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  1. It is all "about the player" :) All bases and tasks are found relative to the player's position. The AI is aiming for a marker = base. There are two bases at the airfield, but trigger makes them one. This process is more dynamic than it looks like at the glance. Let us assume there are two bases b1 for west and b2 for east. Now, west captures the base b2. In the next turn west base will be b1 or b2 (depending on which is active and I explained what that mean), but east base will be some b3, b4 or "next nearest". The effect will be coming of "reinforcements" that will try to re-capture b2 or capture b1. Of course you can regulate how close base must be to send "reinforcements" by setting WICT_scandist: -- lower values will give you more local battles -- higher values will give you reinforcements from distant bases If you put lower values you can let the player breathe, but only friend units will be spawn until you "find" enemy base. So be careful not to fill the script with friends units only. If you want to create safe zone there is other way to do it. The easiest way to check perimeters is to create one "dummy-trigger" that has size of WICT_scandist and move it over the map to see whether the base is in range. Be sure to have at least one enemy base in range. Or just put WICT_scandist to 10km and don't worry about anything. Hope this was helpful, Cheers, A2H
  2. You have a little bit more to digest :) Hmm bubble-spawn and survival...... Yes I thnik I understand (but real definition for bubble-spawn will be great ;)), WICT can be used for that too, but it is not all, really just a small part of it. For people not liking probability it can be quite deterministic -- you can set up the game as it was done in WiC. You can add some lines to each template that won't spawn anything if there is too much of it, i.e. you don't want more than 10 heavy tanks for east side. When they are dead, the script will be ready to spawn more. But I think that you meant scripted reinforcements and that is simply not my area of working. There is lot of good addons to be used and I am trying to make WICT compatible with them. On the other hand, anyone can use my templates in UserSettings to spawn more units, so scripted spawning of reinforcements shouldn't be a problem. Also WICT gives you all AI that it uses to your disposal. Reinforcements can use any AI, i.e. you can spawn a chopper full of CDF and use transportW.fsm that will gather all the data and give them orders that are best for the present situation on the battlefield: neutral sectors, enemy bases and position of the front line. There is really much more than it is written in the manual. With your help (guys) I can collect all ideas and write them down. However, the rest is really on creativity. WICT simply goes toward to add to that creativity without taking from you any possibility during mission creation. The ideas are more than welcome....................
  3. @zapat The original idea - is yours my friend. This is demo / template. Creativity is yours. There are basically two approaches one can think, so let us assume these solutions: 1) If you are already at the front of the base, that means you nearly overwhelmed your enemy, so you can: a) put more strong bases around main HQ b) let the "final" battle be easy - they are cut off and without backup c) wait for the start of the global assault = if there are enemies at other bases (we assume they hold it) they will come to help 2) Make stronger bases with new version of WICT :) Richey79 asked for possibility of excluding units from global assault and I implemented it to new version (v2.0 that will come when I finish MP). So there will be way of putting units inside base and keeping them there. 3) Manually spawning more units when you are really close to the base. The base can actually be empty while you are 1.5km away, but to spawn several squads when you approach. Put a lots empty static weapons, run static.sqf and I dare you to conquer such base. I will put all these stuff to additional references in the manual so thank you people for ideas. @Kremator -- good to have you back. Just take it easy with your eyes for a few days.
