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  1. kyfohatl thanx for you comment, it is very useful and I will see to put it on WICT homepage. Now, I really don't know what is going on with that mission of yours and then you completely stunned me with the fact that WICT_demo didn't initialize at all. I remember Velocity once sent me a mission that was setup perfectly, but even I didn't manage to get it work. I think there is some issue with copying files, so I suggested making it from scratch. However :) I can say that WICT v3.5 is coooompletely old concept compared to WICT v4.5, so it will be easier to setup even on "blank" map, from the scratch, and performance will be better too. Still, I cannot tell the release date, what is worse, it could take me a month :( to GET TIME to finish it, but I won't give up, that's for sure, because I, in the first place, am thrilled with how cool it works.
  2. Yes, the best analogy is FarCry2, but instead for alone shooter, it should be for a team COOP or SP. I updated the first post.
  3. Thanx Katipo66, I've made additional guidelines for Marshal of Savanna F*** NEW WICT IS WORKING SOOOO FINE... still much work to do, but I am thrilled!!!
  4. Katipo66 and zapat suggested I need to provide more guidance for mission design. As I mentioned above Teal Brass Doberman and his team are special forces, but sort of mercenaries --- they are not declared as BLUFOR side and they don't need clearance for any actions. If they are caught there is high probability they need to find their way out without any help. They are not stationed in any base, regularly, and although I didn't decide whether they will have some "secret" camp or not, they definitely go from point A to point B, without need to go back to some kind of base. This is free-roam and player will have complete freedom to go anywhere (starting at point A, multiple Bs). Missions WILL differ if you have completed some other mission first!!! In other words, mission can and will be interconnected. As I said about the outline Teal Brass Doberman and his team are trying to find Hamada's family, because BLUFOR and Afrene governments suspect they are hold in captive to make Hamada cooperate. But in the same time they have to find Hamada himself and to arrest or eliminate Mahdi and his associates. Players are BLUFOR/west faction, but independent of that faction. I downloaded Desert Mercenaries and BlackOps by SchnapsdroSel, so I will be using some of those models. Locations on the map are just given so you can focus on some area and mission design is completely free. If I knew all of that, I wouldn't need help :D :cool: First I need idea with some story If you can provide details that is great If you can provide location and broader concept -- that is excellent If you can help me develop the plot (just a conspiracy theory) that is more than welcome great thought from Katipo66, so when I start making missions I will have that in mind. Which types of missions? -- any type there is in SecOps and I am quoting here: "ambush","attack_location","trap","rescue","patrol","escort","defend_location","destroy","search" (missions available via SOM). But if you can think something more, something tightly connected to the story, to help me develop the plot etc. You can use these if you need: Random Conspiracy Theory (just to inspire you) The Random Name Generator Codename, codeword or project name using the generator Thanx, ArmAIIholic
  5. The trick is that you have 2D + 3D when you enter that editor. It can be sometimes pain in * to select, for example dog tags, because it happens that center of the object and the object itself are not at the same place, which is weird... However, it is very powerful method since you can make any number of scripted missions. What surprises me the most is that a lot of people saw this thread and I believe some of them are subscribed, and 500+ people saw Marshal of Savanna and no one has made any story yet.... I can't believe that people are only asking for mods, missions etc. and no one can help back with some short story or plot. I am a bit disappointed and confused... since I am preparing new WICT, with more options for customization, I've put a lot of work there....
  6. 5) Intel is pointing out several disguised groups to be mistaken for local fishermen working in this region around dirt runway in SE Afrene. The runway is not guarded well, because heavy military forces around this position could reveal the location of the runway. However, we have doubts that enemy already know about the location and that they are ready to assault and take position.
  7. I posted new request for help with Marshal of Savanna.
  8. Here I am posting a map with some markers if anyone is interested to help. There are some numbers marking global areas, from 1 to 12, so you can pick a number and write a story - mission, objective, side quest, whatever you like. Players will start on the island that has numbers 1,2,3. 1) Gilberto Gavia is kept in a maximum security prison by international peacekeepers. He knows that it's only a matter of time before only person last spotted in Balabango that has spoken to General Russel Mahdi is deported for interrogation out of the island. His helicopter is scheduled to fly off the island by the cover of darkness. Afrene units and BLUFOR forces need him to give up any intel he has, therefore that helicopter must not leave the island. Teal Brass Doberman and his men need to do this job, quickly, quietly and efficiently. 2)... 3) Hugo Mounger is a serious businessman, as he likes to call himself. He is involved in drugs trafficking and all sort of "soul-healing" plants grow in the plantage so expensive and large that no one can touch him, even the peacekeepers forces. He is simply out of reach. But not for Teal Brass Doberman... 4) 5) 6) 7) etc. ---> So pick a number, location, event, write a story, it is not much. You can let free your imagination, follow the story and help me make this. You can even add location, send me coordinates or nearest city/village. Don't be afraid to write several stories. Thanx in advance, Sincerely, ArmAIIholic Click on this image
  9. CAUTION: I changed WICT base online configurator to be compatible with upcoming new version. Thanx for understanding!
  10. P.S. I am also working on new WICT. Hornet's nest is powered by WICT v4.0 BETA, not because I intended to make it beta, but because I am constantly working on improvements, so the version I have now is already different then WICT in Hornet's nest. I cannot say whether it will be Sisyphus work to make all missions compatible with new WICT. I will see when I finish some other stuff first.
  11. Maybe when I finish the new mission for Isla Duala. Let me know if you have any comments about Hornet's nest. Cheers
  12. Yes of course, but just stick to the story --- OPFOR are on the north and BLUFOR are on the south. You could focus on placing objects, bases, road blocks etc. I can do soldiers and other units if you like. If you do something like that, I can use some positions for WICT bases later. Thanx mate P.S. anyone else who wants to help like this --- pick a spot on the map and place some objects in 3D editor. Thanx in advance
  13. No, it doesn't require WICT. It has WICT embedded. It should say "powered by WICT v4.0". If not, please remove old WICT addon form @WICT or/and from shortcut -mod=@WICT. Sorry for that, but this change was necessary for further development.
  14. I've created new thread Marshal of Savanna.
  15. ArmAIIholic

