from demo_1: [west,"HQ"] sideChat "TRIGGERING ONE"; catch_trigger = "triggerone"; publicVariable "catch_trigger"; Cheers
  5. No, you don't need separate SQFs, just new line { _null = [_x] execVM "murk_spawn_loaded.sqf"; } forEach *** ; for every new mission / Clipboard content. What I meant is this (from WICT's website): Here is the catch you can try for placement radius, but I don't know if it will be ok : In init line of the leader place (in other words in init string in call for Murk's script, see below) group1 = group this; [group1, 2] setWaypointPosition [(waypointPosition [group1, 2]), 50]; Do you get it? It takes the position of old waypoint and set's new position (in radius 50 -- which is the same thing editor does every time you start the game). I will try it tomorrow. If you try it first let me know if it is working. Full example: null = [this,"t1","wave",5,60,"group1 = group this; [group1, 2] setWaypointPosition [(waypointPosition [group1, 2]), 50];"] execVM "murk_spawn.sqf"; Zero waypoint is waypoint where group is created, so first waypoint in the editor is not zero (as you will see, for example 0: MOVE), but one!!!!!!!! Be careful !
  6. In the init.sqf of demo_1 you have this code : //{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} MISSION CAPTURE - PART 2 {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} //Put some sleep time if you want to capture your mission (more is better) -- remove comment marks sleep 10; copyToClipboard str(Mission_capture); "PROCESSING DONE..." hintC "MISSION CAPTURING IS DONE!!!"; It will sleep 10 seconds and then copy to clipboard everything you made. You don't have to do anything else. Cheers
  7. 1) yes, you can put stronger bases for opposing side, e.g. tanks vs. medium vehicles, so you, as a player, are the factor that will change course of the battle 2) you can use Camps made easy tutorial, you have a Youtube video there and all scripting you need 3) Or use more advanced, but more powerful method --- Editor based AI script by trigger. WICT doesn't have complete demo, so try this Editor based AI script by trigger v8 If you have any questions please do ask
  8. @Guevera79 thanx for replying. Zapat and me had long correspondence about the that issue and I still believe that 180 degrees sharp turns of the plane are bigger problem. However, as zapat said, we prepared hotfixes : -- planes will not crash, nice clean drop out of supplies -- ammo boxes will be now properly spawned and unlocked -- removeBody.sqf won't use eventHandlers -- I added more centers in init.sqf The release is ready and working, I just want to test few more things before making official release, because I think community will hate me at the end since I made record number of hotfixes and changing of the code. P.S. People pleeeease official manual is WICT's website --- don't go through these 64 pages. --EDIT-- Units in Buildings snippet ---------- Post added at 07:45 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:16 PM ---------- Collect the evidence snippet If you find some interesting snippets like those two I posted, let me know, so I can update WICT's website with those interesting stuff.
  9. no, it is just checking whether player or his vehicle is inside a trigger, it is just another condition to check trigger you wrote will activate on any unit -- BLUFOR, OPFOR, civilian, player, doesn't matter that is below altitude 2.... and I don't know what you want to trigger. Murklor's script, by nature is designed to start when player activates it, not any unit, so it is not clear from your example what are you trying to do.... and you got error because you put ; in the condition and that doesn't work... (vehicle player) in thislist[b][color="Red"];[/color][/b] this & & (count (thislist unitsBelowHeight 2)> 0) correct would be ((vehicle player) in thislist) [color="Blue"][b]and[/b][/color] (this & & (count (thislist unitsBelowHeight 2)> 0)) because these are conditions and you combine them with AND, OR and () this line was not necessary, I was trying to help and your questions wasn't clear from previous post -- you can have both conditions, 10 conditions if you like --- it depends on what do you want to be the effect of that trigger, in other words -- what is the condition and what is the consequence of activation.no, that code is not necessary, you can put whatever condition you want for triggering Murklor's script. cheers
  10. I was thinking about that since I don't want my player that HALOed to activate the trigger, so the solution I've come around (but didn't tested yet, and you can do it and tell me) is this: ((vehicle player) in thislist) and (((getPosATL (vehicle player)) select 2) < 3) which means that player in the vehicle will be able to activate the trigger only if his altitude is below 3m, in other words he will be able to do it in jeep or in helicopter that is on the ground, but not in the air. Try it, let me know, thanx. I am not familiar with other codes you wrote.
  11. @djczing "if you are used to triggers, markers, scripts, and the editor" --- there is no way to make a mission unless you use (any kind of) editor, either built-in one, or some mode. I was talking about F2, Norrin's revive script etc. --- they work only as PBOed MP mission. WICT works in Preview mode in the editor. Also search pages and Snippets on WICT's website --- there are some codes that you can just modify/copy/paste and you are done. @aurondude I would use some help with the story, yes! Hamada ONCE played a key role in helping the BLUFOR develop weapon trafficking plans. However, he was a mercenary in that job, and OPFOR is now trying to get their hands on him. Problem is, yes, Mahdi and Hamada are old friends, but Mahdi is not OPFOR, but Molitian Army. The Congress Leaders started following Hamada and there are some OPFOR activity on Duala that is in strange coincidence that Hamada is recently declared missing. BLUFOR is trying to stop weapon trafficking (and background is that OPFOR activity would jeopardize BLUFOR business. Additional problem is that there is a war raging between Afrenian and Molitian armies and rebels and UN forces are trying to keep a piece. Therefore BLUFOR can help Afrenian and UN forces in fight against OPFOR and Molitian armies, but cannot interfere in investigations, assassinations, demolitions etc. BLUFOR vs. OPFOR for weapons dealer, Afrenian vs. Molitian armies for power on Duala, and someone(? ) is giving weapons for both sides... + missing Hamada... and problem with Molitian leader Mahdi... Anyone who has real story with storyline and twists please send them on PM. If you just have suggestions that can be discussed post them here. Thanx --EDIT-- P.S. you can also send me now SQM from Duala, I can implement it in mission.
