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  1. @ Gridley what you and zapat suggested is part of the AI, on which I am not working right now. However, I am thinking about some decision making algorithms that would help this feeling, since the idea to, for example, increase spawning distance for enemy units is not good at all --- I gave it a thought and I realized it would give the enemy advantage of flanking. So solution would be tweaking AI --- all units spawned with WICT will have a goal to take a base, whether or not you are watching. WICT is not completely player-centric, it just uses player's position to concentrate fights around player. But decision making --- is there a unit that needs help, is there a threat, e.g. a tank that we should avoid and wait for backup etc. are something else..... That is a separate story. If you study DAC you will see it starts randomly. Although there are zones and waypoints that connect zones, it is random until some encounter happens and some group calls for backup. WICT is more focused on gameplay around player and giving exact orders to attack a base. DAC units are attacking the whole area (finding a point in another area which is connected to current area) and for my taste they are way to spread out and random. There are several differences like replacing / respawning dead units, which is not the way WICT does (dice-based spawning), DAC joining small groups into bigger ones --- WICT has global assault and clearing battlefield etc. However you are free to make missions with those two modes and decide which roles they take (primary / secondary). Just keep in mind that engines are different. It is a fact that some ideas are more achievable with DAC than with WICT. So post here what would suit your needs the best. I will see if it is achievable through WICT. Best regards and welcome here, ArmAIIholic
  2. and sometimes forums are great to filter and find the right word :D got your point and I will see what can I do :)
  3. That is assumption, but not the actual situation. Units are radially distributed so they will basically approach from radial directions. They are never instructed to form a column. However, they will form a "column" if they are using road, for example, to reach some far destination, but completion radius is big enough to ensure that units will have freedom to use covers etc. Therefore, even if they form a column it is because they cover each other or use the same pathway associated with particular terrain. What could be tweaked is to add 10-20% of spawn distance to enemy units, so that they are spawned further and you have time to wait for friend units to arrive. It is in conflict to spawn friend units behind and to bring them close to the front line fast enough. But it is possible to spawn enemies a little bit further. @ Katipo66 -- it could be anything, because ghostBase is tested and it is working. You can send me a mission to have a look, I cannot tell much with your description. And yes reinforcements detects if in your team has less then 4 players and sends switchable / playable reinforcements. If they are killed during that process it will send them again after some time. Max 5 time reinforcing. That will be a snippet, not actual part of the WICT. P.S. I hope that release, at least of Hornet's nest v2.0, will be at weekend. Cheers
  4. Now I have big task of replying Yo' people you hear this -- that's why I need assistance with Homepage. Thanx LockJaw-65- for asking, yes, this thread is hard to follow and it is now a discussion forum :) Homepage should be answer for that. In contrary, it is WICT --- it is spawning units behind you and brining them to the front line and there is already area and line :D But I haven't revealed all coding since now ;) Idea was to force player to "wait" for friends, not to run & gun in CoD style. Another problem is if you force infantry at FULL speed one machine gun will tear them apart.... :( And enemies are usually coming from the front so they are practically in advantage. And special units are even slower than regular infantry. Maybe I can make some additional points, but AI will face themselves toward enemy base, not what player thinks it is a frontline. So it is kind of dynamic environment for the player. If the player is pinned down he needs to wait for friendly troops and when they arrive satisfaction is greater. You don't have to wait, WICT is bringing battle towards player. Then what is the point of configuring? it is possible to make "second die" but that complicates things way too much Of course but not on the base. you can make a "story script" that checks your progress and add or remove bases with ghost base function. zapat is expert there. I analyzed his mission and made markers visible again.... and I got "headache" :D since his mission has many ghost bases and they are "dislocated" from actual triggers..... P.S. I just made automatic switchable reinforcements.... sweet....
