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    ACE for OA 1.12

    Before I put in a bug tracker, can anyone confirm this issue? I load up on blue and red smoke grenades and move them to my backpack. I also have 2 -3 in my main selection. I use the ones I have there, and then move the extras from my backpack to my main selection and I cannot "reload" them or use them. It does not present any blue smoke option, even in red indicating that they are there but have to be reloaded. If someone else can see this issue, I will put in a ticket. Thanks everyone.
  2. I have been editing a year old version of domination and I went to download and edit the 2.60 domination Takistan. Well, I cannot read the mission file. It looks to be encrypted. I downloaded eliteness and downloaded the depbo.dll file. It can open the file, but I still cannot read the mission file. Can anyone help me? TIA
  3. How do you make the text stay at a certain height? Can you change colors?
  4. fasterthanlight

    Teleport issue KheSanh/Nimitz

    I'm not sure where you want me to use them instead of what I have. Can you show me?
  5. I need to make it possible to teleport from one deck height to another by using flags as teleports. I have no problem with the init in the flags but I have an issue with the teleport.sqf. Here is what I have originally that allows you to teleport to the Nimitz deck from a land area where ONLY the Nimitz is on the map. // Get the destination. _dest = (_this select 3) select 0; // Get a random direction _dir = random 359; if(_dest == USS_Nimitz) then { player setPosasl [(getPosASL _dest select 0), (getPosASL _dest select 1) +1, (getPosASL _dest select 2)]; } else { player SetPos [(getPos _dest select 0)-10*sin(_dir),(getPos _dest select 1)-10*cos(_dir)]; }; Here is what for teleport to the Nimitz AND KheSanh as separate destinations. The soldier lands in the water each time. // Get a random direction _dir = random 359; switch (_dest == USS_NIMITZ) do { case true: { player setPosasl [(getPosASL _dest select 0), (getPosASL _dest select 1) +1, (getPosASL _dest select 2)+20]; player SetPos [(getPos _dest select 0)-10*sin(_dir),(getPos _dest select 1)-10*cos(_dir)]; }; case false: { player setPosasl [(getPosASL _dest select 0), (getPosASL _dest select 1) +1, (getPosASL _dest select 2)+20]; player SetPos [(getPos _dest select 0)-10*sin(_dir),(getPos _dest select 1)-10*cos(_dir)]; }; }; Can I get a little help with the teleport from ship deck to ship deck?
  6. fasterthanlight

    Teleport issue KheSanh/Nimitz

    Duly noted. A friend and I have been working on this and we have tweaked it a little here and a little there. Even after we added the +20 at the end, the soldier still appears in the hull and falls to the water. There's gotta be a way. :)
  7. I would like to know what everyone is using for a tow script. Which version and what is its pros and cons. Some scripts drop the attached vehicle below the ground making it useless on the LHD or Nimitz. Some scripts don't animate very well so it looks like a vehicle is attached with a steel rod. Does anyone know of or is using a tow script that will tow as if there is a hinge between the vehicles?
  8. fasterthanlight

    Respawn choice and object height

    Excellent! 1) Thank you for responding. 2) Thank you for responding with "why did you not search this?" - I figured it was a one off respawn issue 3) Nice reply, well organized I will look through your map, I really appreciate it.
  9. I have a mission where I have the Khe Sanh and the Nimitz. Players spawn on both ships. Once a player is killed I would like an option screen to come up and offer a choice where to spawn to. (Thinking of the image of which MHQ to teleport to in Domination.) I will need to add an object to the decks of the ships since a marker won't work. (ASL issue I believe) That part should be easy. How, where, and what do I do for this?
  10. fasterthanlight

    Respawn choice and object height

    Thanks Gunter, I am really interested.
  11. I need to make a series of objects state a word to an individual who uses the addaction to see it. What would I put in the init to have object 1, through addaction, tell the only the player looking at it; "abcd"? There would be up to 10 people on the game at once. Secondly, does Command chat vs Vehicle chat have a difference here?
  12. fasterthanlight

    ACE for OA 1.12

    Did the copy map feature get removed in a previous version or did it get moved to another key binding?
  13. I have an SUV that has this code this addmagazinecargo ["Pipebomb," 1]; I am able to start the mission and take the bomb from the truck, but I cannot plant it and detonate it. Any ideas? I added an ordnance crate to the mission and it has the same issue. I bet this needs some sort of script to work. What do I need to make the satchels show usable and detonate on a fresh map?
  14. Is there a way to turn this off per mission, like in the description.ext or the init? Or is this only doable from the server settings?
  15. I need a little more help on this issue. I have a folder called @1 and it contains mods like @2 and @3 in it. In the @2 and @3 folders it then has the addons folder and then the .pbos in them. I need this @1 folder to run in Steam, which I can set the target to do, but it won't load the sub folders. Can I get some advice? I don't want to use Arma Launcher 2.
  16. I did a quick search for this and found nothing. How can I change the 1-1-a unit assignment in the soldier select screen?
  17. Here's a good one. I converted a new island to Domination and when after being in a plane, and I respawn, I get the black fade screen when I respawn. It won't go away even if I respawn. I am using the new F-18's also. Any ideas what this is and why it shows up after a respawn?
  18. How can I make a certain object (marker) create an opfor every 15 minutes?
  19. I am looking to have a few enemy vehicles sitting on a runway and want them to take off at "random" times. Is there a line of code that can go in the init that will delay them from taking off? sleep no fuel, or something like that?
  20. Can someone help me find out how to change the song during the fade in, in Domination? I have an mp3 already that I want to use, just need to know if it is script directed or just a file in game.
  21. How can I create an AAR like in MSO so that it can show the progress of a map without tasks. I would need it to be available to all soldiers to enter information.
  22. I have 2 installs of ARMA 2 at home. One install I use to make maps. The other I use to DS and check for compatiblity. They both can run a certain map fine and people can join no problem. When my friend tries to DS the map, it shows available in the menu screen, but when you join, it thinks about it and kicks you back to the map choice screen. No errors. I thought I had seen this before, but can't remember what is happening. We have the same folders for all mods. When I use Tophe's to run the CO server, it shows no errors. Any ideas?
  23. fasterthanlight

    Map refuses to load

    Its a DS setup on one of my home PC's. Do I have to create this file so it can rpt to it?
  24. fasterthanlight

    AAR in a JIP

    Sorry guys. I am thinking about a mission where you are able to make "notes" during a persistant mission. For example. You take out a target and instead of an objective clearing, you can make the notes of what you encountered and when, then proceed to the next AO to speak. When others join, you are able to see the previously recorded notes and pick up from where they left off.
  25. How do I make a trigger end the game with either 95% of all OPFOR dead OR make the trigger end with 10 Opfor still alive, but the other 90 dead?