  4. I the demo mission there are 2 bases for West. It is possible that when you exit the first trigger the chosen base will be b3. You see, the script is searching for bases. The b1 will be too close at the beginning and the next nearest is b3. So b3 will be the choice. Yes only one enemy and one friend base at each turn. Two bases near each other will both spawn units if YOU/player is further than 250, but the enemy will spawn "in the courtyard" of the other base....Opposite is maybe not a right word. Turn debug mode on and analyze the choice of the base. I am glad you like the mode and that you find it both fun and easy to setup. Kremator asked me about AUTO settings aka. easy settings and always different gameplay. Here is the solution and I will put it in the next manual: There is no button... But that option is extremely easily achievable through setting up the base and all because this script supports complete randomness as it supports complete determinism. The spawning probability should be 7.6% for all 13 classes = that is 98.8% of chance that something will be spawn and it will be completely different every time! These are the numbers you should write for EVERY base: 7.6 15.2 22.8 30.4 38 45.6 53.2 60.8 68.4 76 83.6 91.2 98.8 Now tell me how fun is that? :bounce3: Cheers :D A2H
  5. @zapat Yes the problem is placement of bases. The bases should be opposite to each other to get a battlefront. If they are close you can still get the battlefront, but it would be a "mess" with lots of units flanking. Now the problem was not proximity of bases! The problem was your proximity as the player to West base - you were closer than 250 which is spawning distance. There is the part in startSettings.sqf that says: In other words base will be active if: 1) it is nearest 2) it is further than WICT_sd 3) it is closer than WICT_scandist So your base wasn't further thatn WICT_sd If there is anything I can help, just ask. Cheers
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    I responded here. I hope it will be helpful. Cheers
  7. 1) UserSettings is not WICT at all. It is just a data base, so any AI that is overriding scripted action is core file in the pbo. If there are active flags or no active flags, units will receive orders to form a battlefront --- when they form it they will patrol the area or guard it. That's why you experience circling around. 2) Every time the AI starts it gives the orders and shuts down. There is no continually running scripts (except the core), so even if you shut down WICT units will not just stop. They will continue to follow dynamically created waypoints (that were assigned to them in the spawning process). Solutions: a) start WICT after ALL scripted events, b) stop WICT, spawn some more units and give them your orders. c) remove execution of BIN_taskDefend.sqf and static.sqf from init.sqf. They also can affect editor placed units (in fact they are calling AI from pbo). 3) WICT is dynamic environment, but still you can disableAI "MOVE" if you want to keep units in the base, for example. At any point you can enable it again. What I might do is to make an empty array that will hold units from the editor that are excluded form global assault. It will complicate things for MP a little bit, though. I will look for some other solution, maybe some label in the initial line of every unit that should be excluded, if such thing exists. I thought it is better solution to just turn WICT off. When WICT is not running there is also no memory clearing, and thus global assault. At least it should be so, therefore to be really sure I will make that script terminate also (in the new version). 4) No, I don't have OA installed yet. Only ArmA2 1.07. 5) As I wrote, WICT won't, but BIN_taskDefend.sqf and static.sqf from init.sqf might screw editor placed units' behavior. Try removing those lines completely. There is no such reason for WICT to start out of nowhere and command the units on the field. I really don't believe that it is a bug or incompatibility of WICT with OA. If it is off -- it is off. UserSettings should not / doesn't have to do anything with core scripts (they refer to them only after spawn). I hope this was helpful. At least you gave me some ideas to think about. Cheers, A2H --EDIT-- Look at the line in the init.sqf /* Now this part searches for groups already present and give them orders */ It clearly says what is going on after that line. Just delete everything or put it as a comment.
  8. No, they have full 100% each turn. But west have a little bit "stronger" spawn, yes. If you go from the base to the right you will encounter more east infantry than if you go left toward fuel sector. But from time to time it can happen (because it is Poission distribution) that you encounter up to 3 or even 4 T-72 heading the main HQ. And believe me they can take the base...... This is demo mission and it suppose to be easy, yes. The fuel sector is easy to take, but putting some guerrilla that are hostile to both sides would be excellent for a campaign :D It is hard to imagine that such amount of fuel is unprotected, right? You can face your player in your campaign with whatever you want. That's why this is a tool.
  9. Coming soon. In the meantime try with these 5 guys, you can switch at any time. And of course for long campaigns and true free roaming / sandbox game re-spawn is a must!
