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  1. I didn't understand the first part, but I like the 'bold' part. Do you have time to do that? It would be enormous help for me!!!!!!! Let me know if you make such thing. I had that in mind since I've got first complain from users that they want to use WICT with OA. If you make that please send me those templates so I can make a new update with your work (and proper credit for that, since there were some attempts before, for older versions, but it would be nice to have it for v7.0c). Here is, for example, what I have for Marshal of savannah, with Duala units : wict_w_inf = [ ["USMC_Soldier_TL","USMC_Soldier","USMC_Soldier","USMC_Soldier_Medic"], ["USMC_Soldier_TL","USMC_Soldier","USMC_Soldier_Medic","USMC_Soldier_Medic"], ["USMC_Soldier_TL","USMC_Soldier_Medic","USMC_Soldier_Medic","USMC_Soldier_Medic"], ["USMC_Soldier_TL","USMC_Soldier","USMC_SoldierS_Spotter","USMC_Soldier_Medic"], [color="Blue"][b]["AFR_Guard_M16","AFR_Guard_AK","AFR_Soldier_Medic","AFR_Soldier_Rifleman","AFR_Soldier_GL","AFR_Guard_Marksman","AFR_Guard_AK","AFR_Guard_M16","AFR_Soldier_Medic","AFR_Soldier_Rifleman","AFR_Soldier_GL","AFR_Guard_Marksman","AFR_Guard_M16","AFR_Guard_AK","AFR_Soldier_Medic","AFR_Soldier_Rifleman","AFR_Soldier_GL","AFR_Guard_Marksman","AFR_Guard_AK","AFR_Guard_M16","AFR_Soldier_Medic","AFR_Soldier_Rifleman","AFR_Soldier_GL","AFR_Guard_Marksman"][/b][/color] ];
  2. No, there is no auto-crew. Example : [["HMMWV_M2","HMMWV"],"USMC_Soldier_TL","USMC_Soldier","USMC_Soldier","USMC_Soldier_Medic","USMC_Soldier_Medic","USMC_Soldier_TL","USMC_Soldier","USMC_Soldier","USMC_Soldier_Medic"] First element is array of vehicles which will be populated with units that come after that element. WICT will take care of turrets and all seats. In that way you can make any combination you like and put any unit in any vehicle. I didn't understand this :
  3. I also made a release of [COOP15] Marshal of Savannah [sandbox A2 Isla Duala]
  4. Marshal of Savannah is officially released! Cheers, I hope you will enjoy it.
  5. WICT v7.0c v7.0c -- 12 March 2011 -- improved autoFlag -- other factions can no longer capture the flag accidentally -- planes will not crash, nice clean drop out of supplies + ammo boxes will be now properly spawned and unlocked -- removeBody.sqf won't use eventHandlers -- I added more centers in init.sqf -- placement radius workaround is now properly working (thanx to psvialli persistence) in Murklor's script -- new time shifter - clouds are still moving with increased speed, but I fine tuned it so they move smoothly and fluently, so it is more natural, speed is fine tuned and there is periodical synchronization with server, so it ensures stable time flow on all clients -- added ambient artillery by Igneous01 -- improved core script performance when all players are dead - WICT will continue spawning units! http://www.mediafire.com/?i8s71jtssl14ae6 http://rapidshare.com/files/452202843/WICT_v7-0c.zip
  6. I noticed problem #1. And I temporarily solved it by assigning one waypoint get in nearest. But I will try to fix it. And I will also try find some solution for empty objects. Since now only one variable transfers the name of the trigger, delay is necessary!
  7. Release of v7.0c will be a little bit late, I am adding some new features and fixing old stuff. Cheers
  8. My answer is yes, though I didn't tested it on Dedi, but I didn't change anything either. I just added some features, so it should. Let me know. Thanx
  9. Plane direction will be fixed in v7.0c -- fix is coming in two days approximately. You just need to name players -- they will be automatically put into Norrin's revive (if it is ON). Cheers
  10. Here is what it says about multiplayer on WICT's homepage (and in Norrin's Revive) : You get that message because your player is too close to those markers. So you have to fix that when you are creating mission. Cheers
  11. Award??? I missed something? --- I think you mixed it with website :) Well, 1 sec = 1 min is equal to 1 day in 24 minutes gameplay. 1 sec = 1.5 min is equal to 1 day in 16 min of gameplay. I will test it more, to see which is better, but since this is the second vote for slower time acceleration, I think I will bring it back to 1/1.
  12. Open murk_spawn.sqf you have everything there at the beginning. Trigger On Act(ivation) field: catch_trigger = "triggername"; publicVariable "catch_trigger"; Enemy1 init line : null = [this,"triggername","once"] execVM "murk_spawn.sqf"; The first post is not mine, so I cannot edit it...
