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  1. Is there a wizard that will allow you to make a new map or location. I don't mean Domination, I mean creating terrain, and weather, and foliage.
  2. fasterthanlight

    add item to vehicle cargo

    worked perfect, thank you.
  3. I am looking to add items to a Civilian SUV cargo space to use later in game. I found the class name; SUV_TK_CIV_EP1 and I found addmagazinecargo [satchel] but SUV_TK_CIV_EP1 addmagazinecargo [satchel] doesn't seem to add what I need. What is wrong with this init?
  4. fasterthanlight

    Air Support Scripts

    Are you using the MP version of the script? I have used this on a dedi, but my issue is that the soldier ends up getting the action menu AIR SUPPORT twice. Draper was going to look at it, I just haven't followed up with him.
  5. Is there a page or link with all the Ace 2 Wounds maps for editing? Chernarus, Takistan, Lingor, Fallujah, Everon, etc? There are so many options on armaholic that I just want to start with editing these 5 or so....
  6. I thought they took this away to discourage players from taking out an Apache or Cobra by themselves. You know, encourage teamwork. If they did do this, it could have just been "taken away" by the server admin in the regular difficulty settings.
  7. Is there a way to repeat the Message Of the Day, like for say every 5 minutes?
  8. This is not working for me. I have this; class Item94 { position[]={7941.6953,7,1998.0432}; azimut=150; id=135; side="EMPTY"; vehicle="USMC_WarfareBBarracks"; skill=0.60000002; text="findme"; }; and in the i_server; // position and direction of the AI HUT d_pos_ai_hut = #ifdef __DEFAULT__ if (isNil "d_with_carrier") then { if (__OAVer) then {[[7941.69,1998.04,0],150]} else {[[7941.69,1998.04,0],150]} } else {[[14509.6,364.861,15.9], 34]}; Does anyone see what is wrong?
  9. I can create a single WP and have the V-22 land on it. When I create the second WP, he will fly through it (showing me his middle finger) and proceed to the second WP and @#$@ around there. Why is he doing this to me and my squad? lol Also, what is the difference in the modes of stance? (combat, stealth, safe, etc)?
  10. I was pointed to this thread by McNools, so here goes; Hi everyone. First post on this topic, so be gentle. I installed Yoma Tools and downloaded the ACE mods from Kelly's Heroes. I am able to launch the OA Dom version after finding and adding some files to the ACEX folder. However, I am not able to launch the Chernarus Dom map. When I load it up it says that ACE_MTVRRepair and ACE_MTVRReammo are missing. I went to the mission folder and deleted this; class Item8 { position[]={8183.455,296.04,1966.855}; azimut=-28.5048; special="NONE"; id=38; side="EMPTY"; vehicle="ACE_MTVRRepair_DES_EP1"; skill=0.3333333; text="xvec3"; hoping that the map would not "call" for the item. It did not work. I am still not able to load the map without this piece. I searched for the file on Bing and Google and I cannot find it to add. How can I get this file? Should I use Yoma to call to a different server than Kelly's Heroes? TIA
  11. How do you review what a side mission is after it has been displayed?
  12. you can try to upgrade the AI in your player settings. Options/Game Options/Difficulty settings/edit. You can also try the set rating. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=112171
  13. I know you can just preview after adding something, but have you tried to save to MP and then exit the map, then launch the tan map name?
  14. fasterthanlight

    Whats wrong with my init.sqf ?

    I have luck with just the ASfirstrun = true; and then a blank line, and then the DOM init. For the air support, I don't need the extra 2 lines. If that helps. Try; ASfirstrun = true; if (isServer) then { [] execVM "cleanup.sqf";
  15. I knew how to do those, I just wanted the "SEIZE VYBOR" to stay up. No biggie. How would you go about making it so that all players in Dom have the repair ability like the Engineers do? If you have to add them to an array, can you tell me where and how to do that?
  16. I have loaded and A-10 with a Kylania's CAS (remove/add ordnance) in the init as well as Draper's air support script. They work so very well. However, when the vehicle dies or you die, the custom loadout does not reapply to the A-10 and the action menu for the soldier for the Air support does not reload a-10; veh = [this, 60, 600, 0, TRUE] execVM "vehicle.sqf"; this removeMagazinesTurret ["4Rnd_GBU12",[-1]]; this removeMagazinesTurret ["2Rnd_Sidewinder_AH1Z",[-1]]; {this addMagazineTurret ["2Rnd_Maverick_A10",[-1]];} forEach [1,2,3]; this removeWeapon "BombLauncherA10"; this removeWeapon "SidewinderLaucher_AH1Z"; this addeventhandler ["fired", {(_this select 0) setvehicleammo 1}] soldier; this setGroupid ["Alpha"];nul = [this,"jadam","lgb","cbuap","cbuat","cbumine","cas","helo","trans"] execVM "airSup\airSupInit.sqf"; I almost imagine another event handler has to check to see if they are alive. :confused:
  17. fasterthanlight

    OA Out of memory error

    I posted the same issue before I saw this thread. I have 4GB RAM, C2D 3.0ghz, 150gb Raptor and Win7 64 bit. ATI with 10.4 DS on this PC only. I have created a 2.5 increase on the virtual memory and will test it out. As of today, 1/12, it has crashed again with the same error. Any ideas anyone?
  18. fasterthanlight

    No Simple support Module

    You can run Combined Ops and use the SSM in Chernarus.
  19. fasterthanlight

    out of memory on dedicated server

    I have this issue after about 6 hours on a Domination map that i am running on a DS too. 1.57 ver. WD Raptor 150gb/4GB ram.
  20. fasterthanlight

    Some issue when connecting a server

    All servers or just this one?
  21. Unless you look in the rpt file, usually this means that he is not launching CO. Are you hosting a CO game or just OA? Also, sometimes there can be a duplicate server session running. On my DS machine, I have to go to task manager and dump all arma 2 related processes.
  22. fasterthanlight

    DS freezing

    I am running a DS and I get through a second town in Domination and I get an error. out of memory (requested 5kb) footprint 71283572 pages 16384 kb What can I do to get this to stop? I have a 150GB Raptor and Win 7 on this server only. I also have 4GB of DDR2 pc800 in that build.
  23. When you are tasked to Capture a town and you select this as your current mission in the M screen, the task eventually goes away but leaves the distance to target. How can I make the Task and Distance stay up and not go away?
  24. I have created a UAV in my mission and it seems to have a mind of its own. First of all, it won't stay at 500m even though I have put the directions in the init. Also, once destroyed and it respawns, it will not take back off like it does in the beginning of the mission. Do I have to tell it to re read the UAV script or something?
  25. fasterthanlight

    UAV unpredictable behavior

    Is there a way to take over the pilot or gunner manually from the UAV? Once it is up in the air and has spent all 8 Hellfires, how can I make it land and rearm for another use? Also, is there documentation on the AH-6X and making it a UAV from the Apache? Nevermind. I found the Apache one. I didn't know it was called ULB. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ULB