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    Delete a Group

    ok, I have a small problem... what about Vehicles? I added vehicle to a group with addVehicle command, but I cannot find any command to retrieve vehicle when I want to delete it from group. I searched whole community.bistudio.com. Does assignedVehicle works? Because they are not assigned, but moved with moveIn command. So basically I cannot use leaveVehicle later since I don't know the vehicles name/id.... Does vehicle in the group also prevents from deleting group? Thanx for help
  2. Well tyler4171, you couldn't wait with announcement ;) I am just kidding. As I told you, there are major changes to structure of the files you have worked on, so they will have to be adjusted. Since Richey79 already made mission for OA, I thought that after the release me, Richey79 or you can combine these files. Any user created content is more than welcome and you can freely share it here or anywhere else. But for that you will have to wait to see new files.... And I am very pleased you are so eager to help - thanx buddy.
  3. Thanx, I will get straight to answers. 1) Yes, bases can be invisible, but the again, you have to keep the element of capturing the bases and turning them to your side (or loosing them). The invisible bases are part of the directional zones = zones that spawn different troops depending on direction from which you are approaching. However, it is also possible to make ghost bases = base that is activated during gameplay and it is connected to the story of campaign, for example a new camp or base that wasn't originally on the map, but one side created it (or you want as a part of the story / twist in the story to be created). I tested DAC, it is fabulous and I see it has long successful history. But re-creating DAC was never my goal. As you correctly noticed WICT is different story. So, I won't go further than that, because I have huge respect to DAC and I don't want to compare with. 2) The distance you are speaking about is currently set on 1km. I thought it is reasonable distance. Nevertheless, I'll make it editable for next version. 3) For the new version I've put all developer-related content under one control. In the current version you have (and that would be 1.0) go to startSettings.sqf and put debug = "yes"; on debug = "no". 4) Coming hopefully for the weekend (spoiler! ;)). Best regards, A2H
  4. Although I was on vacation I had time to brainstorm and sketch some ideas, so as soon as I recover from road trip I will start working on them. Thank you all for participating. Now let me answer to some questions and comments. Thank you for your time anyway. I am glad that such a fan appreciates this. I know it’s a hard time for infantry, therefore there will be plenty of vehicles to choose from, and you can easily make tank battles, or level like one after nuclear explosion in WiC where you have to collect, repair and gather armor vehicles. The mysterious .xls file is Microsoft Excel File that will help you determine cumulative frequencies for spawning probability. I will write about it in the manual so that this file is not required, but helpful. Didn’t write it better myself, congratulation and thanx zapat. Yes, this is FPS and not RTS. However, as I wrote before, as ArmA is not pure FPS because it has High Command, so WICT is not pure FPS either. The only thing I can think of is wrong base setup – more exactly wrong spawn probabilities. And what is exactly “near their base†– let me get this straight – no base (without exception) will spawn units if you are closer than defined spawning distance – default 250 m – which you can see in debug mode: picked base point will be none. It will try to find some other nearest base if such base exists. It is logical consequence that if enemy has only one base nothing will be spawned for enemy side. So this won’t work for 2 bases (one W one E) close to each other. This mode is meant for large scale operations. Increasing WICT_numAIg won’t give you more units on the field, which is little paradox. It will just prolong time after which Garbage Collector kicks in and starts working. What does it mean? 1) The list of spawned units, vehicles, groups and waypoints will grow bigger and bigger and bigger with each spawn. The complete list will be transferred to Garbage Collector once the groups limit is reached. You are aware that elongation of the list can drop FPS (creating new array, allocating space, copying old members and adding new one). 2) This can lead to drop in frames per second. 