  5. Yes I agree with changing names "problem" --- it is not problem for you or for me because you are ok with editing mission.sqm, but I get messages from people asking me how to install addon LOL.... most of them want easier way of setting up bases, they even argue that copy/paste from Excel sheet is scripting/coding...... obviously they don't know anything about coding. I have 21k visits here, but only 400 visits for Online Excel Configurator --- what does it tell you? :D Even I don't configure bases from my head...... Only 400 people actually tried to use that and make something. So I thought that making a template with predefined bases would be a good starting point. It seams people are more comfortable with small changes in template then making something from scratch even with detailed manual. Soldiers AI is controlled with FSM. However if you have any ideas PLEASE tell me. What about your idea of island independent mission? You can send me on PM if you want if you don't want to post it here now.
  6. @ Katipo66 well the trick is designer won't have to enable them all. Making so many bases variants would be maybe too confusing... I am definitely thinking about simple drag and drop template, I can't get it out of my mind :p @ TacKLed A2 already has ALICE. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:ArmA_2:_Editor_Modules
  7. Yeap I know they are great, but mostly based on PvP. Problem is that people come around here and ask for a lot of options -- but those stuff are already achieved by some other addons. Nevertheless the ideas are excellent and they will find right place on WICT site (by the way Wikia is changing interface, so site is a mess now...) I am trying to stay focused on making populated world that can be implemented to any mission -- for example WICT to VTS, AAS or Domino, and vice versa. WICT is also changing color of bases and I rewrote that part to be fully compatible with Dedi. MISSION / ISLAND INDEPENDENT TEMPLATE zapat and trailer for AAS you Katipo66 posted up above made me constantly think about one thing ---- lots of pre-defined bases template with markers that can be easily activated. For example bases types: infantry, special infantry, scouts, ground vehicles, tanks and air bases, all pre-defined --- without setup --- just to copy/paste. There is one and only one problem I have to solve: markers and triggers --- for example: if I have created marker b_0 and it spawns infantry and I want player to copy/paste and make a new base, new marker will be b_0_1, but trigger will be called for b_0. And I see that people want easy solution without any typing on keyboard. So only solution would be making e.g 50 pre-defined bases for EAST and for WEST and letting player create lists. The script will go through list and make FLAG instead of EMPTY marker, so that the marker is shown properly on the map :D And what is the most important player can open any mission and change the spatial position of any base. They would be placed in column in the template and mission designer must drag and drop them + triggers where he want to place a base. So zapat and Katipo66 did you have that in mind? Or maybe I gave you some new ideas? And all of you people watching this thread --- it concerns you too --- topic is open for discussion.
  8. First things first new release will be open-source you all of you (and especially zapat, since he is now master of scripting) will have chance to fully participate and I intend to make a "campaign" to invite all major players here to contribute. Renaming markers would be excellent idea. For new release I joined flag and ghost flag so now they are one script and it is Dedi friendly not execVM anymore. F2 has option for changing groups upon respawn and RunForrest already criticize that WICT doesn't have option for choosing group or loadout --- although I think 3 teams and 36 slots in Hornet's nest is enough.... He suggested using Domination template (of course modified). It would be possible to move a point, but it requires some scripting and maybe I will include it in WICT like a snippet --- e.g. if you want to enable it open flag.sqf and remove some comment lines and viola you have it. Hints will also be something that is changable but I intend to put all that things in some kind of How-to = snippets. There is a special part of the site for that. Basically WE will work in the same way as F2 = there is official / common release + snippets and tips how to change / alter some settings.... Waiting for some big fish to make an A2 application :) Orange bases under attack? Nice one, but I have to think about it how to make it. Maybe one more trigger would do the trick that will detect approaching enemy units....
  9. That means you need to read this: http://www.ferstaberinde.com/f2/en/index.php?title=Automatic_Body_Removal You can setup: "a script is run that will pause for a certain amount of time, then delete the body". To many bodies will cause game lag, so if you want atmosphere you can pre-place some bodies by yourself.
