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  1. The Road to the Altar by zapat This is COOP 20 / one leader / WICT mission for Chernarus A2 Features: Fully populated dynamic world aka. dynamically created battlefronts (World in Conflict Tool WICT) / however it is concentrated around the action, but there are no limits what so ever Norrin's revive script - 60 sec + mobile respawn point (leader - slot 7 and medics can deploy and remove spawn point / field hospital) that requires real cooperation, because there is no spare spawn point once you begin moving original spawn point - so one player must remove it from previous location and the other must put it to new one [*]Roles - you start with your equipment - you will have to find the place to rearm, or you can take from dead soldiers. [*]SecOp + support, transport and supplies for capturing some bases + deployable transport (trucks via radio) when you are not in the safe zone (leader - slot 7, check radio calls) MISSION Our mission is to take the radar base on the Altar mountain. This is the Great Eye of the russians, without it they are blind, so we need to take it at all costs. We are arriving on ships, land on the beach, and press inland. Easy as that, no fancy stuff. If all goes well, we'll have some heavy support: tanks, helis, and even some A10s, if the guys are fast enough up in north. So what is left? Not much. Few miles of running, and fighting. MOVEMENT PLAN 1. We disembark at Landing point with another team. We should try to keep up with them, because we will run on open land, and the destroyers can't really watch our backs, although they can provide some mortar fire. 2. First, we need to take the AA base at the Dead Horse Knoll. 3. If we are done with that, air support can arrive. Note! I must let them know on my radio if its clear. Code: 0-0-BRAVO. 4. We will have the support to move inland (which is probably swarmed by armor) through Pine Pass. Once it is ours, we have a decent backup route. 5. For taking Gorka, we need to clear one support route. We should check Barking Slope OR Clear Ridge. There is not enough men to hold them both, but one will be enough. -Take north (there is a mounted AA factory next to Barking slope), and the A10s can fly in from the airfield, which should be captured by that time. -Take south, and some more armor can come from the south. 6. Take Gorka. 7. Voila, the route is open to Altar. Easy as pie. REINFORCEMENTS Three teams are waiting on the deck of USS Freedom, if I loose my men. They can inserted by Knighthawks if I need them. Goddamn Knighthawks, vulnerable little pieces they are. DOWNLOAD The Road to the Altar v1.01 // Armaholic mirror Required addon: WICT light v3.5 Version 1.01 is updated to be compatible with WICTv3.5. Hope you will enjoy it, Brought to you by zapat
  2. ArmAIIholic

    CO@ 20 The Road to the Altar (Chernarus)

    Version 1.01 is updated to be compatible with WICTv3.5.
  3. ArmAIIholic

    CO@ 20 Into the hills Panthera [sandbox]