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    As I said since I have only A2 installed I didn't test it, but here are few hints: -- you can plan WICT to add certain amount of groups to the battlefield -- make .sqf that runs in the background and do some busy waiting in the beginning while {count allGroups < WICT_numAIg} do {sleep X+2.5;} After that just end the script by calling quit.sqs. -- pump up WICT to spawn at the time X and increase the spawn distance (just take into account the distance from the base - if too close nothing will spawn) - make the WICT run fast in small intervals and without time randomization, in order to quickly spawn desired amount of units and then shut down -- synchronize these two scripts by setting the time X+2.5 >> your WICT_time + WICT needs 2.5 seconds to finish the turn The other solution (for WICT not taking control over "script" units) is to use it only for adding small and occasional amount of random units. You can do that by setting spawning probability to 50% and not spawning probability to 50% (or any other combination a+b=100). In other words base must have some "unused spawn points". These are possible solutions for making WICT not interfere with scripted part of the mission. (I will put these solutions in the next manual) Best regards, ArmAIIholic -- Question? -- How did you create a convoy? You have an example of small convoy in my scripts, never had problem with their movement. The "crews" must be in the same group in column formation, that's all the trick. If the destination point is far away and behavior is careless or safe they will use the road(s) mainly. All you have to do is to put them near road and set destination point(s) on the roads or intersections, that's all.
  11. Yes and no: yes it's generating dynamic battlefield(s) and no you won't be respawned in this version (v1.8). This is only for single player and there are 4 more switchable teammates. 1) I have to tweak deleting of vehicles and speed of the vehicles. 2) I will work on implementing F2 into this module and making it distributable with the mission, not as separate addon, so it would be a tool, as the title says (v2.0). 3) I was thinking about User Setting MP = yes / no which will change script according to if it's used for SP or MP. Therefore it would take into account switchable / playable units F2 has Norrin's revive script and respawning. I will try to enable respawning at the nearest west base if known or at the place player died if not. This is intend to be a tool for COOP campaigns rather than multiplayer missions, because they don't use AI that much. One more thing -- there is no respawning of AI -- to get that straight. Once the AI unit is dead it won't be just replaced with the same unit. The script is completely dynamic and every turn is a different spawn. ---------------------------------------------------------------- @Richey79 They got the order before they jumped under your command because when the static.sqf script starts it doesn't take into consideration player's group. Nevertheless it seams you made it excellent --- first the static script starts and after that your script puts them under player's command. Nice one.
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    New version is out and it probably won't be compatible with scripted part. Unfortunately, in order to make WICT work smooth, I had to consider all units in the game when it comes to cleaning memory for spawning more -- consequence is that all alive units will participate in global assault - if there is known base. Solution is: -- either making script part with WICT turned off, or -- increasing AI number so cleaning memory won't start immediately I will install OA soon, just to make sure that my module is working ok under A2. Then I will test your mission. And right now, even without testing I can say well done, bro! Looking forward to see you sanity ;)
  13. Maybe you could try WICT I created. It will be soon available for multiplayer too, so you could stay tuned. Some people are already working on OA version and you can try some SP with v1.0 and v1.5. The current version is 1.5, the 1.8 will be available today I hope so. For now it is tested for single player. The version 2 will be multiplayer compatible. Cheers --EDIT-- didn't see civilians... so sorry :(
  14. @twisted the number of spawns is not infinite since there is limitation on the number of groups, as you know. there is also limit in the script itself. the script will try to remove "dead groups" and all other (alive) groups will begin global assault at the base that was attacked last -- the question is will they kill each other "enough" to make room for more units :D in this way the script is not removing units that are "far away" but economically manipulates with spawned units. the script will run until you stop it so in some way it is infinite. units are spawned in such way they form a battlefront. if you read the manual you will find that there are several ways of changing number of units that are spawned. the advanced method is to make a global variable Tag_varname, and to count units. so if you want only 10 tanks on the battlefield you can get 10 tanks on the battlefield. @Kremator why all people ask for a scripts? :) (I mean for any module) I am just curious, not rude (for the record)... The addon is "standalone", I don't get it. If you want to participate in development we can make an arrangement. @Richey79 thanx man, you rock! --EDIT-- @twisted I wrote in the manual: The WICT: World in Conflict Tool is ArmAII module for infinitely creating dynamic battlefronts and ultimate free roaming experience.
  15. very bloody with lots of explosions! --EDIT-- New version coming today!
