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  1. WICT_scandist is maximum distance for searching for bases from current position of the frontline (battlefront). In other words all bases that are further than this distance will be excluded from spawning process. If enemy units are spawning near your base you should increase spawn distance and there is possibly some base that is near US base. Try to make some "room". That won't affect spawning process and battlefront position.
  2. There is not much point in initializing the pre-placed units for class-like behavior, since you will be in the base - I guess. Now if really you want to do so use: null = [] spawn {sleep 10; this doFSM ["WICT\AI\[color="Red"]infantry2W[/color].fsm", [0,0,0], this];}; and after 10 seconds they will attack -- assuming that WICT started and that there is known base!!! Just read manual to see which AI you should use. Cheers
  3. 1) yes, you got it right --- no name = participate in massive attack, has name = stands there or follow waypoints from editor 2) class is not important for editor / pre-placed units 3) when massive attack starts there is only one order - attack known enemy base 4) numAIg = number of spawned groups + number of pre-placed groups 5) they are in number of pre-placed groups 6) that has nothing to do with name. for pre-placed units you either: a) create waypoints b) put null = [group this,(getPos this),250] execVM "WICT\AI\BIN_taskPatrol.sqf"; or null = [group this,(getPos this),250] execVM "WICT\AI\BIN_taskSweep.sqf"; or null = [group this,(getPos this)] execVM "WICT\AI\BIN_taskDefend.sqf" --EDIT-- I think that max number of units in group is 20.
  4. Well since you did something already, it is quite easy to continue. You have to open folders in UserSettings and change units. In E_reginf e.g. 1.sqf will be: if (WICT_Server) then { _Eg= Creategroup EAST; _Unit1= _Eg createUnit ["[color="Red"]TK_INS_Soldier_TL_EP1[/color]",[(getMarkerPos "WICT_spawnLocation") select 0,(getMarkerPos "WICT_spawnLocation") select 1,0],[],0,"FORM"]; _Unit2= _Eg createUnit ["[color="Red"]TK_INS_Soldier_4_EP1[/color]",[(getMarkerPos "WICT_spawnLocation") select 0,(getMarkerPos "WICT_spawnLocation") select 1,0],[],0,"FORM"]; _Unit3= _Eg createUnit ["[color="red"]TK_INS_Soldier_EP1[/color]",[(getMarkerPos "WICT_spawnLocation") select 0,(getMarkerPos "WICT_spawnLocation") select 1,0],[],0,"FORM"]; _Unit4= _Eg createUnit ["[color="red"]TK_INS_Soldier_2_EP1[/color]",[(getMarkerPos "WICT_spawnLocation") select 0,(getMarkerPos "WICT_spawnLocation") select 1,0],[],0,"FORM"]; _Unit2 setunitrank "CORPORAL"; _Unit1 setunitrank "SERGEANT"; _Unit1=leader _Eg; _Unit1 setDir WICT_angleE; _Unit1 doFSM ["WICT\AI\infantryE.fsm", [0,0,0], _Unit1]; {_x addEventHandler ["killed", {_this execVM "f\common\f_removeBody.sqf"}];} foreach units _Eg; sleep .5; WICT_clutch = 1; }; That's what I meant when I said East group... I really got to finish some other things before doing that. http://www.armatechsquad.com/ArmA2Class/indexOA.php Now, tyler4171 and Richey79 made some conversions, but as I said, I will take a look after next release. It is priority for now. Cheers --EDIT-- Now, try to place 1 Unit from all factions and set it's probability of presence to zero. If you did this: like I showed above, than you have everything you need man.
