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    CO@ 20 Into the hills Panthera [sandbox]

    Small fixes and tweaks in version v1.2a. You can also check The Road to the Altar by zapat Cheers
  2. ArmAIIholic

    CO@ 20 The Road to the Altar (Chernarus)

    First reply zapat :D
  3. Thanx for testing and informing Kremator, really great news. :yay::yay:
  4. ArmAIIholic

    CO@ 20 Into the hills Panthera [sandbox]

    New version updated v1.2
  5. New version WICT v3.2 updated Into the hills added The Road to the Altar by zapat
  6. ArmAIIholic

    CO@ 20 Into the hills Panthera [sandbox]

    I fixed the problems addressed up and uploaded new version v1.1
  7. What are you running? New download -- fresh v3.0 or some combination? I didn't have any problems with my runs and also there is no such file BIN\AIzTaskdefend.sqf. --EDIT-- If you are using some combination or you didn't updated all files and made necessary changes I cannot guarantee that it will work. I had to change some important parts so that why there is a huge jump in the versions from v2.32 to v3.0. However AI part was running before on Dedi and I didn't change that. More info will be appreciated.
  8. ArmAIIholic

    CO@ 20 Into the hills Panthera [sandbox]

    known issues so far: -- patrol chopper crashes due to low hight -- small number of pre-placed patrols -- problems (?) with trigger at OPFOR HQ will check and fix it soon
  9. Ok zapat. I will take a look and I will modify it if necessary, then post it as your mission, is it ok? Thanx for source. --EDIT-- EXCELLENT WORK ZAPAT you really have feeling for action. I will make a COOP from this, add Norrin's revive script and more players. Cheers
  10. I made a new version of WICT and I wrote proper credits for you Murklor. If anyone is interested I used this: _trigger = _this select 4; _orders = _this select 5; So for example : //------------------------------------------------------------------------ // Put the script on hold until the mission is active while {call compile format ["!%1",_trigger]} do { sleep WAITING_PERIOD; }; //------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is how I rewrote sleeping part. I cut off dummy groups and waypoints and just complied orders : _compiled = compile _orders; call _compiled; Thanx for great script, Best regards, ArmAIIholic
  11. ArmAIIholic

    Island Panthera for ArmA 2

    I created CO20 sandbox / free roam mission for Panthera if anyone is interested. I thought it is convenient to post announcement here, since I downloaded map from here. Thanx for the great island and jungle/hills/desert fights. It is fantastic for sandboxing.
  12. New releases on the first post: WICT v3.0 and OA template Into the hills free roam mission for Panthera
  13. ArmAIIholic

    BIS_fnc_findSafePos ?

    I found on my skin what does it mean _this select 8: (optional) default positions (Array of Arrays): (_this select 8) select 0: default position on land (Array) (_this select 8) select 1: default position on water (Array) (Array of Arrays) I was trying to find suitable ground location for spawning with safe position already know, but I didn't put [_safepos] which lead to an error and stopped the script. _groundloc = getMarkerPos "some_point"; _safepos = getMarkerPos "some_point"; _groundloc = [_groundloc,0,15,10,0,50*(pi/180),0,[],[_safepos]] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; Now I know that it IS an array in array
  14. :) hey Kremator I don't know what are you mixing out there and what is your ";)" why secrets? :butbut: yes of course WICT can be mixed with any mod, but I am hoping that you are not trying to re-write it (or someone else) ? if you have some interesting solutions or mixes (like you wrote me in PM) please share with us -- write them here or make a new thread with your mission that will present the WICT and your GM capabilities. I pls you as a friend...
  15. I've fixed that. It will be ok in v3.0. Cheers
  16. I hope so, for now, until I release v3.0. Sorry :(
  17. Yeap, I thought a little bit about 3 messages you sent me. They should circle around the base... I will have to change that, since they are not connected to the battlefront anymore as they should... :( They should be spawned far far away, but I never thought that this tweak will change behavior. Thanx for debugging. Again sorry for inconvenience. I am working on the v3.0, so I will put fix there. It might take a while until I release it..... One correction can be to set displacement for all air units to zero - that will make them circle around bases - friendly or enemy.
  18. Hi Murklor, This script is gorgeous in its beauty and I simply have burning desire to implement it in my module WICT. But I will have to change some things... Do I have your permission to adapt your script for WICT and make it work with Dedicated server? Also I want to put in the manual "Powered by..." or something like that, so some Logo or Avatar, or some crazy title except "Editor based AI spawn script by trigger" would be great. You did your job excellent, now just a little more effort is needed from you, so I can make proper credits in my module. Best regards and huge respect, ArmaIIholic --EDIT-- I already changed it., wasn't so difficult. I made only one script group.sqf instead of first_group, second_group etc. and I removed dummy groups and waypoints, implementing other method to preserve them. All I need is your permission now.......
  19. Well that is the right method, and you are right, it works on every island. The first file - basic aka. the base on which you build - must be for an island you want to make and the second one that is merging with first has to be template. I wasn't "lying" when I said easiest settings you've ever made :cool: But I want to make a story for Pathera, make objectives, and to add some artillery, support, scripted parts etc. To place special bases, not auto set bases. To add some other modules. It is not big job, but I won't have time this week. And yes bobtom - infantry on Panthera, mission is called "Up the hills", remember ? ;) Cheers --EDIT-- I posted your comment on the first page. For Combined Ops you might need to combine spawning templates. I added that remark.
  20. You mean E-ifv/1.sqf file --- M113_TK_EP1??? --EDIT-- :D the three of us are working pretty well :D and we are fast I re-uploaded the Takistan template :)
  21. I am sorry for inconvenience. The wrong version was uploaded as v2.32. Thank you zapat. Re-uploaded and mistake hopefully corrected. --EDIT-- I re-packed and re-uploaded it and it says 126 504 bytes, August 22 2010.
  22. ArmAIIholic