    Mission is updated to be compatible with WICTv3.5
  4. ANNOUNCEMENT: Mission is released ---- enjoy!!!
  5. New releases: WICT v3.5 all missions will be updated new mission / campaign "Hornet's nest"
  6. Well that is wonderful comment. I hope you will like Hornet's nest too :D It will come out soon, co36/sp free-roam sandbox Chernarus, I hope you people have powerful machines to run "Battle for Grishino"
  7. @dhellfox as I understand if you want random spawning of anything you will have to make some list (somewhere) so that script that utilizes that list would randomly choose item -- whether it is an array or pool. So spawning such vehicles is possible through WICT and outside WICT. @Mikey74 I will check your work and I am glad you got it working together with other modules. @Velocity it is already possible with ghost bases. One base will spawn until you activate a trigger and then that base will be deleted and the other will appear. Zapat already used that strategy for his mission The Road to the Altar and unfortunately it seams that people missed the download, both here and on Armaholic.
  8. @dhellfox you still didn't explain what vehicles, are they a mode, do they have a class name....? you can do it with one line of code with select random if they have classname.... please send me PM with more details -- which mode is that, which vehicles, more info is better so I can help you. @bobtom definitely you should start new thread, it is awesome --- Vehicle drop reinforcements?? nice how did you do that ? You can do that with combination of Hot zone and ghost base -- hot zone to give you activity in the city, ghost base to make clearing town possible.
  9. Thanx McArcher for testings, here is my contribution.
  10. -- RE-SYNC COIN SOLUTION FOR F2 -- Hey Fer and F2 users, here is some temporary solution for re-sync COIN after the player is revived / respawned, I found it here thanx to McArcher, but I modified it a little bit, the way I felt it would work better. I've created GameLogic object and in init line I've put this: group_MyCOIN = createGroup west; "ConstructionManager" createUnit [getPos p1, group_MyCOIN, "MyCOIN = this;"]; MyCOIN synchronizeObjectsAdd [p1]; By the way this reference is wrong. The code above creates a group and places Construction Manager as a unit. Be sure that you have center already created, if you don't have use this: Side_MyCOIN = createCenter west; Now, I've made a trigger that is called by radio and player can call it to re-sync with COIN module like this: null = [] spawn { deleteVehicle MyCOIN; sleep 5; deleteGroup group_MyCOIN; sleep 5; group_MyCOIN = createGroup west; "ConstructionManager" createUnit [getPos p1, group_MyCOIN, "MyCOIN = this;"]; MyCOIN synchronizeObjectsAdd [p1]; null = [MyCOIN,"p1",1,500] execVM "f\common\f_COINpresets.sqf"; }; This code will delete old unit "MyCOIN", then it will delete old group. And the process repeats -- creating new group and creating new unit and sync with player p1. By empirical testings I've found that you cannot call only MyCOIN synchronizeObjectsAdd [p1]; , but it has to be connected i.e. in the same script with commands for creating group and creating unit (it is a block of commands). Moreover, I've found that for some reason this script needs time to delete the unit and to delete the group, so 10 sec seamed reasonable and showed to be good during multiple testings. After re-sync player will have 0 funds, therefore the last command will add some small amount. This is not the perfect solution, but it has advantage --- it forces players to stay alive and to protect the leader, so that they don't loose funds. I hope it will help F2 designers to come up with better solution that will be coupled with killed EH and automatic re-sync after revive / respawn. For me this script is doing a job very well. Cheers
  11. I have to say I am not sure I understood you dhellfox correctly. You can send me PM with more specific description of those "irregular" forces, and I will try to come up with some solution that later can be posted here. Implementing new stuff to WICT is always a challenge. Cheers
  12. I really cannot tell without knowing did you configure bases correctly. That could be a problem and also it could be a problem with some settings or bugged old templates in UserSettings folder.... Zip your mission folder and put it on some free hosting service, rapidshare, megaupload, filebeam.... Send me the link via PM, I will take a look and let you know.
  13. Is there a way I can change the title of the thread (the one that will appear in the search)? If not, should I make a new thread or use this one? Many people have seen it so far, maybe I can just upload mission when finished and add title to the first post...
  14. huh.... you are starting at the base on Utes, so if you didn't change anything your are starting at the base on Chernarus too.... it is really big trigger 250 with 200, ellipsoid.... with tank, APC and your units... I am really gone stop answering here on such questions -- use Personal Messages (PM) if you have such questions >>> click on UserCP >> Send new message >> recipient ArmAIIholic Cheers
  15. Please if you have any more questions and short messages like "i did that" send them to PM, ok? I will gladly answer. After you exit the base you will get the message "Semper Fi!" and the spawning will start. If you are not sure what is going on enable debug mode in StartSettings.sqf and see if spawning starts. Be sure that all files are there inside mission folder. If you still get problems, zip your mission folder and send me, I will take a look. Just don't "spam" this thread with short communication.
  16. Please, if you want to make something start reading manual and learning scripting. If not, wait until some releases new mission for Chernarus. Best regards, ArmAIIholic
  17. You have to modify sqm file and when you start it in the editor it would be the same as Utes. Position of the object probably won't make any sense (because they are the same), but you will be able to play it just like Utes. Everything else is just a modification.
  18. If I understood correctly you are talking about random rewards. I prefer players choice over reward and requisition point system, so player can choose what to "buy" and to calculate "the cost".
  19. Just install the addon in @WICT and put WICT.utes in your mission folder. How will you know it is working? Believe me you will know -- 16k visits of this thread -- they are not lunatics, they know what they tasted -- dynamic battlefields. If that is not enough for you, I am afraid I can't help.
  20. Four High Value Targets for you to hunt down: If you aim on the target he will stand still and raise hands. If you are skilled enough you can shoot him in legs and after you move your aim away he will lie down with face to the ground -- that way you don't have to worry about him shooting around. Approach him to verify target and to claim your reward. Capturing: 2500 requisition points. Dead: 500 requisition points. (for example)
  21. You are probably using some old version. If you go to F7 modules there is no more WICT module. Download new version and follow install instructions. And be sure that you have deleted any older version of WICT. Did you think about some other module? "in the editor theres a moduel for it" = which module is that? Maybe you confused some other module for WICT. There could be a GameLogic that starts the script, but latest version is started from init.sqf.
  22. I doubt that release will be today, but I hope it will be in a next few days. Cheers
  23. There is not much to implement about/for artillery. There is fine-workin' Artillery module in ArmA and some excellent community modules, so I didn't want to waste time on that. On page 33 in the manual you have some reference / links for artillery. I am using it in my missions and it works just fine. You only have to sync SOM module with player and it works ok with F2 and respawning / reviving system. Cheers
  24. zeroxox2 place what on the map? if you mean module -- there is no such thing. this addon is started as any other script, so yes, you can start it from init.sqf. Please read the manual. I really put some effort to write it, around 50 pages. If you don't find information in the manual or it isn't clear enough let me know to fix it.