    Isla Duala

    I've created new thread Marshal of Savanna. Please move discussion there. Thanx
  16. @ TacKLed -- very different since it will be more compatible with Dedi and it will bring some automatized setup functions. I released Hornet's nest with WICT v4.0 but it turned out it is just BETA, since I found some minor flaws with reinforcements for example :o :( Well it works, but it can be even better. And I already introduced some changes to flag script too, in order to make it better. That is the main "problem" --- when I think it is finished I release it, then I find that something can be written better and automatically it is not (fully) compatible with previous version. That is one of the reasons I gave up addons --- I let people make their missions with version they downloaded without forcing them or players to download new addon. But I ensure you it will be better that 3.5
  17. I've made an article Unleashing the beast of spawning in ArmA2
  18. This is sandbox / free roam mission for Panthera island powered by WICT. Click on image to enlarge. It is COOP 20 players in two teams. Excellent map with jungles, hills and mountains and desert. Fully populated world aka. dynamically created battlefronts (World in Conflict Tool WICT) with fighting in hills - don't expect obvious battles and armor etc. -- there are helicopters for you, but if happens that you are down suddenly -- watch your back. Norrin's revive script - 60 sec. Roles - you start with your equipment - you will have to find the place to rearm, or you can take from dead soldiers. SecOp + support and supplies -- for both leaders. Unlimited transport + spawning choppers at the base (coming soon). You are starting behind enemy lines on small island. There are two safe zones you can use to rearm + HQ. If you want to capture OPFOR HQ it would be wise to capture bases around first, since they provide reinforcements during battle. The main task here is to find two antennas and decode the signal. However, there are many bases around and you can finish this mission by helping BLUFOR forces to capture OPFOR HQ. It is your choice. Complete free roaming. There are zones with low activity and zones with high activity. Like in any other sandbox game it is completely your choice where to go. Here is download link for the mission: Armaholic mirror v1.21 -- 07 September 2010 Required addon: World in Conflict Tool WICT light version v3.5 -- you can also read about features there and download example for Utes or OA template (full version). Required map: Island Panthera v2.61 There is plenty to do on this map. I understand this mission might not be perfect, fighting in hills and valleys, but I like the map and I wanted to make first mission with WICT, since no one else did. I will test it myself and add things where needed, so stay updated, since there will be new versions, that's for sure. It took me one day to make it (not counting developing WICT v3.0), so adding more stuff won't be a problem. Therefore, any suggestions, comments etc. are more than welcome, so I can make it better. Best regards, ArmAIIholic
  19. ArmAIIholic

    CO@ 20 Into the hills Panthera [sandbox]

    Due to many tasks I have to finish I won't probably be able to adapt this mission for upcoming WICT v4.0. However if you liked this mission and concept help me make new mission from the start. I made an announcement for Isla Duala.
  20. I made an announcement for Isla Duala. WICT v4.0 will come soon, I have to finish templates.
  21. ArmAIIholic

