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  1. My favorite is Miller The Killer. I am in the competition and I voted for that one and two others. Some amazing entries, the Arma community is awesome!


    The main thing I looked for was something that kept me hooked and had originality compared to the rest of the entries. Miller The Killer had that, it was different from everything else, very well done, and the guy used his own custom made animations for the video which made the degree of difficulty higher. Its just downright funny too lol

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  2. My entry into the Arma 3 Machinima Contest. I found out about it a little late so probably not my best work but here is my shot!


    All Music and additional sound effects in this video were properly licensed through Audio Jungle and SoundSnap

  3. More fun in the Editor. In this scenario a group of terrorists manage to get their hands on two MH-9 Hummingbirds and are up to no good when a NATO AH-9 Pawnee ruins their day. Used unit capture/unit play for the scene but the crazy thing is the guys bailing off the first chopper at 1:01 is unscripted, AI just ditched. It only happened about 10% of the time so it took a while to duplicate it for the far camera shot.


  4. I finally dig into Arma 3's excellent Eden 3D Editor. Created a scenario where NATO forces are holding off a horde of Zed's as an airstrike takes out a bridge to cut off the swarm. I may use the scenario to film a cinematic, we will see. I filmed the action using GCAM and will upload different angles and speeds later.

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  5. @Frank yeah I figured as much but was suprised to see none of those boxes in that video. Wonder what his cpu is

    @Tuna, hey man think you misunderstood, I DO get those boxes really on almost all missiles, just trying to figure out why dcal doesn't

    I did not try out artillery yet so it is possible I will get them there. I will check on that later. CPU is AMD FX 9370 4.4ghz x8. It is more likely that another mod is causing that, have you tried running vanilla A3 with just Blastcore?

  6. Hmm didn't see any black boxes in that video yet I get them just on the edge of missiles when a helo is lighting someone up...could this be an underpowered video card?

    I was not getting the black boxes. I went and looked to make sure while shooting the video after I saw comments of some getting them. I am using an AMD R9 290x 4gig.