  5. Yes, the templates in the UserSettings are for A2 only, for now. Sorry. Still working on development.
  6. Yes, just any opposite side, to serve as HQ center. Any enemy / red one bad guy :DJust try it, experiment.
  7. Just to get this dedi server working, there will be, I'll try it with fraps. There are some pics in this thread...
  8. 1) why not :) both sides can have access to one type of vehicles. 2) A2 doesn't have many armor, but I wanted to separate medium from heavy tanks because OA has some, and this module is completely open for implementing custom models and I saw some on armaholic.com. you can think about implementing some
  9. I have to finish the fix for dedi server. I will then work on making templates and UserSettings for OA. After that if I have time I will make some mission. However, I am counting on you guys to make something with this tool. Did you wrote 7.6 for every unit (as you wrote that you did, and from your description that nothing spawns) e.g. E_reginf = 7.6; E_at = 7.6; E_sup = 7.6; ... or you wrote: E_reginf = 7.6; E_at = 15.2; E_sup = 22.8; ... The second example is what you should wrote (cumulative probability). The first example will rarely and only spawn E_reginf (7.6)... others have probability zero. Here is the original post. Cheers
  10. Kremator: Norrin's script is part of F2, so it is no part of WICT. I am adding Multiplayer Framework, and after I finish the v2.2 beta I will send you to test it before release. It is possible -- there is auto start option. Or you can just delete the line that calls quit.sqs from the trigger. Thanx Foxhound. I will contact you about v.2.2. dhellfox: Excel will give you the numbers you have to write in each base, so you don't have to manually calculate cumulative spawning probabilities. You will get the list of numbers, they you just write it in that order in setupW or setupE. E.g. you want (for east e.g. b256 ;)): Regular infantry 20% = 20 Snipers 5% = 25 Medium tanks 15% = 40 Probability sum 40 How much more to "spend"? 60 Then you will write: case "b256": { [color="Red"][b]E_reginf = 20[/b][/color]; E_at = 0; E_sup = 0; [color="red"][b]E_snip = 25[/b][/color]; E_spec = 0; E_trans = 0; E_lightveh = 0; E_ifv = 0; [color="red"][b]E_mtank = 40[/b][/color]; E_htank = 0; E_mchop = 0; E_hchop = 0; E_wing = 0; }; I will clarify that in the manual. What else is the problem?
  11. I am glad you like it dax01 and dhellfox, I told you it is easy. I will write that way of creating new mission too, although it already says what to do with other maps, but it is always possible that I didn't make it clear enough. dhellfox, as I told dax01 (see above), you don't have to change the spawn distance to keep it chaotic. Just change scan distance. --EDIT-- I've got some very interesting moments with warfare raging all around and me trying to heal AI teammates. With Norrin's Revive Respawn this could be huge for COOP. Here are some images. [iM]http://i38.tinypic.com/4tx5wx.jpg[/img]>100kb [MG]http://i36.tinypic.com/vpe2kx.jpg[/img]>100kb
  12. Ok that's a good news. At least something is working. Or....? What does it mean "seems to work fine"? :o Now, I don't get it what would be wrong with markers? What do you mean? And can you inform me what is the difference: dedicated server vs. some other server? I googled it, but I cannot find the specific answer. I will search more in order to find solution. Thanx Kremator --EDIT-- I think I might found the solution My FSMs were only using isServer, but I will put isServer or isDedicated. That's all I can think off for now... It's getting late and I will do it tomorrow. I hope Kremator you will have time to test it.
  13. ha ha ha thanx :D langgis08 you made me laugh. I am 26, don't have kids yet ;) I will put this in manual under "what is WICT". fantastic. thanx can't wait confirmation whether MP works....