  16. found one after-save problem (maybe what langgis08 found): although the state of the scripts stays the same = all scripts continue to work after load, the arrays, like the array that stores, all groups are gone... there is no CTD though. therefore script that suppose to clear memory doesn't work. it seams also that editor units are not adding to that list as I wanted to, so now I have dilemma: 1) trying to fix that 2) simply use allGroups - player group - but than all editor placed units will react = they will leave the base (and I want to made that behavior optional...) there are some more issues, they are in spoiler in the #1 post :( --EDIT-- Definitely something wrong with passing /this/ from the soldier's initial line and finding his group in the script.... I didn't even manage to create decent waypoint for such group. I will stick to spawning units. They are responding ok. So I will switch to finding all groups. Who ever wants to make scripted mission will have to turn off WICT or to increase number of AI, because from now on the clearing script will set all units (except those mounting weapons) on the move -- massive global assault --- which is not bad at all (soldiers coming out of bases etc.) but just to be announced. >>> This will also solve the problem with script, lags and potential crashes. And I don't have strength and time to store these data in files. It is not necessary. Script will be smooth and after turning on all units will be considered, which again is good. Also done some additional testings, some long run --- units are responding fantastic --- I captured airfield and fuel depot. But somewhere around (it wasn't debug mode, so I don't know when) spawning stopped for a while, my tank got wrecked and I continued on foot toward Russian HQ. :) In the mean time Russians captured airfield, cost base and fuel depot and left me in the middle of nowhere. Brilliant!!! Anyone else having such experience?
  17. Ok, you two, but don't "fight" here, people will miss my announcement that there is a new version of the module :) And I made such a nice announcement :D I also made some additional testings. It is definitely good base placement since OPFOR re-captured neutral sector after I tried to capture airport. And it was a mess down there since majority of my units where heading there. Lots of explosions. I had to turn around to capture fuel sector again, because it is huge advantage, both for me and them -- it gives a lots of heavy tanks and choppers. But they got me.... AT got me. I have to say even I am surprised... The beach sector is kind a weak, the base b3, which is good. There are only infantry and they are slow and vulnerable. And they are cut off. For example, if you manage to get to that sector without capturing airport that would be disaster. West HQ is more than 1km away so there will be no reinforcements for the player. Fantastic. I also had situation that I've took down their transportation chopper and suddenly there were parachutes, I tried taking one after another, but again AT survived... The end. Hilarious....
  18. ANNOUNCEMENT --- the new version is out. It was quicker than I thought... I hope you will enjoy it. Best regards, A2H
  19. Ok thanx Kremator. I believe langgis08 said it happens before capturing airport base and that it could be reproduced by loading save game. By the way I shortened array that keeps "trash" and the new module version won't use Garbage Collector anymore -- I wrote my own script. We will see how it works. It is never useless to mention that there might be some problems in compatibility. Thanx you both.
  20. Maybe there is something fragile there, I will pay attention to that, maybe I'll run into that bug to squeeze it if it's in WICT.
  21. JB1528 I am too busy working on new release --EDIT-- after release I might do it
  22. langgis08 I didn't quite understand what you have written... :( I reeaally don't know half of these things / abbreviations / code lines in the first spoiler except ACE and CBA. CO = Combined Operations? I didn't have any problems when reloading, spawning continues. Script for capturing bases will be different, so maybe next version will be better. I cannot think any reason why WICT could not be compatible with any other mod. It is basically infinite spawning script, so if "plain" spawning works, i dunno why WICT shouldn't... Yet it could be AI giving some opposite orders or.... :( Maybe because of FSM.... Maybe you can give it a try with new release that will come out soon. I am not using ACE so I cannot tell. Maybe you can provide some -showScriptErrors. Anyone else having a clue? :( :confused:
  23. is it possible to make a script that will allow player to save again manually? I know that player can Alt+Tab game, delete old save game and save again (yes, yes I know it is cheating...). Now, is it possible to do this with script? Or something similar? For example, player enters the trigger (which is safe zone i.e.), then it autosaves (saveGame), but it also enables manual saving. I tried enableSaving, but it doesn't work (or I am doing something wrong). Thanx for help
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    crew... :( of course... thanx, dunno how I missed that. now I will solve my problem by checking if the vehicle has no crew or it is destroyed and then delete it. thanx man