3) You will have more constant spawning turns before Garbage Collector starts working --- and his cycle is 10 sec, according to community info. I will change some spawning handles and scripts, so dropping down WICT_time won’t be a problem. Right now, it can be a disaster in combination with WICT_numAIg. You will push this script to its limits by setting it up this way, lots of coding is FSM that cannot overlap like SQF… I will fix all these things, but current version is sensitive to you “maniacs†;) - this is not zombie mode. Full explanation how to balance between performance and spawning rate will be in the manual. ------------------------------------- Richey79 I don’t know how to thank you enough. I see you had some problems and you said you worked them out and you posted a mission. Fantastic man! And you combined it with other modes, it’s brilliant. I will test it when I finish changes on this mod. Flag system will be different – I will implement neutral flags and more realistic flag capture. AI will be changed a lot, and also their priorities and capture-flag methods. I hope that after I release new improved module you will find more stuff to play with. About your remark “aims to be a fun mission rather than a realistic one†– ohh this can be very realistic, and you gave me idea. I will write in manual about counting particular units. Every base can have limited number of units, or every battle can have particular number of units. Although this is infinite spawning system, it is flexible enough to be realistic. Did you have anything else on mind when you wrote “not realistic� Thank you all people and write what you would like to see in this mode. Best regards, A2H
  5. Well, you have to put the markers where the bases are... You don't have to use example mission if you mean sqm file. You have to configure the bases and all units that will spawn have to be defined in UserSettings folder. It might seams a lot, but actually it's pretty simple. For a quick start you can just move the markers and trigger zones to different places and use the Excel file to get new numbers for spawning. You can put more tanks for example, to see how it's like. Cheers P.S. now I am really gone. See you guys in 10 days. Write here if something crosses your mind - what would you like to see in this module?
  6. @Curious is this what you had in mind? Enemy Mi-17 tracked me down in the safe zone area, I've got him with Stinger and it crashed right on my team and supply area... So I guess it's not safe anymore :) Always watch your back. You have to download it and try. You won't need screenshot nor video after that. It's not the effect - it's experience. [iM]http://i31.tinypic.com/334sz60.jpg[/img]>100kb Still 5 hours till road trip Katipo66 :) --EDIT-- Thanx zapat... And Hellfire257 and zapat I intend to expand it more. I had idea before "this week" :) worked a lot on that. My "past" seams to bother some people, but you can track down my posts and work if you like to know more about it. I try not to mention it again, to look forward and focus discussions here on the module that I am working on right now. yes, yes and yes I am glad I finally hit the target. Thanx man :)
  7. @Richey79 thanx, I am glad you tested it. @ray243 if you could be more specific I could be more specific. I think I made it clear in the post above -- they are totally different genres, that is a fact, I didn't "fall on my head". I am emotionally attached to the atmosphere and thrill moments I had playing WiC. I want to present that atmosphere here from first person perspective, to make player feel like a part of something bigger. After I put some High command this will get tactical perspective too. If you don't like it, you are free and very welcome to present your arguments here. If you want to see something more, have any suggestions, be my guest. People tried it, some of them like the warfare presented. I am open for discussion, comments and suggestions. Best regards, A2H
  8. CrazyAce I am really sorry man. In about 10 hours I am going to vacation, so I didn't have time to post full manual. I will do it when I come back, it's only 10 days. However, here is answer for you. In the demo I provided the player is placed inside trigger, that's true. Nevertheless, you can also make HOT zone. For example, imagine that you want to make ambush site. You will turn off the script (by calling quit.sqs) and then when player enters the zone you will activate it again. You can combine several approaches. What I am trying to say is that it isn't necessary to start the script immediately. The safe/hot zone was originally part of 360 infinite spawning system, but there was no reason for me to remove it. I will make demo missions presenting each one of the features when I come back, so it will be clear how to use it. Until then I posted this module because it's finished and thought people can play with it and experiment. Now, Haystack15 you are not the first one to say that. I've got a PM with such comment so here is my reply. Yes I played WiC and it's on my shelf, it has a special place. What I wanted is to make free-roaming mission that has exact atmosphere that WiC has. I wrote about that in Sandboxing ArmAII and recently I finished the module 360ISM. WICT is a spontaneous sequel. I know that WiC is RTS and A2 and WICT are FPS. But there is one thing I admire the most - atmosphere. It