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  1. So, if I understood you correctly I have to do it for every group I want to spawn? No wait... You created group for center... hm that is already defined as East. Well I will try that, for sure. And you can do it for every other group.... yeap Thanx man
  2. Next one will be easy as this, but more powerful. Believe me ;)
  3. Another test is done - USMC will fire, Russians don't even return fire... I don't know what could be wrong. I am now working on the improvements of this module (making a new one), so I will pay attention to that particular problem as well. So problem is: Russian (EAST) soldiers do not see any USMC soldier, not only the player. Why? Hope I will find out and solve it. R.Flagg thanx for testing! --- [sOLVED] --- Place one Russian soldier on the map and set his probability of presence on zero. Description: Apparently, createCenter made spawning possible but also made them just as stupid as stupid gets. I used example found on community.bistudio.com/wiki _SideHQ = createCenter east in the init. Maybe it should be SideHQ = createCenter east without _, maybe, maybe... hm I don't know and I don't care. They were spawning (so HQ is there, right?), but they were dumb, LOL :confused: The safest and quickest way is just to place that poor soldier!
  4. Hey guys, your math is not ok. You can plot it in Excel and check the graph. You will get "circle" (obviously) but it won't be regular -- in other words it will have gaps and regions with high density of points. One more time, it will be a circle, but now right regular circle...... If you work with degees you have to write several lines of code in addition, believe me I did it. However, it is complicated to work with dozens of if statements... Much better solution is to convert angles to radians. For example: _angle = (360 / (_wp_count -1)); _angle = angle * 0.0174532925; or for Wolffy.au 's script you should add also: _angle_offset = random 360; _angle_offset = _angle_offset * 0.0174532925; Create angles 0, 90, 180, 270 and 360 in Excel (or more if you want to make circle, not square, octagon etc.), apply these functions and make scatter plot. Then convert angles into radians and check the plot again. You will see the difference. Cheers
  5. Thank you for testing. I will check that out. This will be one big embarrassing mistake, I guess. I am making new module, so I will make sure such mistake don't happen again. And "yes" in the calling function is (not a right) way to tell that the script is running for the first time, so if you run it when it's already running (but for example sleeping) it won't start again over the already running script. But I completely changed that part in the new module. Thanx again for testing. ---EDIT--- It might be a problem with knowAbout (I am not at home right now in order to test it). I remember that I had no problems with enemies attacking the player. Try to increase distance to 250. That would be : nul = ["yes",4,250,250,250,250,10,20,5,5,5,5,3,"NORMAL","AWARE","ENGAGE","YELLOW",50,50,7,50] execVM "\360ISM\controller.sqf"; Maybe, just maybe, they are not aware of your presence. The reason why the distance was on 50 is because of testing phase -- I cannot wait for them to come. I will have to test it when I get home, to see for myself. --EDIT-- I tested it and I don't get it :confused: :mad: :mad: What can be the source of this strange behavior? They are spawned groups, they will attack another soldiers, but not the player....
  6. Thanx Katipo66 for testing and suggestions on PM. I increased the "speed" for the One missed flight, so it should be more dynamic now (as Katipo66 said scripted part was more obvious than not-scripted). And I also increased the limit for the number of groups in two examples of the zones, so it will be clear what is going on. Everyone who test this should be aware that this is one small useful module, it is complete and definitely working without the problem. You can test it, create some instant missions in about 5 min top, without complicated settings and test its power unlimited times. However it is only one part in the engine that will work in the new module I am making.
  7. I know, sorry. Sometimes it puts it automatically in one post, sometimes it doesn't, and this forum doesn't have delete message. Won't happen again.
  8. Also one thing I forgot, but I thought it's obvious - next script will support vehicles spawning, both ground and air.
  9. Thanx both of you :D
  10. I have a Q: Is there an easy way to test the module? Maybe I did something wrong, but.... If I make changes to the module files (i.e. some .sqf) I have to exit game, pbo new files, then start the game and test it... Is that necessary? While I was doing everything from mission's folder it was easy. Alt-Tab ArmA, change something, load a game and test it. Thanx in advance
  11. Just a few remarks. I was thinking about further improvements last night and I will change these things: 1) Difficulty 1 and 4 will not be limited. I will put spawn ratio for these two difficulties too, so anyone can make pure west, pure east or something in between. 2) I will completely redesign AI and path creation (since for now there are only several waypoints for each group). 3) And the major change will be introducing frontlines. Not trigger based zones, but true frontlines. Hence I will have to rewrite this spawning script to support camps, reinforcements, frontline fighting etc. The important consequence will be change in call function structure. However, I will try to make Excel sheet as I did for this one, so that configuration goes smoothly and on the fly. Cheers
  12. ArmAIIholic

    Sandboxing ArmA II

    Well the first part, and I think the hardest is finally over. I posted new module. This is the first step in this, so called project. The 360ISM is working with all major settings I described here. The very next thing is spawning entire missions, vehicles, aircrafts, making safe houses etc. Making a story, a campaign.
