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  1. Thanx very much for detailed explanation. I will think about it. Actually it would be excellent since that way player could also put static defenses (that AI would mount if empty) and make some barbwires and it would be something like Company of Heroes... hmm, nice one really. And they will gain funds by killing and capturing. You are very creative. --EDIT-- I've found fantastic coin script here.
  2. 2) That would be excellent, but since F2 has Construction Interface (COIN) Presets, I will maybe use that in some point of the mission if it is possible to enable it later. But probably without using ghost base, since it is a fixed position and I don't want that. 5) I already see that SecOp is very powerful thing and I will use it. But some type of missions, like convoy assault will be triggered in particular area. Depending on time I have for making missions I should make some assassination or stealth or dunno.... Will see.... 6) There are three zones for now that I will use for huge scripted battles, 50 tanks on each side etc. 6a) There is a radio call that spawns Humvees and truck, and all other more heavy vehicles will be reward when you enter some zone and they will not respawn again. And also there is a HALO option that team leader can activate, so it will be enough. 7) It is huge Battlefield + Mercanaries 2 + GTA4 + Red dead Redemption, so I cannot easily come up with suitable name :D :bounce3:
  3. I uploaded new map, added two neutral sectors, 15 bases total, all bases are finished, now SecOps and scripted battles. Cheers
  4. I added new base configurator which is now online: WICT base config Katipo66 told me it is still difficult to make bases, so I making it a little bit easier. Since I don't know how to make ArmA-based editor this is best solution.
  5. Yes, I had low success rate with sqf when I first started on this concept and since there is long range of decisions and loops in the spawning process I sticked with FSM, which was winning concept. Now I am better with sqf and nested if blocks, but if I had to do it again, I would do it with FSM, not a single doubt. It works fantastic. Series of FSM is what gives dynamic to this module.
  6. Yes it is, there is setup for parameters if you want unlimited number of revives or no revives at all, just respawn. I hope it will be finished in a week, it just depends on how quick I will make some scripted missions.
  7. Ok thanx, with WICT that will be simple enough, I think, at least wipeouts will be. Dynamic convoys and assassinations were not my specialty so far, but I will try to implement them. However I am planing release for VTS3.5 so I think that will be +1. I added 7) What about the name of the mission? --EDIT-- I also added map
  8. I opened new thread about sandbox game for Chernarus
  9. ArmAIIholic

    CO@ 20 Into the hills Panthera [sandbox]

    I was thinking about that, but what about people using vanilla A2 :o I think I will make separate A2 and OA versions. I am working on some WICT tweaks to make better sandbox games. Maybe I will include VTS.
  10. ArmAIIholic

    CO@ 20 Into the hills Panthera [sandbox]

    Well I am little bit confused with who uses A2, who uses OA and CO. There is a template for OA, but I didn't have time to make anything for OA yet, and I don't have it installed yet. I like vanilla A2 and next project will be free roam Chernarus. After that I will go to OA. Maybe someone else will post OA till then. Anyway, thanx you for replying, I also love this map since it has huge variate of terrains.
  11. Well I studied a little bit the structure of the sqm and I can see that all classes are actually a OA classes, so it is understandable why A2 cannot load it and CO and OA can. Now the only trick would be to replace those units with A2 units only. And that is 100+ replacements. So, I will think about it a little bit. In order to find the most suitable way.
  12. No yet installed, since I was working for A2 only, but I have the game. Is there any way it can "pass" as A2 only, to convert it from CO back to A2. Suppose that lots of stuff should be deleted from sqm, right? Do you have any less invasive suggestion?
  13. But how to open it..... I just renamed .Takistan.pbo and Zag into .Chernarus.pbo and I opened MP and all I can see is o105_vts35_oa_rc05.Chernarus and when I try to open it, it asks for downloadable content for OA.... Does it mean I have to install OA = CO?
  14. But I want to do other thing -- I want to open sqm in editor and add predefined stuff, so that WICT can do in parallel. Is it possible to do it with some kind of merging? Do you have any idea how can I do that?
  15. Thanx langgis08, your comment is brilliant, how could I leave it out. It just had to be there.
  16. Ok L etranger, could you just point me to Chernarus / Utes version that is in your opinion working best, so I don't have to dig in the Takistan version sqm and remove all unnecessary stuff. Thanx in advance
  17. What are the know bugs L etranger that I should be aware off? I already started editing co105_vts35_oa_rc05 and merging it with WICT. I want to make a Chernarus template. Should I move to previous version? Thanx
  18. Oh no, something is misunderstood here, right? I don't get it if you agree or disagree. I agree that the effort is what counts and for that reason I vote for ArmA since community here made enormous effort and I am standing in defend for ArmA and realistic military simulation genre, not attacking opposite side. And I stand with my work, not just words. And here is what I am talking about: Fuzzy McDoodle I agree with you that Templar did what devs didn't. I respect that, I was there also working (if you read my previous posts). But please, did you search for mods here? There is bunch of mods you can combine in whatever play style you want. What about talent of people here? You are daring to challenge ArmA2 so download and install: ACE, ALICE, DAC, VTS, ZEUS AI, WICT, DOMINATION, MEDEVAC etc. As I wrote in my previous post, and to connect to what you said "die at 800m with one bullet in a forest" -- that is not AI -- it is cheating and it is tweakable. And if players don't communicate with you in MP is not the mods fault, am I right? --EDIT-- @Zipper5 thanx for that reply
  19. I see that it uses plain sqm, so replacing it won't be a problem :D But I see it has Norrin's script and that it works for OA and CO only... But CO = OA + A2, right? I see it says Arrowhead only or Arma 2 Combined operation, I guess it means both. I will download it and see how much tweaking does it take. Is here anyone who can give me permission for tweaking? Is this mod open for editing? Thanx --EDIT-- I unPBOed it and can merge these two mods easily. Kremator you worked with this mod. What does this mean: what does it mean to change playable units? Do I have to change their names or it has something to do with editor units. I really don't get it. It really seams that I can remove Norrin's script from F2 (+ it is older version) and retain some other stuff like body removal and mission endings from F2 etc. since they work dynamically with WICT. So making free roam mission won't be a problem at all. :yay:
  20. Is it possible to edit sqm file so that it has pre-placed makers and triggers? I checked this and I will download it. Kremator what do you think about merging WICT with VTS? Has anyone you showed WICT been blown away? ;) Just kidding, I really think that merging these two modes, since WICT already has F2 and Norrin's script, would be best mod ever made. Templates will be easy to make and people would just add players and some stuff upon running the game. Something like ultimate Red Dead Redemption for ArmA :)
  21. 1) Probably, thinking about Chernarus, but I might switch to Takistan as well. 2) I really didn't pay attention. I was focused on gameplay, but still I didn't have problems with new version of Panthera, contrary I thought it is gorgeous, jungle, mountains, desert... Buildings are little low textured, but it is ok. Thanx for replying
  22. And what about people already doing here more than he did there? What is exactly point of this conversation - going blind for ArmA and modders here (DAC that was here before Island War, Zeus AI that rocks, my mod WICT that brings dynamic battlefronts, then VTS3.5 - Live Multiplayer coop mission editor (which doesn't exist in DR and never will etc.))? [not just about your reply Iroquois Pliskin, I pull it out of context, I admit, but I am looking back at some other replies as well] Did you even read this? Here is yours xa xa xa :DRealistic military simulation, right? :D
  23. ArmAIIholic