    Ambient/Freeroam Takistan

    I have an answer for you > World in Conflict Tool WICT. It is the same as mix of World in Conflict and Mercs with factions going around and taking bases and capturing neutral sectors, defending these sectors, patrolling around or going into global assault to act like reinforcements and help their teammates to capture other bases. All of that no matter what you do. It is a living breathing world. You can stand in one place and just watch the messages pop on the screen: "We captured the base", "We lost the base", "Enemy has captured neutral sector" etc. You can use it for SP/COOP/PvP. It will give you dynamic battlefronts like you've never seen before, not just random spawning without meaning. You have demo mission for A2 and OA, and in the same time it is a template to get you started. There is full version for mission developers or light for players. The template for Takistan is out since yesterday. You can download that template and which ever version you prefer for the beginning. Here is the video on Youtube, WICT trailer for A2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-A9hq-S1Zu8 This video is long and has four parts: 1) WiC introduction 2) Soldier perspective of WICT -- 1:37 -- some light settings 3) Over the field view -- first gameplay -- 3:00 4) Over the field view (IMO best part!) -- second gameplay with same starting settings, but completely different development of events -- 6:00, i.e. to show you the dynamics and completely different spawning set based on true dice roll (like RPG). At the very end there is "satellite" view, so you can clearly see the magnitude of the battlefield (although, like with many other settings in WICT, there is absolutely no limit!). Of course, this module supports complete randomness (there is auto settings option), but also making sectors like infantry, specops, tanks, small camps, or huge bases, etc. And you can click on my signature to take to the thread. Best regards, ArmAIIholic P.S. I hope there will be such mission soon, some fellows told me it will be ready till the end of the next week. I am making a break from scripting, and then I will make a mission for Panthera island first.
  23. 2.32 is the latest version. message about 2.2 is a mistake from version 2.3 --- therefore you have either 2.2 or 2.3. but v2.32 has that part corrected. download again and set up the module, then test it. If there is still a problem let me know, maybe I did upload something else... If there is problem with spawning (particularly) on Dedi (but you can do it anyway) ungroup all GameLogics from functions' module. And be sure that you updated all files == install fresh WICT.utes and test it. As I said: -- changed spawning position in templates e.g. a) all (getMarkerPos "WICT_spawnLocation") are replaced with WICT_spwnPos b) also now it is _groundloc = WICT_spwnPos; Did you change the templates, so that they match v2.32 ?? If you don't know how to do it, zip your mission and send me, I will fix it and send you back. Use rapidshare, filebeam or any other service. Send me PM, don't post it here. ----------------------------------------------------- I am thinking about making a free roam mission for Panthera island. If anybody has ideas please PM me. Here is the map: http://icebreakr.com/islands/panthera/panthera_map.jpg
  24. ArmAIIholic

    Ambient Combat Module

    Here is what I wrote above: The new WICT is out, so check it. It is tested on Dedi and it is working. There is also a template for OA Takistan. You can check a Youtube video on this url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-A9hq-S1Zu8 Enjoy
  25. ArmAIIholic

    Error message on dedi server

    The conflict was grouping modules / game logics with functions' module. They should be ungrouped. It is solved now, and there is also OA Takistan template for v2.32, so you can test it. Enjoy