  13. Here it is as I promised -- a 360 degrees XYZ infinite spawning module, shiny and new, with easy settings and good manual. I hope you will enjoy it. Nothing more to say. You have to try it. Cheers
  14. Hm I succeeded in this: scripts are normally calling each other '\PBONAME\Module.sqf', \PBONAME\etc.sqf' then some of them calls "\@MyAddOn\AddOns\Module\SomeFolder\Module.sqf", but then I cannot go back, not even to the \@MyAddOn\AddOns\Module\Module.sqf.... strange.... I will have to find some other way.... why are the names {"MyModuleFour", "MyModuleFive", "MyModuleSix"}; different from "MyAwesomeModules"... I didn't get it. Question: Suppose I have two modules. Module 1 is running all the time, but occasionally it has to call Module 2 to do something, call some other sqf files inside, but Module 1 has to keep running and keep calling his sqf files. How can I do that? ---------- Post added at 08:34 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:20 PM ---------- Hm.... familiy name.... am I close? :) ---------- Post added at 08:45 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:34 PM ---------- Here is the problem Myke - it requires class CfgPatches { class to be MyLogic ---------- Post added at 08:56 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:45 PM ---------- Oh my God it's simple... 2 pbo_s, two modules on the map, 1 script running on init, they can call different '\PBONAME\SomeScript.sqf' ...so simple... sweeeet :D :D :cool:
  15. I completely agree [GLT]Myke. And Muzzleflash they can be big too, take for example Group Link 4 Special FX Edition... 45 MB. You can implement and distribute all of it or just for example Enemy A.I. Enhancement.
  16. One thing is, I can think of, that if several campaigns use the same module you don't have to download it over and over again with every mission. Connected with that --- all core files are concentrated in one or several pbo(s), so you don't make "junk" files in every mission you create. Just find the addon in the modules (F7) and there you go. For example if I am about to make several campaigns, just use different maps, I can put my addon into separate package. Next one I can think of is that server does not necessarily has to ask for a key. You can just protect your addon from unauthorized changes (as I understood). And finally -- you want to make a mission with my addon. Do you really want to dig among bunch of files to extract core files? Well, yes, I can put them into the folder that you will copy to your mission 1, mission 2, etc. but that's the same thing with pbo(s). So, I think there are several good reasons.
  17. [GLT]Myke thanx for the clarification. About outside scripts... as you suggested in my thread and I will listen you, I will make a module. The problem is (was) that I intend to leave some sqf files, with soldiers classnames that need to be spawn, open so people can make their own squads and simply add them to the game. Now, I understand setVariable and getVariable, but it would be a lot of work. (And you will see I have completely different system to deal with settings, I just need time to do it). So I intend to to this: I will create my @MyAddOn folder and there I will create AddOns folder and units folder. Now, my module will go from original addons folder to this "custom" and I will refer to all other - not packed files - via absolute path at @MyAddOn. In that way I will sign my module, distribute it with default files and if someone wants to change squads it will be available and more important distributable because key is only for the module. P.S. It's sad I won't be able to do it before weekend. Time, time, time... --EDIT-- Or, hm even better, ha :) Same as your example up there, I can put them into separate folder on P: (like GLT_MOAB) and just not sign them at all........ he he he, niiiiiceeeee :D yeah --EDIT 2-- This should reeeeeeally be a sticky post.
  18. @kheiro -- nice idea, I will try that here is how (source: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=101918) Make a image, save image as a .TGA and then drag it into TexView 2 and save it as a PAA. Then just point to it from the script above. I guess... ---EDIT--- Now I am wondering how can I point to the files back inside mission folder (it will later be pbo in sp). ---EDIT--- I guess I will have to put everything inside @MyAddOn/AddOns, both pbo of the module and separate sqf files that I don't want to pack (and protect) so that people can edit them. So kheiro I am just guessing, but you can put your picture there: "\@MyAddOn\AddOns\MyIcon.paa"
  19. Thanx [GLT]Myke, I knew I can count on you. I already installed all the tools and have that virtual drive (I was "oh Gosh, how this got here"), but I didn't know how to use all these things. Thank you very much. ----EDIT--------------------------------------------- Someone should made this sticky, because I spent 5 hours searching this forum and other sites and I didn't find anything as simple and concise as this explanation / example [my opinion].
  20. So many scripting texts and instructions and there is no single template or tutorial about modules... And I am very sad to say that I tried everything written here and this module "My Logic" won't even show in the editor... So can anyone help a little bit more? I tried to search for some simple addons, to unpbo them and see what's inside, but I keep running onto heavily packed scripts :( Just one tiny tiny template to get started....
  21. Hey tyler4171, I am really excited about releasing new version and working with you on OA. Thanx mate. See you soon :)
  22. I am reeeeally :confused: :(
  23. @ Katipo66 --- you can not use not present, you are right. My mistake above... But if you want to make safe zone you should switch activation and deactivation, more precisely do this: - place the player inside the trigger zone - set activation drop menu: anybody - set: repeatedly - set it: present - set the condition to: player in thislist; - set the on activation: [] exec "quit.sqs"; - in the on deactivation: [] exec "start.sqs"; nul = [] execVM "controller.sqf"; This is just a hint / clarification. I will fix that. I am making new manual and re-writing functions, so hopefully it won't be complicated at all. ---EDIT------------------------------------------------ I changed mistakes in the manual above.
  24. [GLT]Myke oh man..... Thanx what can I say (speechless). I'm reading right now and this one I understand now, thanx very much!!! I check every single one command there Category:Scripting Commands ArmA2, and I was a "good little student", read the most of them before started (that was advice I got and it is right way to do it). Thanx for error log. And I am working on cutting global variables out of the equation and you will see why. A very convenient solution to all these problems.