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    Constant stutter

    I tried that pcmedix program. It reported that I had nothing running like I thought. I did however, see taskhost.exe running at ~50% cpu. I killed it and all the chop went away. Also the last settings were on all high at 2560x1600. So it was cpu bottleneck. It keeps coming back, but I can just end the process. I did the -nosplash and it works very well. It does take off 30 seconds of intro and load time. Thanks for everyone's help.
  2. fasterthanlight

    Constant stutter

    good thought. I will have to see what else is running during this. I seem to think that my machine is good, but I don't know for sure. Anyone know how to disable the intro videos like you could in BF2?
  3. fasterthanlight

    Constant stutter

    It is the 1GB ATI 5850. I really thought that would be enough. :) I do this; Start game, load up all the intros, get to the menu (even it chops). I choose MP, and do NEW LAN, edit my current custom map, load it up. Whether I choose 852x650 (whatever it is) and everything on low, it will stutter. Interestingly enough, when I crank up the details to very high with 100% resolution, it chops, but only a little more. You are right, any other resolution besides native make it look very fuzzy. :mad: The nice thing is when it chops and slows down, at least the detail on 2560 is utterly amazing. :)
  4. fasterthanlight

    starting in a vehicle

    I was able to get around it. I created an empty vehicle and labeled my guys to get in. How do you disassociate a fire team with your player and put them under a command of another soldier?
  5. fasterthanlight

    starting in a vehicle

    I tried this and it did not work. I am trying to move my group leader into a US-60 named Killer. I get Type Code, Nothing expected {_x moveInCargo Killer} in the init line of the group leader?