is honor for me to make this mod and call it WiC(T). The atmosphere should be like you started WiC and switched to first person - you have zones, points, reinforcements. To keep everything simple and in the spirit of free-roaming there are bases which spawn units and you can setup each base individually depending on which side controls it. Therefore, there is no element of buying units, but there was no construction in WiC neither (Company of heros had that :)). Plus A2 has its own construction module, so yes anyone can implement it and have reinforcements and buying units like WiC has. In WiC, in every single moment, you have a clear battlefront that you push and push until you conquer some point, and then hell starts - you have to defend it :D Thus my favorite mission was pushing enemy forces off the bridges and climbing my way up the hill through the small town, till I get to the church to find out that Bannon screwed up again and that you have to defend that place. Or when I was almost crushed, radio called and USS Missouri came to help. Or destroying submarines before they sail out. Or heavy gunships in France pounding down poor tanks. Oh boy. Atmosphere... And my biggest goal was to make every part of the map -- battlefield (if necessary). Not just randomly populating the world, so that units spawn nowhere and go nowhere. Or making predefined centers and spawn locations. WiC had the clear moments when spawning didn't end because you didn't step inside some circle -- but units didn't wander either. The battle was going on and on. Reinforcements on both sides. The action, the thrill. This is the matter of RTS. On the other hand a lots of shooters these days are successful only because two things: superb graphics and atmosphere, or both. Sadly, the common feature is that they capture the action and the thrill, but it repeats in the single player and they often have multiplayer to cover it -- Call of Duty, Battlefield, Medal of Honor -- you teammates are heros that cannot die (if there are AI teammates, or you are just a Rambo), and once you memorize the chain of events you can play it all the way through with closed eyes! AI has predefined cover places so first time you play you think they are smart ("oh bastard flanked me"). Second time "come on, he just run at my bullet". So the only thing that reaaaally dies during the gameplay is the atmosphere itself. Now, imagine free roaming that has thrilling action and great atmosphere where every single time you play it is completely different - where enemy tries to capture your base and points like in WiC and the moments like Normandy in CoD or armor battles in WiC and sneaking behind enemy lines are something that happens all the time and in unscripted, unbiased, not-predefined way... Now imagine it for COOP (or even MP). Imagine it as easy usable addon, so anyone can make warfare. That is my goal :cool: To make this even better. ArmA 4ever, yes sir. --EDIT-- @Curious - I think there is no point in taking screenshot of 3 tanks in flames or some squad in the fields. Maybe a video, yes, but I don't have time for that now. The best way is to download it and try. @Rommel thanx man, I will try that.
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    Sandboxing ArmA II

    Well Dice, that was my mistake. And I am glad you like the mod.
  10. Thanx Foxhound that's fantastic. I wish you can see smile on my face. Great man, thanx :D You have my complete gratitude.
  11. no M1n1d0u it is a module / addon, but it has a short demo. the tutorials will be similar, just a short demonstration of how to setup this module
  12. Thank you all, keep coming back with comments. --Change log-- -- Safe zone is working properly -- Russian base should be harder to take -- Little bit larger flag zones, so player doesn't have to come extremely close to capture the flag -- Fixed bad spawning of East regular infantry Cheers
  13. ArmAIIholic

    Sandboxing ArmA II

    Well the second part is over and I am glad I can announce that I've made WICT. Click on image in my signature. Cheers
  14. A few notes: I think that best probability combination (to start with) is : 45, 35, 10, 5, 5 . I played a little bit, found that I definitely have to tweak troop transport -- for example I will put 2 Humvees in a convoy, or one truck with full cargo with mixed units! And I will have to increase their speed. I had interesting situation that USMC tank captured the base, and later on soldiers so it is working. And it will be awesome on large scale map :D :D :D Ones I import neutral sectors and capturing and holding, this will be huge. Thank you community and all of you people. [sOLVED] There is a slight problem with trigger in the safe zone. The command player in thislist doesn't work when player enters the vehicle, strange but it seams it's not in the list anymore. So the conclusion is that all triggers should be grouped with player and his team. I will test it when I get back from vacation.