  14. ArmAIIholic

    Ambient Combat Module

    For everyone who are willing to try I created a tool -- World in Conflict Tool = WICT --- for developing missions that are free-roam and has dynamic battlefronts (dynamically created frontlines, flag capture etc.). It is for SP/COOP/MP. I thought I might post that here, because first time I mentioned I want to make a module, everyone said you have ACM. I visited this thread (as I was told to do) and saw that people still can't get it to work and I swore to myself that when I finish it I will announce it here too. It might need some testing and work around multiplayer, but it's a minor thing (in the process). Just click on the image in my signature. Cheers
  15. The WICT v.2.1 is released! I hope that I fixed multiplayer. -- added Sickboy's 6thSense.eu script to determine if machine is Ingame Server, Ded Server, Player or JIP Player -- all WICT scripts run if NOT (T_Client && !T_Server) meaning NOT ClientOnly ----- all tempaltes are wrapped in this code, but nothing else is changed -- no need to specify game type: no it is detecting the game type, so basically you can just save the demo provided as multiplayer I tested both SP and MP. I was able to host LAN MP and WICT was running without problem. Is there any way I can "join myself". I hope that there won't be a problem anymore, but just in case... Cheers --EDIT-- dhellfox: don't merge it -- open .sqm and replace all "utes" with "chernarus". rename folder suffix to .chernarus. then just edit the template :) I didn't find any problem. That is the part of the manual that says: ArmA2, Operation Arrowhead, other maps
  16. SpetS15: yes you have to download the full version. The light version is for people that have created mission with this tool and want to provide separate download link to the addon. dhellfox: the most simplest way is just to copy/paste.... 1) there are auto settings 2) just copy/paste bases with triggers... it is basic work with editor. If you need help we can work a step-by-step together. However, I am trying to fix multiplayer. zapat will make a mission and Richey79 already did for OA. Cheers --EDIT-- And dhellfox -- where did you find chaotic? :) These are dynamic battlefronts. The frontline is dynamically created, units are trying to capture the bases, neutral sectors, organizing global assault, they will defend the area, mount static weapons, organize patrols etc. :) Did you try a simple thing to change values for spawning probabilities for bases?
  17. Thanx dax01. I would like to make it work in multiplayer, though... Find WICT_scandist in the startSettings and increase it to 10000 (10km). It will always find some base. Leave other settings as they were (you don't have to increase trigger area or spawn distance). Cheers
  18. Kremator: well, if you want to be a client only, technically it is possible. Some thing should though execute like info about capturing the base. I'll think about that, although the addon is not so big. I will try to wrap code that should be executed into isServer, instead of exiting if !isServer... --EDIT-- isServer returns false only on client [resource] found one more thing -- will try to implement it...
  19. This is a disaster... Should spawning script run o server only? I am a little bit :confused: If I run it on every client that would make enormous number of units, right? Anyone can help, give a suggestion? Thanx
  20. Kremator: all WICT files run only on server. if (!isServer) then {breakOut "main"}; Now F2 framework is what should "move" the multiplayer. Maybe this will be helpful during testing. I managed to start it on LAN as server and it worked. I don't have opportunity to really test MP, so I am relaying on F2 that works.
  21. nedley just don't forget (in a hurry) to check settings --- you have to put game type on coop cheers
  22. ArmAIIholic

    Sandboxing ArmA II

    I finally got my project well rounded. I am proud to present World in Conflict Tool v.2.0 which supports MP and it is more than I ever imagined to be from this module. It just evolved every minute I spent creating it. Cheers
  23. ANNOUNCEMENT WICT v2.0 is released! Cheers P.S. now I need advertisement and more users :) spread the word if you like it ;)
  24. yeap, I can make them come from the base and that would be always > spawn distance. I did that for choppers for troop transport since they are fast and they don't need safe position. will be changed. thanx zapat and Kremator. zapat: happy holiday. maybe when you return there will be v2.0... who know... looking forward to have you back and to see your missions and hear your ideas.
  25. That was the very idea of ghost bases -- your heli-spawn base is a ghost base = don't put it in any list, not even neutral!!! It simply doesn't exist until some mission-important-event happen. That base has a trigger, but since it doesn't exist on any list (west, east, neutral) it won't be considered and it can't be captured = that means really doesn't exist. Make a .sqf that will activate/execute when AA is down that will say: WICT_wbl = WICT_wbl + ["b2"]; "b2" setMarkerColor "ColorBlue"; (optional for a size if it is not visible on the map) "b2" setMarkerSize [1, 1]; Now b2 will be west and you have no problem with AI what so ever. I will make a ghost base function for the next version and I will put this discussion in the Q/A part of the manual. The idea(s) for the mission is excellent. Finally you are scratching the surface of the WICT :D Well done and thanx for ideas and suggestions. Keep the ideas coming and if you need any, I mean any, help please ask. Best regards, A2H