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    Hele reinforcements

    hi again done what you said and it works not quite what i needed but will do for now EDIT:the mission is north pobeda dam on chernarus there's a large opening perfect for a landing
  2. Silver.Arrow 666

    Hele reinforcements

    i agree it would be helpful if BIS would find a way to make calling for "generic" "on call" type helicopter extractions (for various units that you could simply click and put inside) would be termendously helpful....... Thus when you called in a QRF for example.... you could remove them from the map (and back to base) quickly and easily once their help is no longer needed. EDIT: Just had an idea so you dont have an AI controlled QRF but instead have it run from a ingame object say for example a laptop or satilite phone but dont if it would work it be similar to AC130 script. :dancehead::dancehead::dancehead:
  3. Silver.Arrow 666

    Hele reinforcements

    thanks i got the idea from a film call We Were Soldiers, by the no im not going to be controlling the force but will have the guy in charge playable just in case. and also i would like it to be repeated so i could send in another wave of reinforcements in case things get hard and need more manpower.
  4. Hi i want to make a level where say you spawn 10 UH-Y1's filled with soldiers fly to an area and unload.Would this be possible and how do i do it. by the way i would like it to triggered by radio alpha thanks in advance
  5. Silver.Arrow 666

    Arma 2 Addon request thread

    this is just a small idea i have for a weapon mod these are a few examples http://pics.livejournal.com/gafennec/pic/000e2aka http://pics.livejournal.com/gafennec/pic/000e5gxq thx in advance of feedback