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  1. Hello everybody. This is an incredible resource and helps quite a bit beginners such as myself. Thank you so very much for your work and contributions! Ive been trying to find CTRG/VIPER templates to use and mix with my stuff, has anyone come across such a thing?
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    Pete's Texture Templates

    @IndeedPete You have no idea, no FRIGGIN idea how much this helps dude. This is literally a treasure trove for beginner modders. Thank you so much for your contribution and work, this is amazing.
  3. The Legion The 41st is founded in the principle of milsim and brotherhood. Our missions, tactics and ingame attitude reflect that. Our main game is ArmA and we also play other milsim-applicable games. We are a shadow organization. We have our own goals and aspirations, and our allegiance is only to us and our brothers. We play PvP, PvE, and a mix of both. Story The world is on the brink of doom with all the wars waged by both NATO and CSAT, and proxy wars are fought in every corner of the planet as corporations vie for control of the military market. After a massive catastrophy in Chernarus, the 41st decided to act against all uncaring enough to see the destruction they wrought. Included themes and inspiration We are not a common milsim group when it comes to our missions and story, we take inspiration from other universes and create ours in a REALISTIC and IMMERSIVE style. -Futuristic setting: As with arma's setting, the world is evolving beyond the classic RL modern era weapons. That is going to include new challenges and ways to play, as we progress in the story. -Inexplicable phenomena: Inexplicable events and technologies are being developed and we have to keep track of them. The East Wind device was one of them. As technology and events run rampant, the world is shaped and scarred by multiple phenomena, like flooded cities, mountaincliffs fallen upon towns due to earthquakes, anomalies or other curiocities. -Grimdark: As per grimdark rules, we just "cant have nice things". NATO and CSAT and most world powers have lost their ways and become more dangerous by the month. We have to persevere in a grimdark world. But no matter what is the theme/setting/game/universe, the mindset is eternal: Milsim, realism and immersion. ==================================================================== The Mindset The group has simple, understandable concepts that will be put into practice: -The most important weapon is your mind, that is the focus of the group. -We do not strive to create "a" group, we wish for a brotherhood. -We do not want to do milsim for the sake of being called a milsim. -Whether new or old, the important part is be willing to embrace the milsim mindset and become someone people will happily trust their virtual backs to you. -Skill can be taught, a friendly attitude sadly can't. Leave your ego at the door. ==================================================================== Requirements Now, if you are interested in the mindset we have some requirements you need to fill, no exceptions: -18+, and be mature. -Willingness to do milsim and grow as a player. -Teamspeak, Discord and a working mic. -Own Apex DLC, preferred but not mandatory. ==================================================================== Operations We are an EU based group and operate in GMT. Our Ops are on Saturdays and Wednesdays, and FunOps usually every day. ==================================================================== Communication If this sounds interesting, join the discord and say hi, or add me on steam to discuss. Discord: https://discord.gg/RZnSQSP Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198009267915/
  4. Squad name: 41st Imperial Legion Timezone/location : EU/GMT Gamemode preference: PvE/PvP/Mixed Contact email: ueemperor@gmail.com Discord address: https://discord.gg/RZnSQSP Short description: SERIOUS FUN community with a focus on having pure fun but by using tested and true military tactics, emphasis on using one's mind over simple gunfights and that is reflected in mission designs. 18+, mature, gameplay realism. Language: English
  5. ok so i have arma 2 and arma oa for a while now,no steam version n stuff,and all was good,now when i installed version 1.54,the one including the BAF expansion,i have a very strange prob.. when i go into a multiplayer server,the character selection screen is not showing correctly. to explain this a little bit,its not completely blank,but its like this: mission: author: blah blah: blah blah: ....: available positions for blufor: ......... ...... .... and here,where the available roles should be,it IS blank i tried once doing a restart and it worked,but then,after i selected a role,when i was in the briefing screen and the host started the game,i stayed in the brief room,and no change since that step and that was the last time it ever happened,cuz after that time i cant even get there bcuz of the blank char selection screen..... i tried reinstallin the game twice,installin the correct patches,but the problem persists....so i ask for yr help plz oh and take note that i havent bought BAF yet thanks in advance for taking the time to read this n reply.
  6. ive got arma 2 and everythings fine,but yesterday i was playing a warfare match and i accidentaly pressed a button (dont know what button,prob enter) while i was in a waiting-for-revival state,and the game then minimized to a window the size of the screen,and i could minimize it and expand it again,and now when i start arma 2,i see the start bar at the bottom of the screen...:j: how can i undo that,and make the game fill the whole screen again? thanks
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    why is this happening?

    why do i feel like an idiot right now? :o