  12. TacKLed you don't need modfolder --- see the example WICT_demo.utes --- you put all files in your mission file and it is explained here : http://wicta2.wikia.com/wiki/Creating_a_new_mission_1-2-3_steps
  13. Start WICT from init.sqf //{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} AUTO START WICT{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} // negative number means OFF, greater or equal than 0 = number of seconds _null = [5] execVM "WICT\autoStart.sqf"; Place two triggers regInfantry_0 blue and regInfantry_1 red about 500m apart? How hard could it be? I really made it easy in new version. All base types are unlocked, it is the same as in video on Youtube, but instead mixedBase, you write regInfantry. In the editor you can use both SP and MP template --- MP works only if you make PBO MP.... Play with that tool, and if you have trouble PM me. I didn't test it with UPSMON. Everything I need can be created with WICT -- it has own patrol + it can be created in detail with Murklor's script.
  14. Man, there are 64 pages so far, full of discussions :D Everything you need to know is here: http://wicta2.wikia.com/wiki/World_in_Conflict_Tool_for_ArmA2_Wiki WICT has official website ;)
  15. We are back in the game with WICT 7.0, so if anyone is willing to help, please join the ride...
  16. Released a fix : WICT v7.0b -- fixed and improved supply drop and reinforcements (thanx to zapat) http://www.mediafire.com/?ms9v0op5xqdiv74 http://rapidshare.com/files/450109750/WICT_v7-0b.zip http://www.filefactory.com/file/cab23db/n/WICT_v7-0b.zip
  17. I will have to introduce some improvements to supplyDrop, I left direction also... :confused: must be consequence of integration and merging two scripts.... So there will be definitely fix for supplyDrop. And I will introduce that check while dropping packages. I also have to rise the plane after drop, it tends to crash on hills and buildings on Duala :confused:
  18. I doubt, because it will finish the loop forEach cargo (putting in arma2.RPT that it cannot find plane in order to get altitude) and the next check is if plane is alive. Btw WICT will delete that empty group anyway, eventually. I made improvements in Sandbox tutorial with a template for creating sandbox missions (and using WICT potential). P.S. zapat you will be busy too, soon enough ;) :bounce3:
  19. There was a stupid typo in supplyDrop preventing clearing of supply plane -- I fixed it and updated links on website. No need for new version. Cheers
  20. WICT v7.0 -- NEW!!! redesigned init.sqf look -- NEW!!! separate templates for SP and MP (with integrated F2) -- NEW!!! content folders = just copy/paste all folders and files into your newly created mission -- NEW!!! integrated Murklor's Editor based AI script by trigger v8.0(also new Ultimate spawning tutorial) -- NEW!!! integrated Bon's Advanced Artillery Request System -- NEW!!! added modified versions of zapat's tactical mid-flight suppy drop with Universal Crate Filler v2.01 by Tophe of Östgöta Ops OOPS, and reinforcements scripts (new tutorials in Snippets category) -- "unlocked" all pre-defined base types - now you just have to put markers -- fixed bug in sandbox tool - number of seconds for restarting ID tracker is required! +improved performance -- added sinking bodies in removeBody.sqf -- improved all tutorials, especially Creating a new mission Download now
  21. 1) I didn't plan to do such things... It could be done by executing script that will take all remaining groups on the map (when trigger is deactivated) and execute Murklor's script on them again. Murklor's script was about Groups and Waypoints, and I wanted to make that aspect better. 2) You can do that by using 3D editor or RTE, therefore you will have SQF script you can execute.
  22. ArmAIIholic

    Isla Duala

    Right on time to continue my work on Marshal of Savanna :bounce3:
  23. Weaponx, you don't need to load it back, you need to use reset mode : Example: null = [this,"triggername","reset",5] execVM "murk_spawn.sqf"; Will spawn the editor unit once based on the trigger, then reset the trigger after a preset time (15 seconds default). The unit will be created when trigger is true again, maximum number of lives (in this case 5). Trigger must be on repeatedly! If you want to change preset time (15 seconds default) open murk_spawn.sqf and find RESET MODE at the end of the file and change sleep time. Please open murk_spawn.sqf and see examples of how to use those 4 modes. Cheers
  24. @psvialli, I don't know if I made it clear in previous post, but it is ok to explain how it works, to you and others using this fabulous script. 1) You place as many groups as you can (max for each side 144), e.g. make your mission on one part of the map... 2) In loader you have this line { _null = [_x] execVM "murk_spawn_loaded.sqf"; } forEach *** ; in the place *** you just put Ctrl+V what you have captured from the editor. 3) Delete those units in editor and on some other part of the map make some other mission 4) Capture it, make new line in loader { _null = [_x] execVM "murk_spawn_loaded.sqf"; } forEach *** ; and paste what you have captured. 5) Delete all units --- I forgot to say : don't delete triggers, markers, etc. 6) When you Preview the mission all groups will be available and spawning by their triggers. That wasn't possible in previous version and waypoints were connected to dummy groups.
  25. Thanx Bon for fantastic script :bounce3: I created page here : Artillery, so it will be available with next release. As you know from PM, I implemented automatic approximate direction (bon_artillery\dialog\apply_pos.sqf). It works like a charm, speeding a little bit splash site selection. Reasons? it is sometimes hard to read numbers on compass I really cannot think while playing am I facing 248 degree direction and is it maybe north ;) I have time to focus on correcting direction and/or using arrow buttons.