  15. As far as I am concerned I am done with 360ISM. The new module is here and I will continue to work on it. Let me know what you think about it. I think it's more realistic and that connection with the game that Katipo66 asked for will be much better. Cheers ArmAIIholic
  16. Welcome to the 360 degrees XYZ infinite spawning module (360ISM) for infantry for single player missions. created by ArmAIIholic You can find a description of this script on my website or you can visit thread I started here on the ArmA forum. It is a part of the much bigger idea, so if you are interested in more than infinite spawning script and instant battles read these: Sandbox game in non-sandbox editor http://www.agapije.in.rs/2010/06/sandbox-game/ or Sandboxing ArmA http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=100506 The easiest settings you’ve ever made – easy installation, implementation and settings – add this module, setup and play, your mission folder stays clean, no need to sync with player. Twenty easy tweakable settings make this script useful in any situation, from populating the world to creating patrols and huge AI battles. No predefined locations - every inch of the map is potential spawning point and, the most important, battlefield, there are no fixed bases, zones and/or HQs. It’s completely your choice and creativity. You can just start the script and sit back and enjoy. If you want to make intense firefights with few triggers and playable team this is a solution for you. Create instant huge battles with lots of AI and different development from play to play. However, anytime you want to bring back more tactical aspects of this game you are free to do that. Just turn off this script and proceed with a mission. No predefined pathways – depending on your settings the AI will have the goal to find you, everything else is on the in-game AI and fight they will engage in. Therefore, this gives the missions high replayability. Every time it will be different and player will have to adapt to the new situation. Change difficulty level or completely change game settings on the fly without terminating the script. Create safe, hot, gradient and directional zones for true sandbox-ization of ArmA. Module is open for adding custom teams and squads, special units or members of other factions, custom loadouts etc. No caching units, still you can deploy particular number of units or just let the script make a warfare for you. It’s fully compatible with any mission created in the editor. Stable version, tested, without bugs, with script handles and script flow control to ensure fluid infinite spawning warfare. Modular / hierarchical organization of scripts makes it very flexible. Downloads: not available for download anymore - switch myself to WICT. -------------------------------------------------------- Notes: This script is only for infantry and populating the world with patrols and squads. It's not meant to be for vehicles because they will probably have hard time navigating terrain. I am making something else for vehicles. If you have any questions, suggestions, or you are changing something and distributing this script, please let me now. Thank you and enjoy scripting. -------------------------------------------------------- Acknowledgement: First of all thank you [GLT]Myke for your help and always rich answers. You never make yourself misunderstood. Thanx pal. Second, thank you community and all the people that supported me with good and bad critics when I first posted Sandboxing ArmA II. Especially, thank you Katipo66 for support right from the beginning -- this is for you -- no scripting at all :D bobtom (for supporting me both *there* and here), tyler4171 for future adaptation for OA and these fellows here writing fabulous scripts BASIC spawn script. For a complete idiot. Me. Searched... ArmaII Object class library ArmA II & OA Classnames How do you create a module? Create units in battle
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    BIS_fnc_findSafePos ?

    Thanx ruebe for help. After studying these functions, I've chosen findSafePos for several reasons: 1) My spawning script already searches for position that is not in water and this way I can double check water and ponds when searching. 2) I don't have to check the output therefore I can put default spawning location = base, so if there is no safe position vehicles will spawn at the base which will be near the road, so they are ready to travel long distances (if needed of course). I got it working, so basically this question (above) / thread is solved. Thank you all
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    BIS_fnc_findSafePos ?

