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  1. 1. userconfig doesn't work: ACE broken, CL mod broken, ACRE, Tushino radio addon broken etc... 2. no way to protect your server side scripts from potential leachers 3. script debugging is very inconvenient and anoying rollback to previous beta
  2. Private Data Transfering between server and client. Currently there is no way to trasnfer some data from server to client or from client to server privately. Currently we have two ways: someVar = <value>; publicVariable "someVar"; and <object> setVehicleInit "{code}"; processInitCommands; Both methods cause packet broadcasting containing data/code to all clients and server (in case publicVariable excepting client which the publicVariable called). It would be nice to see private data transfering with no broadcast to reduce network traffic.
  3. What should I do to activate regular checking in v1.59 with version 2 signatures. or So I don't need to change settings and regular checking is turned on by default?
  4. Prodavec

    Namalsk island, v1.10

    Sumrak I love your Island. It's very atmospheric. Did you fix problems with ambient sounds on other islands if Namalsk was turned on? I'm modifiying your Poterya Pulsa (Pulse Loss or Losing Pulse in english), added saving system, respawn, JIP support, dynamic weather, a bit more staff were added etc). For me it is like visit card of Namalsk Island. :)
  5. DreDay Nice vid! There're no problems with retarded anims at that guy compared to arma. Realy, because it's reference. BIS has adjusted time a bit and now it is closer to real (including discarding mag). Still I can't interrupt anim while other began, for example you can't begin to move when changing mag process is started. Also I think basic movements should interrupt any other anims like in CoD or BF. Very often you see danger, but can't do something because your "bot" is doing some sh.. useless actions. Other: 1. Unload primary weapon to ammo box 2. Unload pistol 3. Take other primary weapon from ammo box 4. Your "bot" are taking invicible RPG (????)
  6. I can reload (AK-74M) and do some action faster in RL than in current 1.59 patch. I never hook with gun for corners and other stuff because of weapon collision in RL, but in "realistic" 1.57 I do. If you're acting like a dumb u need to go military, feetness club and learn to shoot. So BIS made a step to realism with 1.59.
  7. BIS has removed weapon collison. Nice! It improves close combat and movements in houses/archs/doors etc, so very important in PvP game.
  8. Prodavec

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 78927

    +2 For noclipping guns and anims. Probing FPS changes.
  9. Prodavec

    ACE co 17 Shukurkalay Patrol

    nice job dude
  10. Still can't use new betas because of FPS drop, especially in vegetations.
  11. Haha :) I like animation changes. Maybe it looks no so good like in BF or CoD, but it is better than current (1.57) and now playing PvP / TvT games a bit more pleasantly. And do not forget about FPS drop in trees!!! ;)
  12. Thank you for reply zigzag It doesn't work for me. I tried to use different values and found if you want to use your own waypoints only and do not want to use autogenerated waypoints you have to set: [1,1,<total waypoints>,<waypoints per group>] <total waypoints> = total of your custom waypoints in the DAC zone <waypoints per group> = total of your custom waypoints in the DAC zone As you can see it is two same values and [1,1,4,4] works fine if you have 4 points, or [1,1,15,15] if you have 15 custom waypoints, etc. If you set [1,1,8,4], DAC will generate additional four random waypoints and AI groups will use 4 custom waypoints and 4 autogenerated. I don't know is it correct but at least it works. My idea consists in that to create patrol groups with different structure and lite ammunition. Also there are a lot of small patrol groups in the map - it is simulating captured island by angry russians :). But DAC has very powerfull tool - it can save server perfomance and DAC spawns full group when enemy is in desired radius. So I can make patrols, main forces and civilians. I have found the most simple way to realise - just to force DAC groups to use custom WP only and in a certain order. I will read 25th page more attentively.
  13. So much posts and members in this topic and nobody can help me? :-/ If you don't want to explain what should I do just gimme link to documentation where I can find answers for my questions.
  14. I have two questions. 1. I'm using my own waypoints (4 waypoints) inside of DAC Zone. Which parameters of WP have I to use ? x, y ? This: method is working but I don't want to have random WP, so I thought to use but it doesn't work correctly - bots use two waypoins only 2. Second question - How to force bots to use your own custom WPs in a sequence of creating that WPs? For example now bots can move in this sequence 2->4->1->3->2 etc. Bots cannot patrol a city street and road. Instead they choose points randomly and the full chaos is created.
  15. GingerMcAle Did you use latest Videodriver / Direct X update?
  16. bensdale Yep, users should describe which settings and build they're using or info will be useless. @Alex72 also unlock your FPS (disable VSYNC) for test, we want to see relative drop of fps. For example you have 120 max fps, with beta 65. Total 45% perfomance drop! But with VSYNC enabled we cant see that because in both cases we will see 60 fps.
  17. Alex72 Which build of arma had you tested?
  18. Fireball I do not use higher quality of images for two reasons: 1. It's decreasing FPS that very important in MP 2. It's decreasing your effectivity in MP And what will I do each time when developers will decide to change drawing quality / algorithms? Upgrade my PC? I repeat - with OFFICIAL 1.57 all works fine. I did not order image "improvements". If I need to improve quality of a picture, I will open Settings and I will change it independently.
  19. So what we can do to return back dropped FPS, because in 1.57 all was ok? Also FSAA and AToC was turned off. And I have good FPS in MP: 30-35 is minimum, 50-80 is average. With beta using scopes is useless - can't aim with that lagggs. It's my demo created for CIT ticket :P
  20. Sickboy you had wrote: So, as I wrote earlier I've found but I can't reproduce .338 ballistic with this value. .50 BMG has -0,000560! But actually it has more worst ballistic than .338 with -0.0005875. PS Theoreticaly bullet should have initSpeed about ~1250 m/s and -0.000050 friction. But we have other values. It's very approximate calculations, just for example. See my diagramm
  21. Good day! I have simple question. Which actual airFriction has B_86x70_Ball_noTracer ammo? I've found -0,0005875 but while I try to calculate ballistic with BalCa I'm getting result like for .50 BMG. As you can see 50 .BMG has -0,000560 airFriction and 887 initSpeed and at 1000mm u need 19.25 MOA elevation to hit your target. With airFriction -0,0005875 and initSpeed 936 of .338 u need 20.5 MOA to hit your target at the same distance. BUT! I see in ACE Sight Adjustment 6 MOA not 20.5! All other ammo types has been calculated fine. So I have a question: WHAT IS TRUE initSpeed and airFriction of .338 in ACE and where do I can find its?
  22. Thank you very much Xeno, I think this method will work, but do you know way to save perfomance with Event system? Is there an event for switching mode? kju had wrote simple cycle for checking which mode of view is using now: 1st person or 3rd person and it has 0.1 sec delay. I can make same checking cycle for TI checks, but maybe I can use more effective method (like events?) :) PS Checking "N" button is not solution.
  23. Militantsausage I tried to add in player's Init this disableTIEquipment true; but nothing. It works fine when you add it in vehicle's Init like TUSK, T-72, Stryker etc, but doesn't in player's Init. I think maybe if we override CfgWeapons.LaserDesignator class with new parameter: visionMode[] = { "Normal", "NVG" }; <- WITHOUT "Ti" in array it can help me? PS This map is Xeno's TVT Domination :)
  24. Good day! Is there a way to disable Thermal Vision in ACE's Laser Designator in my mission? I tried to override LD's class by this expression in ld.hpp / mission.sqm but got nothing: class CfgWeapons { class Binocular ; class LaserDesignator : Binocular { visionMode[] = { "Normal", "NVG" }; }; }; Any suggestions? ---------------------- Ty for attention.