  10. @ TacKLed I didn't have time to work on conversation in this module since it is a part of other threads. Of course you can do that, but it is not part of the WICT. The idea is great and it would be something like Far Cry 2. Again it is a matter of probability. Since most of the bases are at towns and connected to the roads units will tend to go towards these bases. However the answer is no -- battles are not limited to towns and they are everywhere. There is a dynamic way to show a flow -- you can enable debug mode and see where are spawn centers for each turn. Bodies will disappear after 3 min, that is setting in F2. Greets, A2H
  11. The homepage is now almost exact copy of the manual. I didn't bother putting all images since new WICT version will bring some corrections. Cheers, A2H
  12. @ TacKLed :D I was thinking about that --- I like the "jungle" parts. I have to finish making homepage and then I will work on new WICT and making Hornet's nest better, then Isla Duala :D @ MadRussian no problem, thanx for asking, this stuff will be part of the manual soon.
  13. I am happy to announce that WICT has new homepage. It is still WIP. This page will serve as online manual and snippet database. I intend to make a large Wiki with your questions and my answers, and to make it available for edit. As I stated on the first page: please make sure that you write only confirmed and working codes, examples and snippets. For discussions and suggestions use this thread or Discussion pages on Wikia (you have it on every page). I hope you will help me make a community. Best regards, ArmAIIholic
  14. @ MadRussian, no, you actually did excellent deduction :) 1) Each turn brings two spawning - one for BLUFOR and one for OPFOR, but only if there is an active base. Why it is a turn --- for each turn a "die" is tossed do determine what will be spawned based on configuration of active bases. 2 & 3) The "triggering" is automatic - it is based on time that you have specified in StartSettings /* Here you can set how long one turn lasts. I suggest you to read the manual first and then decide will you change these values. There are other ways for changing spawning frequency. */ WICT_time = 3.5; WICT_timeRand = 5; Why I wrote there are other ways ---- if there are "points" left in the process of configuring bases you might have "empty turns". So this turn above will be from 5-10 seconds --- 1.5 that WICT needs for spawning + 3.5 fixed + 0-5 seconds random. 4 & 5) ...therefore you can change any value during the game and you can get more or less frequent spawning = big battles or small encounters. Put WICT_time = 0.5 and WICT_timeRand = 0 and if you are working for MP be sure you publicVariable them. In a few days there will be new WICT homepage and several moderators will help me maintain it (I hope so :)). They already found some holes in my explanations and I hope that with collaboration we will make a better online manual. Thanx for asking these stuff. It will definitely be part of the manual, Best regards, A2H
  15. Maybe you can try this: Editor based AI spawn script by trigger I didn't quite understand what do you want to accomplish, but this might be helpful. No scripting for a start :)
  16. parallel universes yeah man, you are really good with stories. The image reminds me of Half-Life :)