    That's why I won't search for safe pos for soldiers, but for tanks I will have "backup" pos, something like camp / base. Thanx. Muzzleflash thanx for keeping my brain wheels turning :D
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    BIS_fnc_findSafePos ?

    Thanx it's clear now. I found part where it says how the script picks new point in every attempt. Since there is the finite number of attempts I guess it's not CPU-intensive. That's because sampling area depends on max distance. And it is very interesting for next dilemma: is it better to set large or small maximum distance - because new point is at (random (_maxDist * 2)). That actually means large sampling zone, but lower "density of samples". The probability for skipping the important point is higher. P.S. I want to fully understand the process, before doing something. My brain is always on the run.
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    BIS_fnc_findSafePos ?

    Ok, thanx man. I though it is something like that. And the Trexian quote indicates that as well. I was wondering if it starts from the center of the island does it have "tendency" to search toward position that user originally specified, if you understand what I mean. It wouldn't be useful to place unit or waypoint near the center of the island just for a sake of placing it.... I think it would be completely useless. However, this is just "philosophically" because I don't know the facts, I am trying to think like a programmer that made it -- why not returning just false value if there is no such point instead of finding point in the middle of nowhere? On the other hand, searching the whole island for such point would take huge amount of CPU time... There must be a "purpose", "meaning" etc. These are my thoughts...
  21. Hey TRexian, thanx for clarification. My mistake about priorities of operations. The first abs will catch the -15, not (-15-360), so yes your script is just fine. My bad, my bad... However, I understand that the more points you make, the circle will be more perfect, but patrol's walk will be with lots of pauses (sterile), and vice versa. I posted above some response about circularity and what I meant to say (if it wasn't clear). There is difference between degrees, radians and azimuth, so I just wanted to share that with others, if someone don't know. I will use some of those snippets, so I checked them, and now I will adjust them for my module.
  22. @shk If I understood this correctly path should be circular, right? Therefore my testing was related to circularity, and if you know a little bit trigonometry you would ask yourself in the first place is the math correct. Do you know how to get coordinates if you are working with degrees? A little hint: there are 4 quadrants and 4 directions. I was just pointing out difference in the scripting and when to use degrees and when to use radians -- it is huge difference and importance. I suppose it is not enough for you? For sarcastic question - sarcastic answer. Just try to be more polite next time, ok? I didn't do you anything wrong. --IN ADDITION-- One more thing. From the picture you can see that angle 0 is facing South and it is going clockwise. This is also important to know, since azimuth or direction starts from North, which is huge difference. Therefore, knowing that you can easily turn any soldier toward or away from the central point of the circle, you can easily change the velocity of the vehicle etc. and all that without messing with direction vector. I think my info is very useful. Tell me if I am wrong. Cheers
  23. excellent, with images too :) thanx armatech
  24. excellent, with images too :) thanx armatech
  25. --CHECKED & SOLVED-- Math is still not correct. However, ArmA automatically converts degrees to radians!!! So the solution is quite ok, no need to change anything! Proof Excel --- degrees Excel --- radians ArmA --- degrees automatically to radians --ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF USING RADIANS-- ...is above mentioned findSafePos when looking for gradient i.e. 60 * (pi / 180) >> 0.0174532925. You just have to put it in radians, in contrary to the angle ;) --ANOTHER CONFUSING PROBLEM-- Does anyone check the math? @TRexian -- if I have an angle 0 and offset -15 that is actually the angle 360 - 15 = 345. Your script will give -15-360 = -375, and then abs is 375... Apparently it will work only for angles > 360, right? But, why abs then? You can choose any angle just by adding random positive value some k: 0<= k < 360 and then subtract 360 if it's greater than 360... Math is not ok, like in the example above. (I posted proofs because ArmA engine is doing things "silently" and I thought everyone should be aware of it)