  13. 1) They are still moving with increased speed, but I fine tuned it so they move smoothly. It is crazier to see shadows moving faster, but clouds and weather not, right (IMHO)? Problem with Hornet's nest were instant jumps and very fast time flow. Now it is increased but fluent, so it is more natural. What I improved is that speed up is fine tuned and there is periodical synchronization with server, so it ensures stable time flow on all clients. It really looks amazing. 2) Maybe pre-placing markers... then editing with VTS... dunno...
  14. I still need help with stories, but yes a little teaser :D Already have 4 full missions :) -- ambassador escort, sniper assassination, prison break / breach and airport defend... And I finally made decent time shifter, so one second is 1.5 minute in the game, so 24h passes in 16 min of real gameplay...... Duala is simply beautiful when sun comes up above savanna :) And I am waiting Duala 1.9 :D :cool: --P.S.-- It now looks like weather changes you can see in Crysis, Far Cry 2 or Just Cause 2. It is really ashame that they didn't made it as an option in the game. To quote Victor Farbau:
  15. "Eagle One Bravo to Eagle One, Come In... Over..." --"Eagle One Bravo, this is Eagle One, Over..." "Be advised: OPFOR units spotted near maximum security prison, Over..." --"Wait One, Standby..." --"Intel sourced from our operatives cannot confirm such data. Proceed to the next objective." --"Eagle One Out, Over..." "F**k... What was that???"
  16. @Weaponx I will have in mind your request. I cannot guarantee anything, since I have plenty things to do. I will let you know if I come to any solution, you have my word.
  17. I really cannot tell from your post, since it is kind a fuzzy.... I didn't understand well... You've put this, right? _null = ["[b]baser[/b]",30,[1,2,5]] execVM "WICT\autoFlag.sqf"; _null = ["[b]basew[/b]",30,[1,2,5]] execVM "WICT\autoFlag.sqf"; and configured for example: if ([WICT_wb,"baser"] call KRON_StrInStr) then {_configParams = [45,55,90,95,100,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0]}; if ([WICT_wb,"basew"] call KRON_StrInStr) then {_configParams = [5,10,45,55,100,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0]}; and if ([WICT_eb,"baser"] call KRON_StrInStr) then {_configParams = [45,55,90,95,100,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0]}; if ([WICT_eb,"basew"] call KRON_StrInStr) then {_configParams = [5,10,45,55,100,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0]}; It says in the manual : so ["baser","basew"] won't work... If I understood correctly what you did.Cheers
  18. I don't have time right now, barely have time to do this beside University studying. But I can assure you it isn't a map --- it is centers that Lingor's units use. Put in your init.sqf GUE = createCenter RESISTANCE; CIV = createCenter RESISTANCE; Do you understand what you have to do? (I think I already created west and east, don't have scripts in front of me) When loaded via loader they don't have AI center. Or you can place one unit and make presence probability 0. Try either one of these solutions and let me know how it is going.
  19. First things first, you are helping even by moving around. That is the concept of spawn distance. As I said it is the point of configuration. If you place a OPFOR tank base vs. BLUFOR infantry base I am sure that BLUFOR cannot win. Did you try that? You can also add more units to OPFOR pool. I had examples on Utes with OPFOR capturing BLUFOR base by flanking and even switching places -- what was west becomes east and vice versa. And you can reinforce bases when they are about to be captured. I also made example on Utes with paratroopers. Cheers
  20. yeah I worked only with short trigger names so far, but I doubt it is the difference between triggerpalace and triggerone... I will test it and let you know. --EDIT-- I tried with longer names, but everything worked fine.... Just tested on v8. Changed both "triggertwo" for tanks and "triggertwo" in trigger activation for "triggerpalace" and "triggerpalace777777". Dunno man what you are doing... I've got it working + Clipboard.
  21. Ok, simple solution -- try it with v8 -- if you can get single unit spawned, then it is not a bug. I currently don't have time to test it, but I am using same script on Duala without problem. Ask if you need anything. Cheers
  22. Two new snippets: Interrogate units IED disarm
  23. I am using it on single units without problem :confused:
  24. null = [this,"triggerpalace","once",1,1 etc.etc.etc. trigger_name is a string :) you just need quote marks :cool:
  25. Yes! What I've fixed is that waypoints are created before init line for leader is executed, so now changing position of the waypoint works properly. I tested it with hint displaying waypoint position after the changed which looks like this (you can try it to test it) : null = [this,"t1","wave",5,60,"[(group this), 2] setWaypointPosition [(waypointPosition [(group this), 2]), 50]; [i]hint format ['Waypoint position is: %1',(waypointPosition [(group this), 2])[/i]]"] execVM "murk_spawn.sqf"; everytime you run the game you will see different position for a waypoint. And that will be also copied to Clipboard. Problem solved! ArmAIIholic is RTB.