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    F/A 18 Super Hornet for Arma 2 OA

    Really Nice work, with the 2 seater will the backseater have control of LGB's AMRAAM's and AGM's? And @fluttershy is that you schroder :) ?
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    New patch issues

    Hmmm yToRZwxZ1Jo&feature=related
  3. Hitman Two Five


    D7! ftw :P
  4. Meester scroll to the bottom of the clientside_userconfig to where all the keys are and switch the appropriate numbers around thats what i did and it fixed it, i'd tell you in more detail but i actually forgot what ones i switched :S
  5. ROFL how? i installed Arma2 then arrowhead then ACE, then beta then the ussocom mod pack and thats it PLAIN and simple
  6. well i have the latest version the only other mods i have are the USSOCOM and the beta thingy mabob map packs and i mean by they don't work is that they DON'T WORK (cant pack anything)
  7. My Ace/vanilla ruck sacks wont work :(
  8. Hey guys i'm having trouble with my Rucksack when i click on a magazine or anything and i have a ruck the pack button doesn't light up, hence i cant use my back pack, i saw something about it to do with the stamina but on servers when i have loads of weight and i run i black out so i guess its nothing to do with stamina.. plz help