    Isla Duala

    Hey IceBreakr and community, I will soon start working on new free roam / sandbox COOP/SP mission for Isla Duala. The mission for Pathera was test, and especially because it is a small island I couldn't believe that there are so many downloads and visits. So I am searching for people that can help me populate the whole island: bases, zones, objectives, tasks etc. in open-world style / sandbox / free-roam, something like Hornet's nest I created for Chernarus, but better -- I am really looking for a team! This is just announcement, so I wouldn't recommend "spamming" this already big thread --- please PM me so we can make an arrangements and discuss tasks. I need help with: -- placing enemy and friend bases, their configuration (infantry, light vehicles, tanks, air etc.) -- story - very important!!! I am really terrible in making stories (zapat help!) -- making pre-defined mission in editor, no scripting required (here is the tutorial: Unleashing the beast of spawning in ArmA2 -- for more info PM me) -- name of the mission, number of player / available slots, playable on both sides or not? -- useful addons? (please suggest only addons that YOU are using and can implement) -- A2 or OA or CO ??? -- marketing, promotion, videos, intro, logo, banner etc. ..... mainly I need ideas about dynamics and happenings that will follow some story associated with Duala. Thanx in advance, ArmaIIholic -- EDIT -- *added link to the tutorial *more info about what I need
  22. These are small snippets and modifications, and since F2 is fabulous framework, as before, I share them here. -- Activating teleport during gameplay -- I modified f_missionMakerTeleport.sqf // ==================================================================================== // CHECK IF COMPONENT SHOULD BE ENABLED // We end the script if it is not running on a player's machine, or if debug mode is // not enabled, or if the global variable f_missionMakerTeleport has not been set to // the value 1 in init.sqf. if (!isDedicated) then { [color="blue"]if (f_missionMakerTeleport == 0) then { _currentState = f_missionMakerTeleport; waitUntil {not(f_missionMakerTeleport == _currentState)}; // ==================================================================================== // SET KEY VARIABLES _textAction = localize "STR_f_mapClickTeleportAction"; // ==================================================================================== // ADD TELEPORT ACTION TO PLAYER ACTION MENU // Whilst the player is alive we add the teleport action to the player's action menu. // If the player dies we wait until he is alive again and re-add the action. while {true} do { F2_mapClickTeleportAction = player addaction [_textAction,"f\common\f_mapClickTeleport.sqf","", 0, false, true]; waitUntil {!alive player}; waitUntil {alive player}; sleep 0.01; }; }[/color] else { // ==================================================================================== // SET KEY VARIABLES _textAction = localize "STR_f_mapClickTeleportAction"; // ==================================================================================== // ADD TELEPORT ACTION TO PLAYER ACTION MENU // Whilst the player is alive we add the teleport action to the player's action menu. // If the player dies we wait until he is alive again and re-add the action. while {true} do { F2_mapClickTeleportAction = player addaction [_textAction,"f\common\f_mapClickTeleport.sqf","", 0, false, true]; waitUntil {!alive player}; waitUntil {alive player}; sleep 0.01; }; }; }; if teleport is not active it waits for it to be active, then starts adding teleport actions. -- Making HALO instead Teleport -- I used HALO snippet http://www.kylania.com/ex/ to make a HALO in f_mapClickTeleport.sqf and I changed associated text in stringtable.xml. Here is the change in f_mapClickTeleport.sqf titletext [_textSelect,"plain", 0.4]; [color="Blue"]onMapSingleClick "player setPos _pos; [player, 800] exec 'ca\air2\halo\data\Scripts\HALO_init.sqs';[/color] f_telePositionSelected = true"; waitUntil {f_telePositionSelected}; titletext [_textDone,"plain", 0.3];
  23. I still didn't write the story, I truly didn't have time to do it while working on WICT v4.0, this mission and website.
  24. That is possible Katipo66, but if other side retakes that base b_1 you have to find some "backup" base or you will spawn inside enemy's base. It complicates the flag.sqf script and it is a matter of taste - I prefer mobile base since it emphases COOP. Yes they are able to capture bases because they are detected as BLUFOR / OPFOR units. So would you like tanks not to be able to capture bases? That complicates a trigger since you have to put kindOF and to detect weather unit in the trigger list is air unit. In the case of player --- some people argued they don't like possibility that player can capture base with heli --- I say if player is skilled enough and nobody takes him down -- why not? Therefore, in both cases I think that the drawback/disadvantage is minor when compared to request that is in front of the scripter. Conclusion: it is possible to do it, but it requires scripting that goes beyond simple WICT setup. I am not familiar with caps...? Yes they are patrolling because they maybe didn't "know about" enemy base when they got their orders....... As I said working on dynamic AI decisions will be my next project. I think you did't read directional bases, right? :) Just kidding, maybe you did, but you didn't connect it with this --- your image is perfect example of directional base and I will use it on WICT's site. Thanx for discussion, always a pleasure to talk with you Katipo66
  25. New features v2.0: * addon free mission * powered by improved WICT version --- WICT v4.0 * improved Dedi compatibility * more teams and slots -- 55 slots for you to choose, 5 teams, 5 starting locations * increased revive time to 90 sec * added automatic reinforcements for SP (GM = first slot only) * decreased frequency of SecOp missions * added "backpacks" marker for HVTs * added more scripted parts -- added base at Krasnostav airport (after capture) and added Chernogorsk defenses * added battlefront marker to improve players' awareness of battlefront position