  17. Congratulation --- I added that on the first page, thanx mate!!!!
  18. Ok, I see the point. I will search the way to import some of these stuff or to merge it with WICT as you suggested >> I will start working on the new version of WICT and I hope it would be completely server oriented, since in current version all players need WICT addon :( Bringing this to Sahrani would be peace of cake --- just putting bases on different positions and making some scripted battles. I am waiting your further testing reports. Thanx, Cheers
  19. ArmAIIholic

    CO@ 20 Into the hills Panthera [sandbox]

    panthera goes to @panthera, WICT goes in @WICT folder, and mission goes to your multiplayer missions MPMissions
  20. Ok now my response, I am back from today's symposium session. You have to experiment with Spawning Distance, and I think I got some PM regarding Spawning Distance and Spawning Distance Random, I don't remember who send it (maybe Velocity). Spawning Distance (sd) is distance from battlefront to the spawning point but in the same time it is criterion for determine whether you are too close to the particular base!!!!! If you are too close to the base the base will be inactive and maybe some other base (even further one) will become active. Spawning Distance Random (sdRand) is addition on Spawning Distance, but it doesn't affect above calculations regarding proximity of the base!!!!! ----------------------------- Let me give you an example (bullets indicate the cascade of thoughts): - let's assume: sd = 200 and sdRand = 400 - let's assume that there are two bases, of the same side, one at 100m and the other at 250m - the first base will not spawn anything, because you / average group position is too close - second base will spawn something according to base setup, because sd = 200 and distance from base is 250 - but the actual spawning distance can be from 200 to 600 m === 200 + random(0-400) In that way you can WIDEN the spawning area but actual size of the battlefront will stay the same ---- 200m!!!!!! That means: ALL UNITS WILL COME VERY CLOSE TO THAT DISTANCE -- UP TO 80% OF SD --- BEFORE ATTACKING THE BASE !!!! You can easily observer that behavior on choppers because they will all tend to fly over the battlefield before attacking the base, therefore making flanging maneuvers and sometimes sharp turns. ----------------------------- And yes --- if there is no enemy base known --- for west side it is know east base and vice versa ---- spawned units will patrol along battlefront --- it is logical = if they don't "know" about any enemy base they will just patrol. Flag = marker flag color IS changing when you capture or loose the base. However, there might be a problem with Dedi, since I had some wrong assumption about triggers, and that assumption reflected on radio calls on Dedi too. I will fix that after these 2 symposiums. GL4 = Group Link 4 = special effects mod ? There were no reports about incompatibility so far, and WICT is not messing with any config files or ArmA "native" files. The units are spawned and they have their orders. That's all. Cheers
  21. nice work zapat :) no bobtom that's why it is neutral sector --- but you can use one big trigger and Murklor's script to spawn some neutral units :) the idea is that those units are guerrillas so they are not participating in war with such man power.
  22. They are marked: Battle for Grishino, When the rock breaks and Until the sun is dimmed. Yes the various battles are happening randomly, but these battles are scripted and they will have always the same scenario and they trigger a little "break/pause" in random spawning.
  23. @ RunForrest, you got one thing wrong and I want to correct you at the very beginning: WICT IS Dedi compatible! And I don't have to rework the whole thing. I built the WICT very carefully and I already had situations when I changed the code completely in order to make it work. You can track my progress up to 2 years back. And I assure you, as a scripter, it is not that difficult to tweak it once you have clear idea what you are doing. In this particular situation it is the small problem with triggers and radio calls especially because I assumed wrongly that they are global. Since I dropped that assumption as wrong, I now how to fix that, but I have two international symposiums to attend in 10 days. You missed these things: Sandboxing ArmAII and 360ISM, because you would know that I already know my goal :) but thanx for reminding me. The WICT is neither Domination nor DAC and you got, unfortunately, very wrong what in fact it is. However, my offer still stands if you want to participate and it is your very own choice in the amount of work. You can ask people around that I appreciate every comment and participation. I really hope that I will see you around since I really like and respect rich and useful comments like yours. Once again thank you for that. @ zapat it is just a SOM = SecOp, but I see from some testimonials it is not working on Dedi. I will check it. I also noticed that supply drop can be either ammo or even ammo + humvee. Cheers
  24. zapat for that purpose I was using these "snippets" >> In WICT I have two criteria, separate distances for vehicles and people. {if (((position _x) distance (position player)) > 1500) then {deleteVehicle _x;}} forEach vehicles; //You need two step forEach, because units command is not detecting already dead units... { {if (((position [color="blue"]_x[/color]) distance (position player)) > 1700) then {deleteVehicle [color="blue"]_x[/color];}} forEach [color="Blue"]units[/color] [color="Red"]_x[/color]; }forEach [color="Red"]allGroups[/color]; There are actually two Xs, I marked them for you with different colors. Best regards, A2H
  25. Thanx pikkon for contribution. You should make a new thread so people can discuss with you what can you improve / add / remove / change.