    Sandboxing ArmA II

    ...and it gets better and better. WICT v3.2 is here with full support for scripted missions and smooth gameplay. Two missions so far: 1) Into the hills (Panthera) v1.2a 2) The Road to the Altar (Chernarus) v1.0 by zapat
  24. ArmAIIholic

    CO@ 20 Into the hills Panthera [sandbox]

    Oho-ho, thanx man, I am really honored. Wau [speechless], greetings and thanx from Serbia.
  25. Hey guys I see you are talking about AI and TemplarGFX's work, so I wanted to reply, but without much concern what will happen to this discussion. Maybe some of you had scripted and programmed in DR, but I just have a feeling that lots of you didn't even try. At least some of you are just reading the articles on CM forum. Although I hope you are scripting in ArmA, right? Now I was there in the same time TemplarGFX worked on his Island War and I tried to work with him, but he didn't have time and had something else on mind (read below). And there was a global notion there - no room for newbies. I wrote about Sandboxing ArmA II and I even wrote a disclaimer (here is raw version) because you guys, meaning on both forums, hate each other. I like programming and want to make something better and since I worked in both on both games now I can say that ArmA is much more realistic and scripting-friendly. For example, regarding difficulties in programming, many people talk about FPS, but spawning in ArmA is much better than in DR. It is powered by engine itself. Contrary, in DR you have to monitor spawning and many times, even if you got handle that something is spawned, that doesn't necessary mean that it will appear in the game. So programmer is forced to write own semaphores which is really painful job. That is just one obvious example. Many more are there, not going to bother you now, it is not the point. Just respect any programmer's / scripter's work. Now, about Island War I won't talk too much because I respect what TemplarGFX did as programmer, although I could write much since there were times a literally pleased and begged him to work together (here is my work). But I finally realized one thing ---- those were two completely different approaches -- his was action oriented, mine was realistic oriented. Period. No compromise. What I tried to do is to make all the features that ArmA (A1 or first OFP) has inside OPF-DR engine (which, I can say now, is only better graphics). And I was judged here too, because of that notion and, as I said, I even wrote a disclaimer. But community accepted me and that is one of the reasons I stayed. The other is this: Which brings me to the core. Therefore, before judging programming, decide for yourself which genre do you prefer. I prefer realistic military simulation and I am looking ONLY on programming such thing, not which game is better. OFP-DR had AI that is pumped up from the beginning, lots of available ammo, lots of intentionally missed shots from AI just to make CoD atmosphere. How do I know? I spent months working and testing. Than Templar did his tweak but I really don't see why is it superior over Zeus AI, for e.g. Someone mentioned popping out head from cover and boom -- if you want one head shot kill you can tweak accuracy and skill, but that is not AI... That is just a program on a fast processor that cheats. You can make it cheat and add some randomization factor, so it won't be obvious, but that is still not an AI. And OPF-DR soldier running across the field in Schwarzenegger style, while bullets flying around and he gets through without injury is not an AI! Although it looks pretty, as CoDMW, MoH, BBC2 etc. do, it get's boring. Explanation why, if you like to know, is here: Great AI is when you can write FSM and set waypoint completion radius and then units choose their way. I manged to create dynamic battlefronts that are not created from some predefined pool of waypoints, but calculated and constructed in the background with AI doing their job. As this qoute says: every programmer will choose his own method to create an illusion. I even had a (as stupid for a nickname, but never mind) nickname "Prestige" because I like the movie with that name (2006) and it is about illusions. At the end, when it comes to atmosphere I vote for ArmA (from the first OFP !!!). If I didn't do what I did in terms of scripting, I think I wouldn't have right to say anything. But I made it there, I made it here even better, an on top I enjoyed it more. And I see more potential. It is a matter of taste if you like pumped action or realistic simulation. I think ArmA2 is THAT realistic simulation. Best regards, ArmAIIholic